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Chapter 155 Faith of the Demon Tribe

 Demon King Luciferd’s POV
 I knew it from the moment I saw what he was.
 He is no longer an existence that humans and demons can handle.
 If Mammon were with me right now, would the demons be able to win if all the Four Heavenly Kings were to attack him all together?
 The only possible outcome would be that we would all end up being killed.
 That's what I think.
 That's why we have no choice but to surrender.
 Even if I were a demon king, there's no way I could defeat a God.
 The Goddess Ishtas exists in this world as a god on the human side.
 And our demon tribe also has an "Evil God" to worship.
 However, for unknown reasons, these two gods are not directly involved in the war between demons and humans, and at best they are only heard by oracles and do not even appear.
 But there is a "truth" about this world that only the Demon King and a few other beings know.
 It is not the Goddess Ishtas or the Evil God who rules the afterlife, but the 'family of the divine dragon'.
 There is a family that has 'true immortality' instead of false immortality, centering on 'Bauer the Underworld Dragon'.
 This is not a legend, but rather a tribe that is rarely seen.
 Legend says that if one keeps on killing dragons, they will appear out of nowhere.
 So, basically, the demons do not hunt dragons because of this legend.
 In a sense, they coexist and co-prosper.
 And then I saw it.
 It's an amazing form of concealment.
 The moment I saw him, he was like a human.
 It seemed to be the kind of being that could kill a high-ranking demon.
 And yet... it was a dragon as big as a mountain.
 Its size alone makes it a tremendous threat.
 If it were not so lucky, even the castle of the Demon King would be hit hard with a single blow from it.
 My body trembled, and all I could think of was the word "obedience".
 Two of the Four Heavenly Kings had been recognized him as their 'god'.
 The Feather Winged Clan, whose blood has now faded, are said to be the descendants of angels who fell a long time ago.
 And the Skull King is a man who knows a thing or two about death.
 If these two say he is a god, then he must be a god.
 "Good judgment, Demon King, for he is a 'god' of the ruling family of the underworld, and if you truly offend him, you will experience a pain you cannot escape even with death... but if you can get him on your side, it is as if you have a new god. "
 "Yes, he's a god, a god whose allegiance lies in my heart and tells me not to go against it."
 "I don't know about that, but for us Mammon-sama's men, I know he's the most powerful man in the world."
 "I agree with them, Demon King. If we make him our enemy, we will die together..."
 The Four Heavenly Kings are useless before a fight and I have no choice but death before him.
 "I understand... I have no intention of defying him after seeing him like that and being bathed in his energy... That's why he holds the position of the Great Demon King... Loyalty is the only thing that matters now... But there's a big question of what we're going to do now. "
 "Luciferd, that is the family of the ruler of the underworld and the 'god'. This is what, I, Skull King, can assure you."
 "I can assure you too that he's a god too."
 "I understand that... Ceres-sama is a 'god' and that is why he became the Great Demon King. From now on, we have no choice but to remain neutral and aim for a future where we will no longer have to fight humans... But the demon tribe already has an 'evil god' that we worship, and we have received oracles many times. What should we do?"
 The 'Evil God' is the counterpart of Ishtas, the goddess who protects human beings, and there is 'divine dragon' that appears and exists.
 So, there we are, two gods... what are we to do between the two?
 "Four Heavenly Kings... I'm sorry, but please discuss the future with the Evil God Priest when we arrive at the Demon King's castle."
 Why is it that such a lot of important things happen when I'm in rule?
 I don't know what to do anymore.

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