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Chapter 139 [Short Story] Is Ceres Really a Dragonewt?

 Demon King, Luciferd’s POV
 How did this happen!?
 That Mammon is dead.
 If I'm the king, I must consider that fact alone.
 I mean, Mammon is a bug.
 He has unbelievable power. He's equal to a whole country by himself.
 Neither swords nor magic will work on him.
 Even if he is pinned under a huge rock, his body is unbreakable.
 Perhaps not even a holy sword can cut Mammon.
 Despite the demons are strong and powerful
 But Mammon is a bug, and among them, he is by far the most formidable.
 Even I agree with that.
 Perhaps even if all three of the current Four Heavenly Kings fought Mammon, I don't think they could beat him.
 If all the demons of the demon kingdom were to fight, they would win, but probably more than half of them would die.
 And there is a monster that can kill Mammon.
 It was born on the human side.
 Then, Mammon was born in the demon tribe.
 It is not surprising that 'bugs' are born on the human side, too.
 'Bug' vs. 'bug'... and Mammon lost the battle.
 There are no more 'bugs' on our side, and there is a 'bug' on the other side.
 I should consider this threat carefully.
 Just as humans were frightened of Mammon, the demons will be frightened of humans in the future.
 That is why I have hastened to make a truce and have chosen not to fight.
 If we fight, there will probably be heavy casualties.
 Seriously, why is there a human who could defeat Mammon?
 He must be a being between human and non-human, a monster.
 And in fact, I know this monster's information.
 At that time, there was a demon who was watching.
 He said he was far away from them but he saw this monster.
 At first, this monster fought like a human, but all of his efforts were lost on Mammon.
 But when he bit him with wounds all over his body, the wind changed direction.
 'Munch, munch, munch, gulp... It tastes better than I expected...'
 'Mammon... you look delicious...'
 The man named Ceres ate Mammon's finger and said it looked delicious.
 In other words, Ceres became a predator from this moment on.
 He grew two hands in an instant.
 And he wakes up with more power than Mammon and begins to ravage the place.
 This alone is weird, but this guy further eats Mammon's body which even Mithril can't cut.
 Still, Mammon does not stop there.
 He eats his horns and transforms into his final form.
 Mammon in his final form cannot be defeated by me and all of the Four Heavenly Kings or even by the force of numbers with the army of the demon kingdom.
 The person who could kill Mammon.
 The man with claws that could rip Mammon apart... a man who breathes fire from his mouth... and wings like a dragon.
 So this is why I made the truce.
 At that time, a man named Ceres is reported to have shouted.
 'Dragonwing,' he shouted.
 Dragons are unpredictable, but they don't take sides.
 So it is hard to imagine that he is a dragon.
 Then, if this is the case, he is a human being who has the same power as a dragon.
 Perhaps he is people called 'dragon people' or 'dragonewt'?
 A being born when a dragon and a human fell in love.
 I never thought such a legendary being would appear...
 Against such a dragonewt, it's a little bit troublesome.
 Although the degree to which the dragonewts can use their dragon-like power varies from one individual to another, the fact that this guy killed Mammon means that he could have used his dragon-like power at will.
 And it would be too bad for us to take him on.
 But such a dragonewt has one weakness.
 Their lifespan.
 The high dragons are said to be immortal.
 And we demons live thousands of years.
 However, Dragonewt, because of their human blood, lives for 200 years at the most.
 That's why I made a truce with humans for 300 years.
 And after that, Ceres will be dead.
 But for us, the demon tribe, now is the worst possible time.
 We're buying time until we can surely win.
 However, someone wastes it...
 His one action will destroy the demon tribe.

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