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Chapter 147 Return from the Underworld

 Protagonist’s POV
 "Ceres the Yellow Dragon! It's shameful that you're dead."
 My body trembles as soon as I hear this voice.
 The being in front of me is far more intimidating than the God of War, Arks.
 Instinct tells me who he is.
 He is Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon.
 "It's a pleasure to meet you, my Lord."
 "Ah, no need to be polite. You're a Dragon Lord. You're like kin to me."
 Still, although he looks like a young man, he has the air of a man who has lived a long time.
 Just talking to him made me break out in a cold sweat.
 "Yeah, and even though you're a Dragon Lord, you're like a newborn infant. You're younger than most dragons, so don't worry about anything."
 "Thank you."
 "Then, as you may have already guessed, I am called Bauer the Underworld Dragon, the one who controls the afterlife of this world! You may not be related to me by blood, but you are like my child! So you can freely come and go between the underworld and that world."
 So, it's no big deal to be dead...?
 "The immortality of the high dragon is different from the undead. They can enter and leave the underworld without being stopped by anyone. And it's the same for you, Ceres the Yellow Dragon. In fact, it is not that the dragon cannot die, but only that it can return to its original world without regard to the laws of this world even after death."
 I see, so I can freely travel to and from the afterlife.
 Is that what he's saying?
 "You're like an infant, it's too early to live in the Dragon Kingdom, let alone the underworld."
 "Is that okay?"
 "Yeah, I could see your face now that you're the new Dragon Lord. You can do as you please now."
 But I don't have a body.
 Is it okay?
 "But I'm afraid I only have my neck..."
 "When you become a dragon, even your body doesn't matter anymore! Even if you lose your body completely and become only a spirit, you can come back to life, though it will take time! Moreover, if any part of your body is left, you'll be back to normal in no time! Isn't that great?"
 I see! Fortunately, God Arks has left.
 If he had stayed longer, I would be forced to fight him for the third time since the time of Mammon.
 'Thank goodness!'
 "Dragon royalty, or rather the Dragon Lord is great."
 "Because you're a member of my royal family, so it's natural! Then you'll wake up in your own world... See you later, Ceres the yellow dragon..."
 "Yes, see you later."
 And thus, I closed my eyes.
* * *
 When I opened my eyes, I saw Mammon's men pouring dirt on me.
 Why are they pouring dirt on me?
 Do they think I'm dead and want to give me a burial?
 “Hey, I'm alive."
 Mammon's men stopped trying to bury me.
 There were only about ten of them.
 The giant dragon's body had reverted to its original human size, perhaps because it had died.
 "By the way, where is Arks, the God of War?"
 "Mammon-sama, no, Arks-sama has already left for the world above."
 "I see... speaking of which, where are the others?"
 "Well, after we were shown such a battle! We realized that your first death was an honorable death after dueling Arks-sama. So, some of us will mourn you in return and the rest of us were going back to the demon kingdom."
 "Okay, but as you see, I'm alive! Still, thank you for trying to mourn me!"
 "Yeah, Mammon-sama or Arks-sama told me to mourn you well too."
 "Really? Arks!"
 "Yes, but Ceres-sama, you're a very strange man too! You're so cool even though Arks-sama killed you."
 "Well, that fight, huh? I just fought to my best, and died! That's all. Even Arks didn't say anything against me after I killed him once before, did he? Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?"
 "Well, Ceres-sama is just like Mammon-sama! And since Ceres-sama's alive too, we don't need to mourn for you! Then, we're going back to the Demon kingdom! Now, if you'll excuse me."
 When I heard that Mammon's men were going to attack the kingdom, I thought 'what a pain in the ass'.
 I didn't want to fight against Arks, the God of War.
 But when it was over, for some reason I felt... empty and lonely.
 Friends other than Zect and childhood friends.
 I may never see him again, but Arks may have been my best friend too.
 "See you later."
 Before I knew it, I found myself waving Mammon's men off.
 But now, I need to go home, too...
 And thus, I flew off to Kohane.

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