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Chapter 137 [Short Story] Gorba the Demon

 Gorba's POV

 "Mammon-sama was killed, and you remain silent?"
 "I don't accept it! I'll never make a truce with a weakling like a humannn!"
 "But it's true that only one human, Ceres, killed Mammon-sama, and strength is justice for demons."
 "That human, I heard he grew wings and flew! I've never heard of a human who could fly!"
 My name is Gorba.
 I am currently a member of the Four Heavenly Kings, but that is only because I was Mammon-sama's second-in-command.
 Although I'm called "second-in-command", I don't do anything like the other four heavenly kings.
 All I did was to 'decide the best possible destination' and that's all I did. Also...
 'Don't listen to anything.'
 That Mammon-sama said.
 They say we are Mammon's army, but we are Mammon's subordinates because we are as big as a country by ourselves, and we're drunk on that.
 That is all.
 And only Mammon-sama can lead such an army.
 So, of course, they won't listen to me.
 Probably not even 1/10th of the men will listen to me.
 All of them are selfish and free.
 That's the old Mammon-sama Corps.
 Though they will listen to Mammon-sama, but Mammon-sama has never given them an order.
 'I'll set you free, so you do as you please!'
 Those are Mammon-sama's words.
 The only reason why this is allowed is that Mammon-sama is the strongest man of the demon tribe and is stronger than the Demon King.
 Mammon-sama can destroy a nation by attacking it head-on by himself, needs no servants.
 But now, Mammon-sama is dead.
 The position of the Four Heavenly Kings was given to me in name only.
 It has no real function.
* * *
 "Gorba! Is this what you want to do no matter what the Demon King says? Will you not avenge him?"
 Our army is in ruins.
 Our loyalty to the Demon King has diminished.
 "You are Mammon-sama's follower! Is this what you want?"
 I can't say anything.
 "Gorbaaaaa... we weren't just his men... were we...? We were Mamon-sama's best friend, right?"
 Yeah, we drank together and even went to a brothel together when we were young, if I may say so.
 "Isn't that frustrating!?"
 Of course, I'm frustrated.
 Just like you!
 But Mammon-sama asked me to look after everyone.
 So I can't be rash.
 'Listen! Gorba! I'm a fool! I solve everything with force and violence. And my men are fools! So, if you can, look at things calmly and think!'
 That's what he said.
 But what should I do...
 Mammon-sama... I want to avenge him too.
 But to do that I have to disobey the Demon King.
 It was the Demon King who made the truce agreement and told us not to fight.
 He ordered most of the demons and monsters to return to the demon kingdom.
 So, if we disobey him...
 We need something worthy.
 And I'm worried about the other three heads of the Four Heavenly Kings.
 If we choose to fight...
 'Sylphid, Queen of the Air.'
 She is a blonde beauty like an angel.
 The difference between her and angels is that she has black wings. There is a rumor that she is a fallen angel, but the truth is unknown.
 She is likely to be just a "do as you please" kind of person.
 She is a freer person than Mammon-sama, so she will not complain.
 'The Skull King, the Immortal King.'
 A skeleton in big armor who does not know where his mind goes.
 He controls many spirits of death and skeletons.
 For some reason, however, Mammon-sama likes him and rarely drinks food and wine with him.
 Though it was spilling down.
 Perhaps he didn't object to our actions because he was close to Mammon and Mammon called him his 'best friend'.
 The problem is...
 'Darkgoldar, the knight of the demon world'
 He is a loyal retainer who never disobeys the Demon King.
 He is a handsome-looking knight... but he will do whatever the Demon King asks him to do.
 Perhaps we need to convince him and the Demon King.
 We have no choice but to do it.
 "It's frustrating! And I understand your feelings. But if you insist, I'll take the matter to the Demon King, but once we start rolling, we can't stop, so be prepared!"
 Now, I'm ready.

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