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Chapter 148 [Short Story] The Legend of the Divine Dragon

 Pope Romalis’s POV
 Am I dreaming?
 Is this really happening?
 "Pope, what in the world..."
 I didn't think that Mammon was a fallen god, before God of War.
 Moreover, I couldn't believe that he had turned from a demon to a god because of the previous battle with Ceres-sama.
 And what we were seeing now was a myth.
 It is hard to believe even for me.
 That Ceres-sama became a great big golden dragon and fought against the god of war....
 It is a pity that I could only see this battle through the communication crystal.
 "Pope Emeritus Rothman, what is the true identity of Ceres-sama?"
 "He was supposed to have died in battle with the God of War, but he came back to life. Such a being exists only in the myth."
 "As I thought, I can't believe that I've seen with my own eyes a Divine Dragon, a member of the Divine Family that exists in this world, other than the Goddess herself."
 "Yes, it must be amazing. I didn't think he was a divine dragon. So what do you think?"
 "Pope Emeritus Rothman, Arks, the God of War has already left for another world. But Ceres-sama, a member of the divine dragon family, has returned to this world."
 "Yes, Pope Romalis, and we are in trouble now! We may have to meet with Ceres-sama, the Divine Dragon, who has appeared in our time, and possibly make a statue of Ceres-sama next to the statue of the Goddess, or even rewrite the doctrine of Ceres-sama."
 "That's right. But whatever we do, Ceres-sama's opinions and ideas come first, right? Let's get going!"
 "What's the matter, Pope Emeritus Rothman?"
 "Wait, we are dealing with God! What if we don't go there ourselves? All the other archbishops who can come will come too! It's God we're talking to!"
 "Yes, this is a big story. For the Church and for the world."
 "Indeed it is."
 Now, the Holy Land of Gandhar made a big move.
* * *
 King Zammarck IV’s POV
 "What's that! Prime Minister... Mammon came back from the dead as a God of War and Ceres-sama became a huge golden dragon and fought a battle so fierce that it changed the terrain... am I dreaming?"
 "No, T-T-That's the legendary 'divine dragon family'..."
 "A divine dragon! Is that golden dragon a God?"
 "This is a story that has been handed down only in the church, but there is a story that there is a God besides the Goddess called 'the Divine Dragon' in this world. There is also a story that somewhere in this world there is a land of dragons ruled by a 'Divine Dragon'."
 "Is that true?"
 "It's only a legend. But it is said that the family of the dragon has transcended death."
 "Ceres-sama, who was dead and had only his head... was resurrected... which makes him a Divine Dragon indeed."
 "Then Ceres-sama..."
 "He is not a human being! He's most likely a God."
 Thank goodness I sent Mariane to be his wife and Kohane to be his territory.
 "So, what do you think our kingdom should do?"
 "Perhaps the Pope will make a move. So, we should contact them immediately and coordinate our efforts."
 "I see, this is our chance to outmaneuver the Empire... so let's move quickly."
 Despite Ceres' thoughts, the two countries began to move.

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