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Chapter 138 [Short Story] Death and Order

 Gorba’s POV
 I'm in the audience chamber of the Demon King Luciferd.
 The other three members of the Four Heavenly Kings also stand nearby.
 "What are you doing here in this peaceful world, Gorba!? What's the matter with you that you've summoned all the Four Heavenly Kings?!"
 "Gorba, you're the lowest of the Four Heavenly Kings, so you must have a good reason for summoning us, don't you?"
 "If it were me, why would you summon the Demon King Luciferd too? Let's hear the reason!"
 "Uh, it's about Mammon-sama!"
 "Mammon? What do you mean?"
 "Don't you think anything of it, Luciferd-sama, when your subordinate, the fourth heavenly king, was killed?"
 "It's hard for me too... but it's necessary for the demon tribe to survive. It's no use if there are people who can bury someone as great as Mammon."
 It can't be helped... You said!
 Mammon-sama and the rest of our army have thrown themselves into battle under your command, Luciferd-sama, you know!
 And the death of Mammon-sama in the process... you said it can't be helped!
 'Don't be a coward!'
 I want to say so.
 I mean, I've been prepared for this since the moment I stood here.
 And I'm a lousy second-in-command.
 It's my job to warn my men.
 'Forget about Mammon-sama!'
 Perhaps that's my job is to said that!
 But I can't do that!
 No one in Mammon-sama's army can live without him.
 No one does.
 And now, no one can stop Mammon-sama's army.
 But I know what I have to do.
 "I'm afraid... I can't listen to that nonsense!"
 "Hey, you're the lowest of the Four Heavenly Kings. You've got some courage!"
 "Shut up! Darkgoldar! Luciferd... you too!"
 "You b*stard, summon the Demon King to talk about this..."
 "Shut your mouth and watchhhh!"
 I plunged my sword into my chest and ripped out my heart.
 I'm a demon, and my life force is strong, so I'll live for a while.
 But in a few minutes, I will surely die.
 "Hahaha, I'm still the fourth heavenly king! The Four Heavenly Kings can give one unreasonable order in exchange for their lives."
 "Don't tell me... you want to avenge Mammon's death..."
 "No, I won't do anything halfway! My order is 'all demons must kill humans until they're dead'. Gfahhhhhhhh!"
 "Such an order is unforgivable, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to keep your mouth shut! This is between you and me, okay?"
 It's no use... I've already dealt with it.
 "Woahhhh! Gorba-samaaa...!"
 "Hey, hey, Gorbaaa, for doing this, you..."
 "Haha... there's a chance you'll hold me, so I've called in my men... some of them are already talking about it... so you all will take care of the rest... "
 That's it.
 The Four Heavenly Kings have the right to give 'any order' in exchange for their death.
 This is the decision of the First Demon King, so no one can overrule him.
 "Avenge Mammon-sama... I'm begging you..."
 Now, I can't see anything.
 But... they'll take care of the rest...
 "Now then, I'm going to lead my Winged army to attack the kingdom! It's been a while since I've killed anyone! Heheheh, hahahaha, I didn't want a truce too! Gorba, you said it well! Humans will be our toys and food from now on! It's fun!"
 "Wait, Sylphid! I won't allow it!"
 "I can't obey you, Demon King! This is an ancient rule. You can't stop me now! See you later, Demon King."
 "My army of the dead also going to destroy our sworn enemy the Holy Church. This time, I will unleash the dead and zombies..."
 "Stupid! If we do this the world will end!"
 "Yes, just as the Demon King said. Wait! He also made a truce with the humans. Can you all just ignore it like this? This is a problem for the whole demon kingdom."
 "Then, Darkgoldar-sama, shall you die? Wouldn't it be better if you died and ordered a ceasefire?"
 "You b*stard."
 "Enough, Darkgoldar, I've lost..."
 I didn't see anything but I heard voices.
 Now my revenge will be taken.
 But I'm sure Mammon-sama will be angry with me in the afterlife.

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