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Chapter 154 Great Demon King...

 Protagonist's POV
 Right now, an old man stood alone behind me.
 There is a tremendous amount of energy leaking out from him.
 Mammon's men and the Four Heavenly Kings would not miss such an existence.
 And if I look closely, I see a beautiful woman standing next to the old man.
 Not one, but two?
 The beautiful woman beside him has wings.
 Is she an angel?
 It's bad, it's bad, it's bad... a being with angels.
 Maybe that old man is a god.
 If he were a god, the Skull King and Zorba would let him pass.
 But there's only one goddess in this world...
 However, since there's Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon... it's not surprising if there are other gods...
 "I'm sorry it's so late at night but I can't talk to you unless I do this. Also, forgive me but I've put the others to sleep with a sleep spell and the two parties concerned will be here in a few moments."
 Put them to sleep?
 Shizuko and the others are the same, but there are three other people here.
 If there is a spell that can put all of them to sleep, including Shizuko and the others, he must be a god.
 But that's strange for a god... I don't feel the fear that I felt when I talk with Bauer-sama.
 At most, he is like Mammon, but not the Mammon that became Arcs, instead of the Mammon of the demon tribe.
 If I simulate it in my mind... it's easy to kill.
 But does he have something up his sleeve?
 "Who are you?"
 "My name is Luciferd, you know me as the Demon King, and I'm here with Feather, and beside me is Darkgoldar. But you already know Darkgoldar."
 Hmm... There's another one, a very well-hidden figure I hadn't noticed.
 "Well, he was here when he brought Mammon's army."
 "So, I have a question for you! Are you a god?"
 Maybe because I'm a divine dragon...
 "I don't care what I am, I just want to lead an ordinary life... that's all... a human being."
 "If you're a mere mortal, you'll kneel before me... the Demon King."
 "I agree, if you're just a human you should kneel to us, the demon tribe."
 Why is this getting so complicated?
 "I heard you b*stard! A mere Demon King dares to call down upon our great allies and our God... Luciferd, Darkgoldar, and Feather..."
 "Yeah, you'll be dead in a few seconds in Ceres-sama's hands!"
 "You b*stard, after betraying the Demon King... and now you're talking like that, I will kill you...!"
 "Do it if you can..."
 What's really going on here?
 Here are all the important people of the demon kingdom...
 "Then, if you're the Demon King... can you settle this?"
 "Hmm... how many of you are there? I'm the Demon King, Luciferd. Why are you the weakest one here telling me what to do? If you don't want to die, just stay here and tremble."
 I see. Lately, I've been trying not to scare them.
 So this is it.
 I don't have a choice... things can't go on like this, so I'm just going to keep 'em down.
 As long as everyone is sleeping outside, it doesn't matter.
 "How dare you! A mere Demon King or Four Heavenly Kings... to attack me... my name is the Dragon Lord! I'm a servant of Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon who rules the world of the dead!"
 "Now you understand, Demon King? That Ceres-sama is the god whom this immortal king truly serves."
 "Yeah, Ceres-sama is the most powerful one in the world! Now that Mammon-sama is gone, he is the one we serve with all our hearts."
 "D-D-Divine dragon!? We will not disobey you, my winged clansmen are the descendants of a fallen race of angels, and a divine dragon, a dragon lord like you, is the best person to serve you, not this old man!" "
 "Feather... you're betraying me..."
 "I can't attack him... he's a real god, we of the Winged Clan are originally connected to the angels... we react to the gods and can't resist them... sorry..."
 "Darkgoldar, you..."
 "Give up... no matter how hard we try we can't win. Also, I can't get the Demon King to escape. We'll die the moment we fight him."
 "I see. I've been a fool, Ceres-sama the great dragon, this is all my fault. I'm a fool. I was really asking for your protection but you insulted me and made a fool of me..."
 Hmm... I didn't say anything... just said my name for argument's sake.
 "Wait, Luciferd! What do you mean by "protection"?
 "The Demon Kingdom is at an end and we're here to seek your protection."
 If the Demon Lord's here... it's easy... return it...
 "Then Skull King and Zorba, you must return to the demon kingdom immediately."
 Even though there is a truce now, we don't know what the humans will do if the demon kingdom is weakened, it's better to return it to the way it was.
 "Wait, my great God! My allegiance is only to you!"
 "I'm the same way! I serve only Ceres-sama, the only man Mammon-sama has chosen."
 "My ancestors were angels... my heart and soul are yours."
 Enough of this.
 If I send them away now, everything will be all right... So please leave.
 "Then how about this proposal, Demon King?"
 "Darkgoldar, do you have a better idea?"
 Why are they whispering?
 If I wanted to, I could ask him, but that would be tactless.
 But Skull king, Zorba, and Feathers join in too..? And why are they looking this way?
 "Ceres-sama, we've all agreed to go back to the demon kingdom."
 "That's good to hear."
 "So, about the protection..."
 "What about it?"
 I have a bad feeling about this.
 The four of them and the Demon King Luciferd look like the Pope.
 "I hand over control of the demon kingdom to Ceres-sama and you can rest assured that I will take over for you..."
 What are you talking about, Demon King?
 Why are you kneeling to me?
 """""O Great Demon King, Ceres-sama, we pledge our undying loyalty to you for the rest of our lives.""""
 Huff~, that's enough.
 If there's peace just for now... that's all I need.
 "I don't care if I'm the Great Demon King... just don't tell the human side of the story... And please go back to the demon kingdom."
 """""As you wish"""""
 The crisis is over for now.
 But... how could this happen... are we really happy...?

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