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Chapter 136 The Sea and Grilled Fish

 Main Character's POV

 What am I supposed to do?
 I've been in Kohane Castle for a week now, doing nothing.
 I'm not allowed to cook, do laundry, clean, or anything.
 And so far, my life has been 'fighting', 'housework', 'helping', and 'taking care of'.
 Or so I thought.
 But right now there is a truce with the demons, and I don't fight dragons because I'm a dragon lord.
 So there's no fighting.
 I have a maid to do all the housework.
 I'm a good cook, but they wouldn't even let me in the kitchen because 'the king' can't hold a knife.
 I want to make a hamburger, Neapolitan, and rice omelets with my own taste.
 But I don't even allow to do that.
 Furthermore, I was not allowed to 'help out' in the neighborhood, because of course I was the king.
 They refused to let me help them, saying 'I'm not allowed to help them'.
 Without these four things, I really have nothing to do.
 I really understood that.
 Zect, my childhood friend, would probably be happy about this, but to be honest, I feel uncomfortable unless I am doing something.
 Cecilia was a former saint and a major figure in the Holy Land.
 Aside from Mariane and Frey, who were princesses, Shizuko and the others were not upset for some reason.
 Only me and my childhood friend are restless.
* * *
 Really, I'm restless.
 Still, Corda, the deputy, is a good man, and since I'm the king, I've been appointed him as the Prime Minister and entrusted him with everything.
 In effect, everything has been handled until now, so it's probably a good thing that I'm just going to leave everything to him.
 Walking down the corridor with nothing to do, I met Lida.
 I remember that Lida said she wanted to go fishing.
 Unlike other places I've been, Kohane has an ocean.
 I haven't seen the sea since I came here.
 I don't think Lida has ever fished in the sea too.
 "Ceres-sama, I feel very restless."
 And now, I'm in a castle.
 Maybe they were being blamed for it because three of my childhood friends are my vassals, people told them to put "sama" in my name.
 But I don't understand.
 I'm not really much of a king myself.
 And I feel sorry that even though Lida and Haruka-neesan are mother and daughter, people told her to address her mother as "sama" as well.
 "Lida, you don't have to say 'sama' except on official occasions!"
 "Hahaha, I'm not good at distinguishing between public and private, so I think I have to use it regularly."
 "Then I guess I have no choice."
 It's true that Lida is a rough person, so it might not be so bad.
 And since she is my stepdaughter, should I call her a princess?
 Should I talk to Corda about it next time?
 By the way... I met Lida at the right place.
 "Is Lida free right now?"
 "I'd say I'm free, but...?"
 Because three of my childhood friends are my vassals, they need to study a lot, and they must be really busy.
 But since she's the one who said she's not busy at the moment...
 "Then why don't we go to the sea? You wanted to go sea fishing, didn't you?"
 "Is that okay?"
 She looks so happy.
 "Yeah, sure! There's nothing much to do."
 "That's good! But if I get in trouble later, Ceres will take the blame!"
 "I understand."
 Well, there's nothing wrong with getting a little nagging afterward.
* * *
 "Oh, the sea...!"
 "Oh, the sea...!"
 In my previous lives, I had seen it many times, and I had been swimming, fishing, and even surfing, but even so, this was the first time in this world, and I was very much impressed.
 Lida is probably even more impressed than I am.
 But we didn't come to a beach.
 Maybe there are sandy beaches if we look for them, but it's a bit cold now.
 I don't feel like swimming too.
 "Come on, go fish!"
 "What? Ceres-sama is not going to fish?"
 "I'll make a fire and prepare the fish Lida caught for grilling, and if you catch a lot of fish, I'd like to process them well and make dried fish."
 "I understand grilled fish, but what is dried fish?"
 Come to think of it, I haven't seen dried fish in this world yet.
 Maybe they don't exist, or if they do, they might not be a major industry.
 "I learned this fish and how to eat it from Kazuma-niisan! Though it seems that Kazuma doesn't know much about it either, and he only heard about it from others."
 "I see, well, I'll have to do my best to catch it."
 "Good luck!"
 Lida has always loved this kind of boyish game.
 She used to play bug-catching with me, which most girls don't like.
 Well, when she got older, she stopped playing boyish games except fishing.
 If we are best friends, not in love, then I think she might be the most fun person to be with.
* * *
 "Still, you eat so much."
 "Of course, I'm the one who caught it."
 That's for sure.
 Lida caught 22 fish in a short period, all of them close to mackerel and horse mackerel.
 She's already eating her third fish while I'm processing and grilling them.
 Meanwhile, I'm still on the verge of eating one.
 "Anyway, it's a good spot here, the fishing is good, and if there are not enough fish, I'll catch more."
 "That's true! Then, I'll eat it more."
 Now, we both ate grilled fish.
 The skewered fish I had bought at the store tasted good, but it tasted even better because it was freshly caught.
 While Lida and I were enjoying the taste of the grilled fish, my communication crystal began to glow.
 "A communication crystal? Isn't that from the Dhamar Kingdom?"
 "Ah, yeah."
 I have a bad feeling about this.
 Communication crystals are very valuable, so people don't use them unless they have to.
 Maybe it's a sign that something terrible has happened.
 I took out my communication crystal and looked into it, puzzled.

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