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Chapter 146 VS God of War, Part Two, Death

 Protagonist’s POV
 I breathed my breath on Arks, which melt rocks.
 I did this because Mammon died in the magma.
 And a dragon's breath is hotter than that. So, Mammon should be reduced to ashes without a trace.
 But Arks simply punched his fist into the air and the breath vanished.
 "What!! What do you do?"
 "I'm still a God of War! But I don't have a divine sword because I'm no longer in the world above."
 Seriously, he's a real muscle head.
 I can't keep up with him.
 He's not a demon or a Demon King anymore.
 "Hey, Arks... No, Arks-sama... you're a God of War now, aren't you? Let's stop torturing this poor lizard!"
 "What's with the poor lizards! You're a Dragon Lord. Aren't you related to dragon royalty and gods? And among them, you're the most powerful after the Dragon of the Underworld, aren't you?"
 We say this, but neither of us stops moving.
 I spit out a breath while dodging Arks' fist.
 Breath is the strongest move a dragon can make.
 But if he can block it, I'll be stuck.
 That would blow up a mountain, or a castle, for that matter.
 Still, luck is a wonderful thing.
 A dragon this big can't be hit by a man-sized Arks.
 "I just turned into a dragon, a baby so to speak! Let's not do this anymore."
 "Hahaha! But that baby can't be hit by the God of War! Look around you!"
 "Ah, great!"
 The plateau has been scorched and craters have formed.
 No one can live here anymore.
 And yet, we're both unharmed.
 "Do you think I'd miss such a good foe?"
 "No! There are much stronger than me! I'm the newest among the dragons!"
 "Don't lie! The other Dragon Lords said 'Yellow Dragon is the strongest'! He's the one who can change the future with his luck."
 Damn it... They just pushed it on me because it's a pain in the ass...
 But it's true that Arks seems to be stronger than the Black Dragon.
 Still, the only thing that keeps me fighting is our chemistry.
 That's all.
 Perhaps I'm not as good as him.
 "Hmph! I don't know what you're talking about! What is luck! My whole life has been like this! I just want to live with my wife in the village. I don't need to be a hero! I just want to live an ordinary life in a peaceful world... But the Black Dragon and Mammon... I thought I'd finally be at peace and be able to relax... why did Mammon come back from the dead as Arks the God of War? Hahh, hahh..."
 I just want to live a quiet life.
 If I'm an adventurer, I want to be like Orcman.
 If I'm a villager, I'll be a villager of Jimna.
 I don't need to be the Lord of Kohane. I just need to live happily with my favorite wife and childhood friend...
 "Hahahaha! What are you saying! Everyday battle after battle against strong enemies! The power to be strong! Isn't it happiness? There's never a dull moment there, is there?"
 Maybe that's true for the musclehead!
 But I don't need that happiness.
 More importantly, how long is this going to go on?
 The craters grew and now Mammon's men were far away.
 Maybe they're afraid to follow us.
 And they are watching our battle from a great distance.
 "Mammon-sama has become a God of War... that's great!"
 "If you say so, Ceres-sama is a Dragon Lord and a Yellow Dragon too! He's Mammon-sama's worthy opponent!"
 Dragons have good ears.
 But what do they mean by 'sama?
 "Hahahaha, it seems my men like you too Ceres."
 "That's why I don't like fighting..."
 "Really? But... you're smiling, just like the last time! You must be having just as much fun as I am! When you're drinking the finest liquor, when you're with the finest women, it's all a blur."
 "Not like you! At least I have more fun with my wife than in this fight..."
 "I'm sorry! Then I'll change a few things! If you satisfy me with a fight, I'll give you 'peace'. That should motivate you!"
* * *
 I don't know how much time has passed.
 "The moon is beautiful, Arks!"
 "Well... the battle is over. There's always an emptiness afterward."
 "Still... I'm always relieved when it's over."
 "Really? Unlike me! I was born a strong man. It was a long time ago... but at the age of five, I defeated the Four Heavenly Kings and was invincible. I'm stronger than dragons, demons, and demon tribes. Even the Demon King is watching my every move... my life was so boring..."
 "The demon or the god of war, huh...? Is it that good life?"
 "Don't make fun of me... Well, whatever! But I'll never have a friend because I'm better than everything else in the world. Even my parents were afraid to stand up to me, well, my dad was the last of the Four Heavenly Kings, he fought me early and took it easy on me but he died."
 "So he's the one you beat when you were 5 years old..."
 "Yeah, when I was Mammon, I was so happy to die fighting you... knowing there was someone stronger than me."
 "You should've fought the Black Dragon then, he was much stronger."
 "But I didn't know he existed."
 "But... Arks, am I going to die?"
 "Maybe you will die... because you're only a dragon's head."
 So I'm going to die, huh?
 "Really? It's over, then..."
 "Yeah, and Ceres, I'm leaving! To the world above as a God of War. But it was a good fight! And as I promised, here you go."
 "What the..."
 "It doesn't matter to you because you're gonna die anyway, But, Arks, the God of War, my blessing, the only blessing you'll ever have in this world... well, it won't mean much when you're dead, but a promise's a promise."
 "Ceres, even though you're dead... you're my only mortal enemy."
 Now, I can't see anything.
 I don't hear Arks' voice.
 And there is no sound.
 I'm really... going to die.

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