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Chapter 161 Let's Leave It Alone

 Protagonist’s POV
 "Good morning! Ceres-sama, it's a pleasant morning."
 "Truly, it's... Eh?"
 "Do I have something on my face?"
 Why is Archbishop Roanne here with a broom?
 "Uhh, why is Archbishop Roanne sweeping here?"
 "This is Kohane country. A country of vacation. And if you're surprised to see me, look at that..."
 Hmm... Why are Pope Emeritus Rothman and Pope Romalis cleaning up in the morning?
 "Good morning Ceres-sama, is there anything I can do for you?"
 "If there's anything I can do, please let me know."
 "I asked for peace and quiet, didn't I?"
 "Yes, that's why I'm not the Pope. I'm just an old neighbor."
 "And so am I."
 "So do I."
 Three of the most powerful men in the world are my neighbors.
 What's so peaceful about that?
 "Hoho, it's just the neighbors, you know, besides us, look, over there..."
 "Hmm? Looks like some new buildings are being built."
 "That's right, King Zammarck IV is going to leave the affairs of the country to the regent and live here! They are building a mansion there because it's a complicated thing and they need a bigger mansion."
 I understand that the priest moved there because there is a church near the castle, but why would King Zammarck IV build a mansion near the castle?
 Besides, is it right that the king has a mansion and I have a castle?
 Well, I guess it ends with "I'm a God"...
 "Is that so?"
 "Yes, and that one is supposed to be the Empire Sizer's mansion. I heard he'll move in as soon as they're finished."
 "Yes, I heard once, Archbishop Roanne, that neither of the two countries has chosen their heirs yet."
 "I don't know, has the Pope heard anything about it?"
 "I don't know much about it, but it seems that the kingdom is thinking of appointing a friend of Ceres-sama, former Hero (Yuusha) Zect-dono, as the next king in the future. If you have any questions, would you like me to ask him?"
 "No, you don't have to go that far."
 "I see..."
 Zect is the king?
 That's a possible future after the Demon King's defeat.
 Things are returning to the way they should be.
 That's what I'm saying.
 But the problem is me.
 "Hohoho, I'll make some baked sweet potatoes..."
 "Ah, I like the Pope's cooking..."
 "Ah, I was wrong, it was Romalis-sama..."
 "Yes, I'm just an old man here... and so is Rothman..."
 "Yes, and don't add 'sama', just call me Rothman, and Romalis call Romalis."
 "That's... please at least let me add 'sama'... I'm begging you."
 Looks like Archbishop Roanne's in trouble.
 Poor guy.
 Still, eight archbishops, emeritus pope, and pope...
 They are supposed to be the number one and number two men in the world.
 Calling on them, that's not easy, is it? Archbishop Roanne.
 By the way... what happened to the long line of people?
 "By the way, what about the long line of people who were with you at that time?"
 "Well, Ceres-sama wanted 'peace' so we let them go... but I heard that those who have money are now eager to buy a house in Kohane, and they are trying hard to get an immigration permit to become a Kohane citizen. "
 "Isn't that a problem?"
 People of power from all over the world are moving here and there... isn't that bad for the world?
 "I don't think so. I, Romalis, and Roanne are already citizens of Kohane."
 "Huh~... I-I'm sorry, you're joking, aren't you?"
 Indeed, the Pope is not a king.
 But in fact, the Pope has more power than a king and is the real ruler of the Holy Church.
 So, it's funny that he becomes a citizen of another country.
 "I'm not joking! The other two are a pope and an archbishop too. God before country, that's what comes to us! Ceres-sama wanted peace, so here we are... but the Holy Land of Gandhar belongs to 'Ceres-sama the Divine Dragon' if you say the word."
 "Hohoho, the Pope and the Pope Emeritus, that country is practically..."
 "Yes, it's like a second Kohane. It's a holy land, so all the people are religious... Now that they know there's a real 'god', most of the people of Gandar are eager to become Kohane's people. ..."
 "For those who cannot leave for some reason, there is a movement to change the name to 'Gandar, the Land of the Divine Dragon,' so it's only a matter of time."
 "I-Is that okay?"
 """Yes, because we are a holy people."""
 The word "fanaticism" popped into my head for a moment...
 Huff... Seriously... let's just leave it alone…

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