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Chapter 144 Absolute Doom

 Protagonist's POV

 "So what are you going to do? Are you coming with the whole group? Or are you coming one by one? You can do whatever you want!"
 "Alright! As expected of the hero who defeated Mammon-sama! My name is Bran! In place of Mammon-sama and Gorba-sama, I'm here to lead this army and challenge you to a one-on-one duel!"
 Oh, no.
 Is this guy the strongest?
 I'm getting stronger by the day... maybe I'm becoming more dragon-like than I seem.
 Even if I ever fight Mammon again, I can easily defeat him if I'm serious.
 What should I do?
 "Out of respect for you, I'll fight you in this form! Dragon...!"
 "You b*stard, you're a Dragonewt!? No wonder Mammon-sama lost! He's no match for you! Still, bring it on! I will use my full power."
 Your full power's useless.
 Also, I'm not a Dragonewt!
 I'm a Dragon Lord. Or maybe it's Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon or some other is the real Dragon Lord.
 Anyway, I've decided to become a 'half-baked dragon'.
 A human-sized dragon with human arms and legs.
 With wings and fangs in its mouth.
 "Come on!"
 I intentionally took his blow from the opponent.
 "Hahaha! You're certainly strong, but you lack experience... Ah"
 I casually dropped the sword on him, and...
 There was a huge sound and a crater was formed on the ground where I hit him.
 I put my ear to his chest and listened to his heartbeat.
 "I'm glad, he's not dead..."
 If I killed him, it would be an all-out war and I would have to kill all of them.
 I don't want to do that.
 """""Bran-sama beaten with a single blow!""""
 "Then, what are you going to do? Do you want to stop now?"
 "No, we're Mammon-sama's men! We will not show our backs even if you are a strong foe! But you are truly a strong man, Ceres-dono. With respect, the next is me! Even if you're that strong!"
 "All right, come on! Let's talk with our fists!"
 Seriously... I don't like this kind of thing.
 I mean, in my previous life, I was a businessman.
 "Let's go! Ceres!"
 "No need to talk."
 I hit him with a little less force, but he goes flying the other way.
 I don't like fighting.
 Just a happy family life!
 That's all I want.
 "As expected of Mammon-sama's enemy..."
 They may be demons, but they're humanoid.
 It hurts a little to hit them.
 But I can't stop them if I didn't do that.
 "You're very skilled! As expected of a hero! Everyone, let's go, surround him."
 Too bad it doesn't 'work' at all, it doesn't hurt or itch.
 Pow! Kapow!
 Just hit them and they start to re-injure themselves.
 The opponent is a demon tribe and an army of Mammon.
 Maybe they won't die?
 Well, I hit them while holding them back so that they don't die.
 Still, it's hard to know how much to hold back.
 But then, I remembered that in my previous life when I was a child, I caught dragonflies so they wouldn't die.
 Hmm... why didn't I just do that?
 "You're strong! I'm sure Mammon-sama was happy to fight such a great foe! I respect you—Guha!"
 Keep it light even for the bad guys.
 Otherwise, they'll die easily.
 Still, it's hard... to be so easy on them...
 "This is a human dragonewt with dragon powers!? There's no way we can win..."
 Yes, this is my power. So, just go back. I just want to live happily ever after with my wife.
 Seriously... Why am I getting dragged into these battles?
 The Yellow Dragon is lucky.
 Is that story true?
 I don't think I'm lucky at all.
 "Let's go, everyone! Let's leap on him all at once!"
 Where’s everyone...?
 When I came to myself, there was no one around.
 Or more precisely, they were all stretched out.
 "Ugh, I'm beaten up..."
 "I never thought I could do better than Mammon-sama."
 "Well, I've got to beat Mammon-sama before him."
 Anyway, it seems that no one died.
 And this is a good conclusion.
 "I hope this fight is over."
 "Ugh… Even with all of us against you..."
 Yeah, it's finally over.
 "Then, no hard feelings, okay?"
 "Not yet! Ceres, it's been a long time! Let's have a rematch!"
 Am I hearing things?
 No, of course not.
 A big man, over two meters, built like steel appeared in front of me.
 But I'm sure of it.
 Mammon's body's in my bag.
 Then who's this guy...
 """""""""Mammon-sama...! You're alive and well...!"""""""""
 "Hahahahaha! I am no longer Mammon! My name is Arks, God of War! Ceres, the part of me that you destroyed is the part of me that is a demon! You defeated me, and now I am reborn as a pure god of war!"
 God of War?
 Then who's stronger, the God of War or the Dragon Lord!?
 Oh no... Can I win...? Against... a God!
 Besides, I thought this world was monotheistic and there was only Goddess Ishtas.
 "Arks-sama, isn't this world monotheistic and has only the goddess Ishtas?"
 "That's right! I was a God of War in a different world from this one, and somehow I lived as Mammon, the fourth heavenly king of the demon tribe without any memory! Anyway, my time in this world is not so long... and I've decided to spend my last time in this world with you! Rejoice Ceres! You will be the only man in this world who has fought a 'God', come at me wherever you want!"
 How did this happen?
 Mammon is so strong now.
 There's no gap.
 "What if I don't want to fight?"
 "No... I refuse to stay on the losing side."
 Huff... Why can't I live in peace?
 I thought the Yellow Dragon was lucky...

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