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Chapter 150 I don't Know What to do

 Protagonist’s POV
 As I was talking with Zorba and the other members of the old Mammon army, a soldier came rushing in.
 "It's not good, Ceres-sama. There are a lot of dead spirit and zombies approaching from the other direction."
 The conversation dragged on and now it was night.
 That's not good. Dead Spirit at night are terrifying.
 I'll have to go.
 "Sorry, Zorba, can you wait a moment?"
 "Army of the dead? It's the Skull King. We'll head for the front."
 No, I can't have the Mammon army fighting when they just showed up.
 I haven't even accepted them yet.
 So, no choice.
 I'll just have to deal with them again...
 After all, I don't want to get in trouble again.
 But dead spirits are a bad idea.
 I don't want to sacrifice anyone I know.
 "Zorba and the others don't have to do anything! I'll take care of it."
 I headed in the direction of the attacking dead spirits, knowing that I would get in trouble.
* * *
 The dead spirits cover the whole land? It's going to be hard work.
 But I still came down from the sky to the surface to face them.
 However, how many of them...? I can't see the back.
 Also they are dead spirits, right?
 I can't talk to them, my body's too solid to fight them, but with this many, there's a chance they could break through.
 And if a dead spirit attacks someone and kills him/her, he/she becomes a dead spirit too.
 For a normal human, they are a formidable enemy.
 I have no choice but to burn them down with dragon breath.
 As I start to dragonize, a big-looking skeleton in big armor appears in front of me.
 "Wait! My name is Skull King, the Immortal King, and I am one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Tribe..."
 So one of the Four Heavenly Kings attacked!
 "Then, what exactly did one of the Four Heavenly Kings want with Kohane?"
 "Not exactly the Fourth Heavenly King... but a former Fourth Heavenly King! My great God..."
 What the hell is he talking about?
 "God? Me?"
 "No need to play dumb! Since you are a follower of Bauer-sama the underworld dragon, you must be a family related to the divine dragon, and for those of us who are concerned with death, Bauer-sama is our god, and unlike the Demon King, we truly serve him from the bottom of our hearts."
 So, it is actually Bauer-sama the underworld dragon.
 Still, it's weird.
 Although I'm his follower, I'm not a dragon of the Underworld.
 "I understand Bauer-sama does not move from the Underworld. Your true identity is that of a great dragon lord... Otherwise, I don't understand why you, who died with only your head, have come back from the underworld. Isn't it because you are the Lord of Dragons that you were able to come back to life in an instant?"
 I can't lie now that so much is known.
 "Yes, my name as Lord Dragon is Yellow Dragon. I'm related to Bauer-sma the Underworld Dragon."
 "Ah... as I thought... you are the Dragon Lord? I will serve you with the spirit of the Skull King forever and ever."
 "No, I don't need any help."
 "Please... We are the ones who call Bauer-sama the dragon of the underworld a god! We are manifested for a god... We don't need food or anything else if you allow us to sleep here, and in return we promise to protect this land at night."
 The spirits of the dead will protect during the night?
 Well, that's not bad.
 "I'll think about it... just wait a while."
 And so, half of the Demon King's men are here now.
 But is the Demon King going to be okay?
 I never dreamed I'd have to worry about the Demon King or the demon tribe.

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