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Chapter 135 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Fifteen - I don't Understand

 Zect's POV

 "Look, Luna, I got you some clothes! You should wear this the next time you go outside."
 "Yay, thank you, Zect..."
 Despite the 'yay', her face doesn't seem to be happy.
 Is it always the case that her expression is not so expressive?
 "Heh~, Zect-sama's taste is that kind of clothing? Don't you have one for me?"
 "That's a special outfit for Luna! It's called a 'Feather Cloak of Darkness,' and it can block out light. Still, I'm sorry, I forgot about Marin's clothes. Can we go buy some tomorrow?"
 "If you say so, that's fine! We'll look at it tomorrow. But are you going to wear it, Luna? I think it's a little sexy, don't you? It seems that Luna is a little bit taken aback by it."
 So that's why Luna's 'yay' seems not so expressive.
 Indeed, it's quite open at the chest, and the skirt is short, so it's not surprising if she looks so.
 "Luna, I'm sorry, but while I go shopping for Marin's clothes tomorrow, I'll have them fixed, so please give them back to me."
 "...Don't worry, Zect bought these clothes for me, so they'll stay as they are..."
 "Really? Would you try it on?"
 I understood what Marin meant.
 If Luna, who has small breasts, wears these clothes, her breast area will be exposed and her underwear will be visible in the skirt part.
 "Luna, the measurements aren't quite right, so I'll have them adjusted tomorrow."
 "Yeah... it's definitely not the right size."
 "Right? So I'll have it adjusted tomorrow."
 "Yeah... okay."
 Then, it's decided that the three of us should go out shopping tomorrow.
 "Then let's go to the city tomorrow to buy Marin's clothes."
 "Thank you, Zect-sama."
 "Zect... looking forward to it."
 Well, it's good to have a day out once in a while.
* * *
 "Let's go, then."
 "Yes, I'm already prepared, let's go!"
 "Yeah... let's go..."
 "Then, where are we going? Do Marin and Luna have a place they want to go?"
 "Luna... doesn't have any."
 "I'll leave it to Zect-sama. Could you be my escort?"
 But I've never been an escort.
 Lida, Maria, and Mel all went out on their own, and I just followed them.
 Come to think of it, I've never really wanted to do anything myself.
 "I'm sorry... all I've ever done is fight, I've never been an escort."
 "You don't have to worry so much. Just take me wherever you want to go, Zect-sama!"
 Where I want to go?
 Favorite place?
 That's bad.
 I don't have either.
 "Marin, I'm sorry, I've never had 'that kind of fun' in my life... the only time I've ever bought anything for a woman was when I bought a necklace from a street vendor, and other than that, the best I can do is go out for dinner, sorry."
 When I was a Hero (Yuusha), I wanted to be free, but now that I am free, I don't know what to enjoy.
 "Now that you mention it, you are right, Zect-sama was traveling from a trip to trip as Hero (Yuusha), so he didn't have time for such things. It is natural. I'm too ignorant. Then, please take me to a good restaurant, Zect-sama. As for shopping, I'll escort you, though I'm not that good at it myself since I rarely leave the castle."
 "Luna... can't either."
 "If everyone else can't do it, you don't have to be so enthusiastic, okay? After we've taken care of the clothes, why don't we just go around?"
 "I see, that's good too."
 "Yeah... that's fine."
 In the end, the three of us went out and bought Marin's clothes, asked the store to adjust Luna's clothes, and spent the rest of the day just hanging around.
 I felt like someone was following me... but it was probably just my imagination.

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