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Chapter 145 VS The God of War, Part One

 Protagonist's POV

 "What's the matter, Ceres? Are your power just like that? If that's true, you're nothing. But, come on, let's go!"
 "No way! That wasn't my true power?"
 "Then how great are you?"
 It's not good!
 To be serious means to turn into a Yellow Dragon.
 But the kingdom is relatively close from here.
 It may cause damage to the kingdom, and even if it doesn't, there's a good chance that someone will see us.
 It can't be helped.
 I'll do what I can.
 "Okay, Arks."
 With that, I began to channel what I called dragon ki into my body.
 I tried not to turn into a dragon with the dragon ki flowing in my body.
 Perhaps a form between the current form and the dragon form...
 An almost human figure.
 Perhaps this is the "human form" that the black dragon took.
 Well, since the black dragon is not a human turned into a dragon, its human form is a temporary one.
 In other words, it is a "humanized" form.
 That is exactly what I am now.
 I'm not a human, but a humanized dragon.
 "Are you done!? Then I'm coming for you!"
 Arks run toward me...
 "Whoaaa, what's this? That hurts!"
 I tripped on a stone and fell down hard.
 "What happened? Did you get your foot caught in it?"
 "Ouch! Damn it, why is there a stone here! Let's start over!"
 With that said, his punches come at me with great speed.
 Seriously... He's completely different from the Mammon of before.
 He's the god of war, Arcs.
 Still, it doesn't hit.
 And to be frank, I can't even follow it with my eyes, but I just avoid it at random, and it doesn't hit me.
 "What's wrong? It doesn't hit me."
 "Why, why can you avoid my blow?"
 For the record, even in dragon form, I can't see his blow.
 It's faster and stronger than a black dragon.
 I can't follow it with my eyes, so I just avoid it at random.
 And I'm lucky I don't get hit.
 "I don't know. But I can avoid it if it's just like this."
 This is a bluff.
 I know the reason why it doesn't hit me.
 This is the power of the Yellow Dragon.
 I have luck on my side.
 "Ridiculous! Not even his divine speed attack can't hit!"
 "Mammon-sama didn't hit him with that!?"
 "Really, I can't see Mammon-sama's attack at all. What kind of fight is this?"
 "Is that what an expert fights each other? He's avoiding Mammon-sama barely."
 Arks' men started to make a fuss.
 It's not really a case of seeing through it.
 It's all luck.
 I could play rock-paper-scissors a thousand times and win a thousand times.
 "You can't hit me like this."
 "But you're just running away, are you?"
 "Then, take this!"
 An attack like this usually doesn't work.
 It's fast, but he should be able to see it.
 "Come on! Is that it? That's not good enough... Then, guhaaa! How did this happen...!?"
 Arks had already spotted my move perfectly.
 But by chance, a fallen leaf happened to fly from somewhere and landed on Arks' eye right before his eyes.
 He fell down, and the attack, originally aimed at his face, hit him in the solar plexus.
 But, man, the God of War is awesome.
 Though I don't have claws, I could hit him with the power of a dragon and only get a 'guhaaa' out of it.
 With this kind of power, an ogre would be shredded into a thousand pieces and its body would fly off.
 And all it just makes him shout "guhaaa"?
 "You can't parry my attacks!"
 "What's the point of a lucky shot! I could take 10,000 punches like that and still be fine!"
 He's right.
 That punch sure didn't hurt.
 "You're right! But I'm gonna have to increase my intensity now!"
 "That goes for me, too!"
 Luck is completely on my side, and Arks' attacks don't hit me.
 On the other hand, my attacks do not work on Arks.
 I guess this match is 'the luckiest' vs 'the strongest' or something like that.
 But something occurred to me.
 Is Arks the strongest?
 Because I know a 'stronger being'.
 No matter how I think about it, he can't reach Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon.
 After all, he is a being who rules the world of the dead and could easily kill him if he fights him.
 But at least Arks can't kill me easily.
 But that doesn't mean anything now.
 Doesn't that make sense?
 Something's bugging me.
 "Wow, who is he? He's evading Mammon-sama's attacks!"
 "Even though it's not working, Mammon-sama is getting hit."
 Still, it is not completely ineffective.
 My punch is gradually draining Arks' strength.
 But since I am also moving quickly, my strength is being depleted.
 I do not know which way the balance will tip.
 In this game... it's not surprising if either of us dies.
 "Hahaha, it's fun Ceres! Fighting someone as good as me!"
 Seriously... I'm not a muscle head.
 I just want to live a quiet and happy life.
 "Is that so? If I could say I'm sorry and you'd forgive me, I want to stop."
 "Don't be stupid! I don't want to stop this blissful time! You say so with your mouth, but your eyes tell me! You're having fun!"
 How can that be...? Or am I having fun?
 Mammon, is the symbol of fear.
 When I was human I thought 'I don't want to meet this one'.
 But since then I'm not afraid.
 And now... we're going head-to-head.
 If I don't like it, I can run away.
 Perhaps 'Arks the God of War' is not a god of this world.
 Then his time is limited.
 Arks doesn't have wings, so I might be able to escape if I really wanted to.
 And yet I'm fighting.
 But something in me is wishing I couldn't fight him anymore.
 "Hey, Arks! Am I that happy?"
 "You're smiling! You're just like me!"
 Hmm... Maybe he's right.
 "Hey, Arks, I'll show you something special then! How about we stop for a minute?"
 "Hohh! You got something better? Then, yes!"
 Both of us stopped.
 "Here it is, full dragon power."
 I'm dealing with a God.
 It's rude to be so generous.
 So I changed into my true form.
 "I see, you're not a human! You're a high dragon! That's why you're so strong! Then I'll give it my all! Kamui (神衣)! This is the power of the God of War in the world above, let's go!"
 In contrast to my dragon larger than a mountain, Arks took on the form of a godly suit of armor.
 "Arks, god of war, I'll fight you to the bitter end!"
 With a breath that could melt rock, I breathed on Arks.

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