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Chapter 160 Discussion

 Protagonist's POV
 Sigh~ Pope Emeritus Rothman, Pope Romalis, and now King Zammarck IV and Emperor Sizer....
 Isn't this the whole three nations...? Isn't this where the whole human side will be decided?
 "So, as a result of our discussion, we have found that Ceres-sama is likely to be a higher being than the goddess Ishtar... From now on, Ceres-sama's will takes precedence over everything else... The Church and the Holy Land Gandhar have agreed to this"
 "The creatures of God who were involved in the creation of this world... and all living creatures, once they die, are belong the gods of Ceres-sama's main god... it is only natural that they will be treated extrajudicially now.... And before that, there is no one in this world that can defeat Ceres-sama anymore, so it's only natural."
 "That's what our empire is well aware of. Even 'Hero (Yuusha)' had his castle half destroyed, so it's only natural that 'Hero (Eiyuu)' who is stronger than 'Hero (Yuusha)' is deified."
 Hey, aren't you saying that the supposedly fierce king is... this?
 "That's true. The kingdom has no objection to it."
 Is it my imagination or is the feeling like I'm touching a tumor?
 "So, Ceres-sama, the divine dragon, has a request for a 'quiet life'... how about we give top priority to discussing this immediately in order to fulfill this wish...? ?"
 "Since that is your wish, Your Eminence, I think it would be good to make a decision to fulfill it immediately."
 "Pope, you've said it well, Ceres-sama, may I take this opportunity?"
 "Oh, yes, you are free to discuss it here."
 But what's going to happen now?
* * *
 The representatives of the three countries spent the next three days talking, eating and sleeping.
 Of course, I had to provide them with food and a proper sleeping room.
 I thought it was too much trouble for just the representatives... but the city is not all that much of a minus because they are profitable since they drop their money well.
 However, it has become a real hassle.
 If even 'hero' is troublesome, it's more so 'divine dragon'.
 I wish they would at least treat me as the king of Kohane and leave me alone any more.
 I want to live a quiet life.
 That's all I want.
 And eventually, after much discussion...
 1. My will as God overrides all others.
 2. Kohane will officially become an independent nation, free from any interference from other nations.
 3 No direct wishes are allowed, though I can't refuse them because I have already announced myself to the world as a 'god'.
 4 As much as possible, I should treat Kohane normally.
 This is what has been decided.
 Of course, there are many more rules, but that's about it.
 Well... it looks like I'm free to do as I please... and I can back to my vacation...

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