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Chapter 157 Go on Vacation, Part Two - This is it

  Protagonist's POV
 """""""""" Sorry to keep you waiting.""""""""""
 What the heck?
 This is not the swimsuit I'm thinking of.
 And now, I'm in an open-air bath.
 Thinking back on it now, what a stupid thing I did.
 If we are going to take a bath together, it would be better to take a bath 'as it is' than in a swimsuit, right?
 I'm sure I could have seen more wonderful things if I had enjoyed the mixed bathing.
 Besides... maybe...
 "Ceres-kun wanted to see it, so I put it on. How is it?"
 "I'm ashamed to wear it, so say something else!"
 "Ceres-san, what do you think?"
 "Ceres-chan, how?"
 "I've never worn something like this before, but it's embarrassing."
 "I think it's more revealing in a light suit of armor"
 "Why did you want to see me in a swimsuit? Does it suit me?"
 "Yes, you all look great!"
 "I don't know why Ceres wanted to see this."
 "Lida, call him Ceres-sama... But then, I agree with you."
 "Ceres is sometimes a bit obsessive, isn't he?"
 "Hey, please put 'sama'? You know, you're his vassal, Lida, and Mel. But surely he's strange..."
 Really, this is not the swimsuit I wanted to see.
 This is not the swimsuit I know.
 It's not a bikini or a one-piece, and the closest thing I can find is a prison uniform from my previous life without stripes.
 I didn't know that before, because there is no sea in this area.
 But they were indeed wearing normal clothes when they were playing in the river.
 Maybe my memory is wrong, but I thought there was a kid who was wearing something like a school swimsuit, but since she was wearing a shirt over it, it might have been something like bloomers.
 Reincarnation, teleport... what are you doing?
 If a lot is going on, this is the place... to tell the truth.
 I'd rather be in a public bath.
 Huff~ I screwed up.
 “Ceres-kun? You're not disappointed, are you? I told you... we're too old for this."
 "Yes, yes, we're not young anymore, so don't get your hopes up."
 "Yes, at least we need to be 10 years younger to have a skin tone."
 "Hehe, I told you so."
 Anyway, since the yukata seems to be in place, let's see what happens next.
 "No, it's not that, it's not the swimsuit I know— "
 "What's wrong? You're blushing all of a sudden."
 "Yeah, what's wrong, Ceres?"
 "What's happened?"
 "You're a funny guy, seeing Mom and suddenly turning red."
 "What's wrong? Ceres?"
 "Lida, like I said, put 'sama,' okay? You're a vassal, right? Mel too, so be careful... but Ceres... you look red."
 Well... now I realize it.
 I noticed that the teleports and reincarnations didn't tell the normal swimsuit story because I wanted to see the spectacle.
 To put it bluntly, this is more erotic than a swimsuit.
 The fabric is so thin that it sticks to the skin and is transparent.
 There is a scene in a period drama in which a noble person is taking a bath wearing a thin kimono, and the white kimono sticks to the skin and becomes transparent, just like that.
 And even though it looks like a prison uniform, it's not long-sleeved and long-pants, but short-sleeved and short-pants, so... I can see everything.
 "No, no, no, this will be see-through when I bathe in hot water... Heheheh, but it is great, I can't show this to any man except Ceres-kun..."
 "Ceres... you know what? This is amazing..."
 "Ceres-san, this is embarrassing."
 "This is so stuck on, it shows through my skin. But Ceres-chan, you're a grown-up."
 "Well, I guess I can't let it bother me... So, I just pretend that this is just the way it is."
 "Yes, we all dress like this when we swim in the pool, But, it's embarrassing when someone says it like that."
 "I don't mind being seen, but this is more embarrassing than being naked."
 "Ceres, you know about this? This is great."
 "Certainly, it's great."
 "But I guess Ceres is used to it by now."
 It's true that we have seen each other naked before at the same parties, and with Shizuko and the others...
 But that's not the same thing.
 After all... if it's a swimsuit from a previous life, I can usually look at it.
 But with this much transparency, I'd look like a pervert.
 In the end, I... almost got a nosebleed, and I was too shy to look at them.

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