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Chapter 158 Time with the Three

 Protagonist's POV
 Nevertheless, it was great.
 In my previous life, I remember wearing a wet T-shirt, but that was only the top.
 Underwear was jeans or shorts.
 Still, it was a cute and beautiful figure playing in the water.
 But this time is different.
 First of all, it is not only the top that is transparent but also the bottom.
 Although they are shyly hiding their breasts, when they turn around, I can see their beautifully shaped buttocks.
 In other words... it left me with a view of 'man's romance' from either side.
 And there is a big difference from the wet T-shirt of the previous life.
 It is a 'swimsuit'.
 In other words... no underwear.
 The closest I can think of is a diver in my previous life whose clothes are shaped like a swimsuit... Hmm...not quite right.
 Maybe sexy lingerie in an adult book would be closer.
 I almost got a nosebleed, and I couldn't look at it so much because I was afraid of the stares of others... but still, when I remember it, I get a bad nosebleed.
 "I can't believe that this is the figure of the hero who defeated even Mammon."
 "Lida, you're right, is this really Ceres?"
 "Maria, somehow he doesn't seem normal."
 At the moment, Shizuko-san and the others have gone up first because they got overheated.
 I also was about to go up with them when...
 'Heheheh, we're going to get ready, so Ceres-kun, please come back in a little while."
 So I was left in the open-air bath.
 I soaked for a while, but I was getting a little too hot, so I sat down on a bench near the open-air bath and talked with my three childhood friends for a long time.
 My childhood friends Lida, Maria, and Mel had been wearing the same kind of swimsuits earlier, but unfortunately, I didn't seem to be able to look at them with 'that kind of eyes'.
 The closest I can get to that feeling is taking a bath with my 'daughter'.
 That's how I feel.
 Besides, when I'm in a party, I'm used to seeing their naked bodies.
 But aside from that...
 Am I really not normal?
 "Am I that weird? I'm not even aware of it."
 "Huff~ I thought you were at least aware, but you're not at all... alright? I mean, you like older people so much! No other man likes older men as much as Ceres."
 "Lida is right, my dad likes younger women too, and basically Ceres is the only man I know who likes extremely older women, if only a little bit."
 "Yes, yes, Lida and Maria are right."
 Oh, I admit it.
 "Yes, I do like older women! I like maternal feelings... and femininity..."
 "Seriously, you're weird! Ceres is very good at housework! And compared to our mom, maybe Ceres is better at cooking and washing clothes?"
 "Yes, yes, compared to my papa, who is a chef and cooks for a living. You're such a good cook."
 "Even the laundry is perfect, I don't think such a person would look for maternal love in a woman~ I think it's more normal to like a tomboy girl like Lida."
 Ugh, some people say that lovers and couples are the ones who make up for what they lack, but for me, just looking at them smile is enough.
 "It's enough for me that they appreciate what I do and smile when I do it. Maybe I'm not very good at what I do. Because I can do almost anything."
 "Ugh, when you say it like that... I'm kind of sorry."
 "Lida is right, we didn't thank you enough."
 "I agree, now that I think about it."
 "It's okay, it's all in the past."
 "Yeah, but you know what, I still think Ceres is hilarious, okay? Ceres, you know, when you saw all those swimsuits and you wanted to look at them, but you turned away? Why!"
 "Even though you said so, I..."
 I'm too embarrassed to take a good look at them.
 "Since we've been spending time together, I'm sure you've seen them naked a lot, and since you're married, you've had some experience with our mama, haven't you?"
 "Well, that's..."
 "You don't have to hide it! Our mother is in a strange mood and glamorous, I understand, we're still mother and daughter, after all."
 "If you know what it's like, you shouldn't have to ask."
 "No, what we think is hilarious is why you're blushing when you're that close to them."
 "Yes, I don't understand why you'd want to see our mama in a swimsuit if you've seen them naked."
 "I want to know too. Does it mean anything to you?"
 Maybe it's just my imagination, but maybe people in this world are not so open about their sexuality.
 But I don't know how to explain this to my childhood friend...
 "I don't know how to say it. But it's sexy because it's a little hidden, or it's titillating because it's a little tantalizing..."
 "Ceres, I don't know what you're talking about."
 The common sense of people in this world and the previous world is different in many ways.
 Maybe it's hard to explain.
 "I don't know how to explain it either, but that's just the way it is."
 """Well, after all, it's Ceres."""
 Anyway, they don't feel like vassals at all.
 At last, even Maria stopped using "sama" and started calling me by my name.
 Though I like it better this way as if we were childhood friends again.

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