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Chapter 153 Can't I Get Ordinary Happiness?

 Protagonist's POV
 I just want to have a good time with my wives and childhood friends...
 But my wish is not fulfilled, and more and more troubles are coming in.
 Does the luck of the Yellow Dragon not care about my feelings?
 I don't know what's the point of this good luck.
 But from the outside, I guess I'm happy...
 I find myself the king of a country.
 I found myself living in a harem with not one but all of my ideal women as wives.
 And I have the power of a dragon, which is equal to that of a god, and I overwhelm my enemies.
 How could he be such a cheat... someone might think so!
 That statement makes me happy, sure.
 But my situation is a lot harder than I thought.
 It's really hard.
 And this is Kohane!
 It's a great resort but all I did was shop, eat seafood and fish with Lida.
 There is a bath in this castle, so I soaked in the hot spring water.
 But I haven't been to an open-air bath yet, nor have I been swimming in the sea. Of course, I haven't been to the place called "the best view" either.
 I haven't enjoyed anything yet.
 Do people still envy me?
 Yet, my stomach hurts.
 Well, it doesn't really hurt because I'm a 'dragon', but it's enough to make me scratch my hair.
 The Skull King and Zorba have been talking about forming a country near here and me becoming king.
 It's true that it would help Kohane defend itself, and I can't say no to the idea because I don't want to have to deal with the consequences of saying 'no' to idea.
 But a king with half of the demon army.
 Aren't I already the second Demon King?
 If this project actually goes ahead, I'll have to talk to the Pope and the kings of each country to make adjustments.
 Besides, even if the human side accepts it, will the Demon King who has half of his army remain silent?
 I am sure he will do something.
 This alone is enough to make my head hurt...
 Also, the human side treats me as a 'divine dragon' because they see me in my dragon form.
 Maybe it's good that I'm a god, but... maybe they won't treat me as a human being anymore.
 And now, I'm waiting for the popes to come soon.
 It's all a mess.
 Where's the happiness in that?
 I want to be ordinary, really.
 King Kohane.
 I'm done with such things.
 If anything, I don't even need that.
 I envy Orcman.
 Such a life is good!
 Work hard and live happily with my favorite wives.
 A life with some money to spare, enough to eat good food with my wife and kids and buy them what they want.
 We can live in the capital, in the imperial capital, or in Jimna village.
 We all plow the fields, take an early bath, and enjoy an ale with my wives in the evening.
 That's all I need.
* * *
 I told Shizuko and the others what was going on.
 "Ceres-kun can do what you want, okay?"
 "Yes, I don't know how to do such a difficult thing, so I'll leave it to Ceres."
 "Yes, whatever you want, Ceres-san!"
 "Ceres-chan, you can do whatever you want."
 "You're God now, do as you please!"
 "Maybe my father... I'm sure he won't object to anything... ever."
 "Hahaha, I think I'll be fine too on my side! Although my father is an emperor, he's actually already nervous about Hero (Yuusha) Zect, so he won't complain about it."
 "I see... I see..."
 This is not a consultation at all.
 By the way, my three childhood friends are not here either even though they're my vassals.
 "At this point, Sharon, do you have any opinions?"
 I don't care what or who.
 "But I'm a servant,..."
 "Well, that's all right, I'd like to hear your opinion."
 "Hahaha, Sharon, Ceres-sama is a 'god gambler', so you can go ahead! After all, he never loses at gambling! If it's a gamble, he's sure to get good results... don't worry!"
 "I see... thank you."
 Seriously... No one is giving me an opinion?
 So I have to make a decision by myself?
 I have no choice but to think 'alone'.
 But when will I really be able to slow down my life?
 Ah right, I forgot to mention that Kohane has a good deputy named Korda.
 I forgot all about that.
 "Ceres-sama, I am only a deputy. I can do the job of a local lord, but not a world-shaking job like that."
 Is luck really on my side?
 All I want is 'ordinary happiness'.
 Still, I can't depend on anyone... so I started to think alone that I have to do my best.

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