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Chapter 140 [Short Story] The Demon King's Decision

 Demon King, Luciferd’s POV
 My life is worth nothing in the face of the demons.
 But, I am still the Demon King.
 I'm the top and king of all demons. I'm responsible for all of this.
 "It can't be helped... if my life is worth it, then so be it! Everyone waittt...! Gorba's life-threatening order will be rewritten with my life..."
 "I'm sorry, Demon King!"
 I was suddenly pushed out of the way.
 "Darkgoldar, what are you doing?"
 "The Demon King Luciferd doesn't have to die! The Four Heavenly Kings are here! I'll change that order with my life! Sorry!"
 With that, Darkgoldar drew his sword and held it to his neck.
 Sylphid and the Skull King both stopped.
 "Wait! Darkgoldar... Put the sword down!"
 "Demon King, he..."
 "Darkgoldar, I command you! Put the sword down!"
 "Yes, sir..."
 "Demon King... What are you doing? An order from the Four Heavenly Kings requires more than just their lives."
 "Sylphid, you won't listen to my orders no matter what, right!?"
 "Yeah, I won’t listen to you!"
 "Is that so? Just wait a minute... and Skull King, you won't listen to my commands either, is that it?"
 "I am the immortal king who has transcended death and death's desire, I will not listen..."
 "Well? Is that so? I can't help it if you don't listen to my wishes... it's no use... I've been underestimated... it's no use..."
 "No matter what the Demon King says, I..."
 They're making fun of me too much.
 I didn't want to disobey the rule of the founder of the demon tribe.
 But the crisis of the demon tribe... what a small thing compared to that.
 "The demon tribe has no need of bird-women who defy me."
 I grabbed Sylphid's feather and ripped it off.
 "Geeaaaahhh! Demon Kingggg! Forgive meee..."
 "Queen of the sky? You're just a bird girl? You can't even fly with those wings! Now, I don't need four Heavenly Kings who defy me, the Demon King! So, Feather the second-in-command, you're the new Four Heavenly Kings... Repeat my words!!"
 "Demon King, I'm the Fourth Heavenly King."
 "Yes! And what will you do to her?"
 "'Sama'? I just appointed you the Fourth Heavenly King, didn't I? Why do you call this lowly demon tribe 'Sama'? Am I hearing this wrong?"
 "Demon King! Demon Kinggg...! Forgive me!"
 "I don't hear you... why should I forgive you? So, Feather! What are you going to do with her? She's a rebel against me!"
 It's no use.
 "Feather! You're not a good enough candidate for the Four Heavenly Kings... Kill Sylphid!"
 "Wait! Wait a minute, Demon King! I lost my wings and now I'm an ordinary demon."
 "Y-Yes, Demon King, she was one of us, so at least made it easier for her."
 "Feather, I was disappointed to hear that you, a Fourth Heavenly King, did not execute her, leaving the Darkgoldar to deal with her. Does Feather, the leader of the Birds, have a problem with that? Do you defy my order?"
 "I-I do not defy you..."
 "Sigh... Then you go back!"
 "Yes, sir."
 Really, I've been too lenient so far.
 But I don't want to bind them with force.
 That's why I've been so gentle with them... and here we are.
 "And what about you, Skull King? Will you disobey my orders?"
 "I don't agree with you, Demon King. Even a King can't break the law of the demon tribe."
 This man is older than me because he is 'immortal'.
 And moreover, because he is the 'King of Immortals', skeletons and some others listen to his orders more than mine.
 Unlike Sylphid, he cannot be replaced.
 "Is that so? You've been alive before me. I thought you were irreplaceable."
 "Demon King..."
 I went behind the Skull King's back and tore off his head.
 "Dark Flare!"
 And burned his body with black fire.
 "Demon King, what are you doing? Don't tell me..."
 "What do you think I'm going to do? You won't die, but your head will be enough for you until your body grows back and you can move again in a few hundred years, maybe more."
 "Well, I didn't think you could shred my bones harder than mithril and burn my body. I'll sleep peacefully for now."
 "Then, you, keep the Skull King's head in a safe place."
 One of the Four Heavenly Kings is dead.
 And one won't be back for hundreds of years.
 The damage is too great.
* * *
 "Even for a Demon King, this is outrageous!"
 "Yeah, Gorba risked his life! And this treatment..."
 "I am Luciferd, the Demon King! A Demon King is supposed to rule by fear... and that's right! If I've been so lenient and forgiving, you've taken advantage of me. Only Darkgoldar understands this. Those who defy me will pay with death... and that's the way it should be!"
 "But Mammon-sama is dead and Gorba's death wish..."
 "That's enough. You are not a demon tribe if you defy the Demon King.. and you will never call yourself a demon tribe again... and leave here to wage war against the humans! Ceres, the hero who killed Mammon, is a man of the kingdom, and it is your right to wage war on the kingdom."
 "No way..."
 """That's hilarious..."""
 "I don't even want to look at you anymore! But I know how you feel! So, fight the humans and die!"
 There is a being that killed even Mammon.
 I doubt I'll ever see them again if they are killed.
 It's too painful but it can't be helped.
 It's better than the entire demons dying.
 "Darkgoldar! Tell the kingdom that the remnants of Mammon's army are waging war against them and that these remnants have nothing to do with us because they've been expelled from the demon tribe!"
 "Yes, I'll get right on it!"
 I must seem selfish and tyrannical in their eyes.
 There won't be many demons who will smile at me like they used to.
 Well, it's hard to return to the loneliness of the Demon King but compared to the death of my people...
 It's still better.

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