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Chapter 156 Go on Vacation, Part One

 Protagonist's POV
 At least the crisis is over.
 Whew! That's a relief.
 Let's leave Kohane to Korda for the time being.
 He's a good deputy, so I'm sure he'll be fine.
 And speaking of Kohane, there is a lot of recreational places.
 I haven't enjoyed it yet.
 So there's no harm in starting to enjoy it now.
 And I want to go to the sea! I want to live by the sea.
 After all, Kohane has a beautiful sea.
 Besides, since I'm surrounded by beautiful wives, let's go swimming first.
 If we go swimming, I can see sexy swimsuits.
 So I boldly invited them to go to the beach.
 """""""""It's nice, isn't it? I'm looking forward to enjoying it with everyone."""""""""
 Me too, I'm looking forward to it.
 "Then let's go tomorrow as soon as possible."
* * *
 I realized that I was totally wrong about the sea.
 "Fishing...! The sea's waiting for me! Are you coming too, Ceres?" said Lida.
 "You see, Ceres, Lida, and I are going to enjoy some food and drinks. Mama said we're free to do whatever we want since it's our day off," said Maria.
 "Is that what we're going to do? Well, if you don't mind, Ceres, would you like to come too? We are going to enjoy the great king tuna," said Mel.
 That's weird.
 Why is there no mention of swimming?
 After all, since the three childhood friends are young, I thought they would go to the beach or something like that.
 And speaking of the beach, we're going swimming, right?
 "Ceres-kun, you're not going to go out to eat?"
 "That's right! Ceres has chosen a luxury hotel with a hot spring, and the six of us have talked about it and decided to relax, and Sharon is okay with that."
 "Shizuko-san, Nee-san, aren't you going to the beach?"
 "Yes, I'm looking forward to going for a walk with Ceres-kun in the evening and at night."
 "Yes, it's nice to go for a walk with Ceres in the evening."
 "It's been a long time since I took a walk with Ceres-san, I'd love to see the sunset a little earlier in the evening."
 "Ceres-chan, you enjoy cooler evenings and walks, don't you? Hehehe"
 "I'm a royal, I've never been on an outing like this before, so I'm really looking forward to it."
 "I'm looking forward to it because the empire has no lakes or oceans, only rivers... But the ocean has big fish, yes, I'm looking forward to it!"
 "I'll join you too."
 Hey, isn't that weird?
 I mean, swimsuit... swimming? No one's talking about that.
 "Ceres-kun, Kohane is more than just big king tuna! We can also get the rare king crab... and enjoy the local alcohol with it."
 "Oh yes, Ceres, I've already made reservations for king crab and ordered a boatload, so don't worry."
 "A lazy life of doing nothing all day long, drinking alcohol and eating sashimi and other delicacies, sounds like fun, Ceres-san."
 "Ceres-chan, that inn has a hot spring! Let's soak in the hot spring and relax... enjoy some drinks and take it easy, really enjoy it."
 "A sea bathing, huh..."
 "Ah, Ceres, you wanted to go swimming? Okay, I'll go with you if you're okay with me! Do you want to race?" said Lida.
 "I'm proud of my fair skin and I don't want to get sunburned, so I'll pass," said Maria.
 "I don't like to move my body either, sorry," said Lida
 Lida is the only one who will go out with me even though we've known each other since childhood and, more importantly, she's a family vassal.
 But that's okay.
 It's not them I really want to see.
 "Well, Ceres-kun, I'll pass on swimming too, I'm too old and the sun is too strong, you know..."
 "Ceres...! You should consider our age! We're too old for this!"
 If Shizuko-san, Sayo-san, and Misaki-san say so, I can understand it... but Nee-san always wears hot pants and a shirt that shows her belly button.
 I don't think that's any different than a swimsuit.
 "Ceres-san... I'm sorry, I'm embarrassed to swim at my age..."
 "I'm afraid I'm sorry, even if it's Ceres-chan's request..."
 "Such a pity. You all look so good. I'd have loved to see you in your swimsuits."
 "Ceres-kun?! Heheheh... but it's too embarrassing, what should we do, Haruka?"
 "Ceres wants to see me in a swimsuit so badly? I don't have a choice then, huh? Huff~ Sayo and Misaki, what shall we do?"
 "If Ceres-san wants to see us in a swimsuit, well, I'll think of something."
 "That's true. But shall we?"
 "Well, everyone... me and Frey are ex-royalty and we don't like to show our skin in public..."
 "Mariane, I think there's no problem since we're ex-royalty. If Ceres-sama wants to see us in a swimsuit, that's fine."
 "Eh, mom, you're wearing a swimsuit at your age? You're always trying to look young but it's painful. Ceres, you must be joking, right...? Ouch!"
 "Lida... why are you talking like that? I'm still young."
 "Lida-chan, your mouth is a source of misfortune, okay? And Lida-chan... you're joking, right?"
 "Yes, yes, Lida, it's just a joke, right? Haruka and Shizuko are both adults."
 "You must be kidding, Lida. Still, don't you think it's a bad idea to joke around like this? Maria and Mel-chan too..."
 ""I don't think it's not a good idea too.""
 "Please somebody help me... I know it's my fault..."
 That's right. They're still young enough and beautiful enough...
 But they're scary when they're angry.
 However, when they're so sweet, they're really beautiful and cute.
 Huff... But bikinis and one-piece dresses... Can I see it?
 "Well, if Ceres-kun wants to see them so much, I'll buy a swimsuit and wear it in the bath later, that's all right..."
 "Yeah, the inn is reserved this time too, and if Ceres wants to see it, then there's nothing we can do, let's all go shopping for swimsuits."
 "I didn't bring my own, so I'll buy one... that's fine with everyone. And even if Mariane is royalty, she's already Ceres-san's husband, so I'm sure he won't have a problem with it."
 "That's true, if it's Danna-sama, there's no problem if he wants to see it."
 "Then, it's okay, if he wants to see it so much."
 """""""""" Then, we'll go get some then.""""""""""
 I don't really want to swim. After all, as long as I can see them in a swimsuit, I'm fine with it.

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