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Chapter 152 Discussion

 Protagonist's POV
 "Skull King, I will allow you to build a tomb and live 'outside the land'! In return, you will leave us alone and protect us for the night!"
 "O great Lord and my God! In the name of the Immortal King, I accept the role of guardian of the night... then!"
 Phew, that's better.
 On second thought, there's nothing wrong with being protected from the enemy during the night.
 Although it's a little creepy, I can be sure that we will be safe at night now.
 After all, it is a general rule that you should never challenge a Skull King at night.
 Probably, the past Hero (Yuusha) has challenged the Skull King in the 'daytime'.
 But is it OK?
 Even though I'm a human... I've got the Four Heavenly Kings in my backyard.
 Oh, whatever.
 "I'm counting on you! Skull King!"
 "Yes! As you wish!"
 The Skull King left with his friends.
 One problem is solved.
 Now I have to deal with the remnants of the Mammon army.
 The Skull Kings can live with little or no human contact.
 Excuse me for sounding a bit like a fraud, but 'outside the gates of the country' is no problem.
 It just scares people when they walk outside the gates at night.
 That's all.
 But here's the real problem.
 The old Mammon army is a creature, not a dead spirit.
 I don't know what they are, but I think they need to eat and shelter like normal people.
 "Zorba, what do you and your men want?"
 "I don't know what we want now! But after seeing the Skull King and the army of death become your subordinates... I want to serve you as your subordinates as well!"
 "The Skull King and his men are fine! They don't need houses, they don't need food they just need a place to live, outside the country! But you don't, do you?"
 "Yes, we're strong, but we need food and a place to sleep."
 That's the problem.
 If I'm going to have the old Mammon army, they have to coexist with people.
 They have to go into the city and live with the humans.
 And that's the question.
 "Zorba, this is a human country, and joining it means living 'like a human'. A life that obeys the laws of humans! There is no such thing as 'because you are strong, you are allowed to do whatever you want'. If you are unreasonably violent, you will have to pay for it! Can you live in such a world? Can you endure a life in which even the weak may kneel to you?"
 "If Ceres-sama commands us to do so, we will obey. However, I think it is difficult for us to live in a human society. So, I have thought about what the Skull King said, and I would like to create our own country next to this country of Kohane. Of course, as a neighboring country, we will not have any trouble with Kohane, but we will talk with the Skull King about this and consider the possibility of joining with other demons of the same race to form a country of our own."
 “Yes, how about having the king of the country we created become yours, and having you rule Kohane and the two countries we created, Ceres-sama?"
 It would certainly be the most practical, but is it really possible?
 "We have the number of people and many of them have the technology, so we can do it if we share funds and supplies. We just like to fight, but it doesn't mean we can't do anything else! Many of us have proper jobs."
 "Okay, no problem, but this is a big deal, let me think about it a bit, and I will allow you to stay here until we come to this conclusion."
 "Please consider it."
 I'll have to discuss this with my family first.
 I can't make a decision on my own.

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