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Chapter 149 I Don't Know Why

 Protagonist's POV

 I'm in the biggest crisis of my life.
 "Don't even look at me!? Didn't I tell you? I said you'd be in trouble when you got home... and now..." said Lida.
 "Even if you depend on me, I can't, because now I'm... sorry, I'm more afraid of Mama and the other Mamas than Mammon..." said Maria.
 "I'm sorry, Ceres, I'm useless," said Mel.
 "Lida, Maria, Mel, shouldn't a vassal have to protect me at a time like this!? Please."
 """We can't..."""
 "It can't be!"
 "Ah! Don't say 'it can't be'! Ceres-kun! Why do you always go without telling me! I was worried about you!"
 Indeed, I don't have any words to say back to them!
 A woman's tears are really unfair!
 "Sorry, Shizuko-san."
 Haruka smacked me on the head.
 She always does that.
 "It hurts, Nee-san!"
 "Hmph! You're lucky it only hurts! Your opponent was Mammon, right? You could've died!"
 In fact, I did die.
 But I'll keep quiet about this.
 "Ceres-chan, are you sorry?"
 "Yes, Misaki-san, I'm reflecting properly, I'm sorry!"
 "Ceres-san, don't just say it with your mouth! I mean, you used to be so honest... but now, your eyes are swimming! You're not sorry, are you?"
 It seems it's not good to lie.
 "I'm sorry for worrying you! But if I reject it, everyone would have a hard time, so I couldn't run away."
 "I know Ceres-kun would say so! If Ceres-kun doesn't take it, maybe the next person they'll talk to will be my stupid son...."
 "Shizuko... You're so naive! But I'm not blaming Ceres for going! If Ceres doesn't go, they might talk to my Lida, no matter how much she can't or doesn't want to fight. After all, she's a 'Sword Saint'! Still, I'm angry at you, Ceres, for leaving without saying anything! Do you know what I mean?"
 I don't know what to do if Haruka-neesan hits me while crying...
 "Me too, I know Ceres-chan was fighting for Maria because you cared about her, but why are you going alone? You didn't even ask me for advice."
 "Indeed. Ceres-san, why don't you ask for our help?"
 The answer is obvious.
 Because they're my wives.
 I may be mentally old because of the memories of my past life.
 So I want to be a strong husband.
 Call me old-fashioned, but I want to be a 'family man'.
 "Well, I'm sure all four of you would say 'come' if I asked you about it, right? That's what I thought! And if you stop me, my heart might slow down. So... that's an excuse no matter how many times I say it... sorry."
 "Ceres-kun, that's not fair... if you say so, I can't get angry anymore."
 "Yes, that's enough, Ceres."
 "If Ceres-san is sorry, then I guess we're done talking about this."
 "Ceres-chan, don't worry too much."
 "But, I'll be careful from now on, I'm sorry!"
 """"If you understand, (it's fine) (okay) (it's good) (I understand).""""
 Really, I'll never have to fight that scary guy again.
 Yeah, I'm okay now.
 "That's the end of the story, right? Then, first of all, thank you for saving the kingdom, Ceres-sama! My father left you a message asking you if there was anything you wanted. He said he'd give you any treasure, any land you want."
 "Nothing in particular."
 "No? But my father said he hoped you'd show your face in the kingdom after what happened. He wanted to hold a big parade and feast."
 "Ah, I see. Well, I was tired from fighting Mammon so I didn't show my face and came back... But if I came, could you cover for me a little against the four of them...?"
 "Hmm... I can't do that against the angry Shizuko-san and the others..."
 I see, even a princess can't do it, huh...
 "Yes, yes, besides it's not Ceres-sama's fault this time..." said Frey.
 "No... Mariane and Frey... it's my fault..."
 "Ceres-sama, you are God-slayer dragon. You don't have to apologize! You're the god who exists in this world! Well, it's true that Ceres-sama is our husband, but you are also a 'Divine Dragon', and the one who fought to the death with the God Arks-sama, the God of War, who has departed to another world, and who has dispelled him... So, I, Cecilia, will offer my body and soul... And Pope Emeritus Rothman and Pope Romalis will be here on the same day. They will be accompanied by King Zammarck IV and Emperor Sizer."
 "I hope I can refuse them."
 "If Ceres-sama doesn't like it, I will 'seriously' refuse! Ceres-sama is equal to the Goddess! Don't worry, you can say no to the Pope Emeritus or the Pope! But the church will make a statue of Ceres-sama and install it in all churches."
 This is bad.
 My other four wives were watching us...
 "Cecilia, what do you mean Ceres-sama is a dragon?"
 "I've never heard of it."
 "Oh, yes, Shizuko-san and the others don't know, but well, even the royal family doesn't know... Then, I'll tell you! Ceres-sama is a Golden Dragon of Divine Dragon! A race of Gods other than the Goddess secretly handed down in the Church. But I never thought I'd meet Him."
 """""""That would be a lie."""""""
 Even Sharon, who was serving nearby, froze.
 Well, it's hard to believe normally.
 But now that we've come this far, I guess I have to tell them, don't I?
 "As Cecilia said, I became a Divine Dragon or rather a 'Dragon Lord'"
 I tried to explain to the others...
 But then, suddenly a knight rushes in.
 "It's a disaster! A lot of demons are rushing in here."
 """"""""Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)"""""""
 "Oh, everyone stays here, I'll be back!"
* * *
 The demon tribe as far as my eye can see is pouring into Kohane.
 What's this? Are we going to war with the demon kingdom?
 If this happens...
 "I'm here to serve you, Ceres-sama! I'll be loyal to you for the rest of my life!"
 "Mammon's legion..."
 "No, we're not 'Mammon legion' anymore! We are 'Ceres Legion'! Mammon-sama has gone to another world as Arks-sama the God of War! So, the one we should serve is the 'strong man'! And we realized that the strongest man in this world is Ceres-sama, and we have come to serve you."
 I didn't "come".
 Is that what they're going to do?
 "But, the Demon King is stronger than the Four Heavenly Kings, isn't he? Go back to the demon kingdom."
 "Hahaha, it must be a joke! There's only Ceres-sama who can fight so hard against Mammon-sama, the God of War! Compared to you, the Demon King is a mere insect."
 Seriously... How many are there?
 I can't feed this many people.
 "Hahaha! Even Zorba doesn't know how many there are. But there must be more than a quarter of the warriors in the demon kingdom."
 """"""""""Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""""""""
 "What am I supposed to do about this?"
 My wives and childhood friends were pale when they saw the situation.

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