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Chapter 151 [Short Story] The Melancholy of the Demon King

 Demon King Luciferd's POV
 "The Skull King has rebelled!?"
 "Yes, I'm sorry, sir. He said he'd fight us if we stopped him."
 "Well, there's no way you can fight him."
 Sylphid is dead. Feather is still too much for the Four Heavenly Kings.
 And Mammon is gone.
 Now there is only I and Darkgoldar who can stop the Skull King in the demon army.
 But Darkgoldar has not returned yet.
 I don't blame them if they can't stop the Skull King.
 The problem is, there are too many.
 The Mammon army has been banished.
 And I executed one of the Four Heavenly Kings.
 For the record, Darkgoldar and the Skull King were necessary for the sake of the demon kingdom.
 The Skull King in particular had a trump card against humans in the form of a 'dead spirit'.
 After all, the being he kills becomes a dead spirit.
 In other words, the human whom he kills becomes his ally.
 It was one of the strongest trump cards necessary to fight against humans.
 But now it is lost.
 Although Darkgoldar alone can defend, he cannot go on the offensive.
 Meanwhile, Feather is only a nominal "Four Heavenly Kings" and still cannot lead.
 If there's a war now, it's over.
 "Speaking of which, do you know why the Skull King left?"
 "What about it? I'm not mad. Tell me!"
 I've been getting a lot of fearful looks from people.
 That's for sure. I overdid it a little.
 But it's hard to talk to them when they're so reserved.
 "Well, that's..."
 "What happened?"
 "I'll say it as he said: 'I've found God! Now that I've found the one I truly serve, I have no time for false kings."
 "So, he calls me a false king!"
 How dare he say that to the Demon King?
 But what is this 'god' the Skull King is talking about?
 It can't be the 'evil god' the demon tribe believes in.
 He's the Immortal King... who wouldn't serve a goddess if she appeared in this world.
 A being that the Skull King would serve.
 I can think of only one such being.
 Bauer, the underworld dragon.
 He's a dragon, but he's more than a god.
 A symbol of fear who is said to have devoured many gods.
 And 'the one who rules the world of the dead'.
 When all beings die, they all belong to Bauer.
 The true ruler of the world of death.
 No wonder the Immortal King worships him.
 "Okay, I get it! You may step back."
 If it's Bauer, the Skull King will never come back.
* * *
 The more I think about it, the more I don't understand.
 The person who defeated Mammon was a human with the power of a dragon.
 I thought it was a dragonewt, but is it really so?
 I mean, Mammon is a complete bug.
 However, he is easily defeated by an ordinary dragon, and even an army of ten thousand is no match for him.
 If he is a dragonewt who can defeat Mammon, he must have been born between a very high dragon and a human.
 But is there such a being?
 There is no such thing.
 And even if it did, it would not be a young dragonewt.
 After all, it would take a long time for even a dragonewt to become strong.
 Besides, would he stay in obscurity while he builds up enough power to defeat Mammon?
 Of course not.
 And if he is going to give to others, why now?
 If I think about it, 'never existed before' might be the right answer.
 Then, it may be that Bauer the Underworld Dragon himself or his dependents came from the 'underworld'.
 So, it's connected.
 And it's not strange if the Skull King calls him 'god'.
 It seems this is no time to fight humans.
 I mean, what's the value of the 'Demon King' title before him?
 He's a kind of being connected to Bauer, the underworld dragon.
 The one who defeated Mammon and whom the Skull King regards as a god.
 And now, he lives in a land called Kohane.
 Fortunately, there is a truce with humans.
 There will be no war soon.
 So, that's why,
 If I want to keep the demon tribe safe in the future we'll take refuge in Kohane.
 That may be the right choice.
 The Skull King must thanked him for defeating Mammon so he calls him 'God'.
 Yes, let me go see him myself.
 That's the only way.

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