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Chapter 159 It's Not Going Well

 Protagonist's POV
 "I'm sorry, Ceres-sama. Even though I really refused them, they still come... But I wouldn't mind if you killed them all with your breath."
 Cecilia is saying this, but there's no way I can do that.
 In front of me were Pope Emeritus Rothman and Pope Romalis, behind them were King Zammarck IV and Emperor Suzer... and the line was so long that I couldn't see behind them.
 "Our great dragon Ceres-sama, we are here to see you."
 "The coming of God, I never thought it would happen when I was Pope... this miracle..."
 Please stop crying while you worship me.
 This is going to ruin the vacation.
* * *
 Seriously... Religion scares me at times like this.
 First of all, by the way, I'm going to talk to Pope Emeritus Rothman with Pope Romalis.
 Why do I have to talk to the number 1.2 power in the world?
 Cecilia is beside me, staring at me with an icy smile.
 But what do I have to talk about... Bauer-sama and Goddess Ishtas, what kind of relationship do they have?
 They can't be heretics, can they?
 There was no point in lying to them who were looking at me with smiles on their faces, so I started talking to them.
 "First of all, I have never met the goddess... my god will be 'Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon'... and my position is that of a dependent of his."
 "B-B-Bauer-sama the underworld dragon...? The legendary divine dragon who is said to rule the world of the dead and is said to have a much higher divine rank than the goddess."
 "I didn't think He really existed. It is true that the church is a monotheistic religion, but there are stories that there is an existence that surpasses the Goddess. Among them, there is a being who rules the underworld (the world after death), and it is said that this being is Bauer-sama. Ceres-sama... this is more than the descent of a goddess... Ceres-sama... I thought my heart would stop, this is not good..."
 "That's right... I'm sorry Ceres-sama. I didn't think you were that much of a man... even though you are a divine dragon, I thought you were lower in godhood than a goddess... how can I apologize? I'm sorry."
 "Hey, what do you mean?"
 It's not good.
 I couldn't be on vacation.
 The Pope Emeritus and the Pope had ordered the high priests and priestesses to place a statue of a golden dragon next to the goddess in all the churches.
 They say that the statue is smaller than the goddess Ishtass.
 But if I'm a household member of Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon, I might have a higher divine status than Goddess Ishtass, so they made a bigger statue...that's what they said.
 "Um... can't you do something about it?"
 I'm living a ridiculous life and I've had enough of this.
 "What do you mean, 'Can we do something about it?’"
 "I'll do anything you wish, divine dragon-sama! Do you want to rebuild the Central Grand Church of the Holy Church to make it more livable?"
 No, what I want is a peaceful life.
 The life I have now is enough.
 I don't want to be treated as a God.
 I'm fine the way I am. I'd rather live in peace and quiet.
 "Ceres-sama, divine god, if that's what you want, the church will do its best to support you, but you're already a god."
 "And it has been made known to all the believers... now like the Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law, the Hero (Eiyuu) Protection Law... has been abolished."
 "So I don't have any privileges anymore... is that correct?"
 "What are you saying? Ceres-sama is a god!"
 "Yes, a being outside of the law... whatever you want, just ask! A human being or an object, the Holy Church is responsible for providing it."
 "Yes, all living things belong to Ceres-sama... Hahaha... There is an idea that if you are a descendant of Bower-sama, the dragon of the underworld, you will belong to Ceres-sama even after your death, and that everything in this world belongs to the goddess Ishtar-sama."
 "What does that mean?"
 "Everything in the world belongs to Ceres-sama, that's what it means."
 How can you say that?
 "I want a quiet life. That's all I want."
 "Then... let's give orders to the kings and emperors, and let's make it happen."
 "Leave it to me."
 I'm telling you, it won't work that well.

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