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Chapter 162 The Infinite Me and the Finite Everyone

 Protagonist’s POV
 I suddenly lost consciousness.
 Where am I...?
 "Long time no see, Ceres the Yellow Dragon."
 I'm surprised... I didn't realize I was here...
 "Why am I here all of a sudden?"
 "I'm Bower, right? There is nothing in the world that an underworld dragon can't do."
 "And what may I do for you?"
 "About that, Ceres the yellow dragon, you're a young dragon but you're a divine dragon now, so be careful."
 Divine dragon?
 That's what we humans call them, but does it change anything?
 "It's true, I've been called a divine dragon by some humans, but has that changed anything?"
 "Nothing has changed at all. You've gone beyond being a dragon and become a god. In fact, you've become one of the most powerful among the dragon lords even though you're a young dragon."
 No way.
 "I don't think such a thing is possible..."
 "Well, maybe you don't know it yourself, but half of the world is yours, in fact! Moreover, since you are my dependents in the afterlife, you are free to do as you please, and nothing in this world will be at your mercy."
 As usual, he talks to me like a kind brother... but the pressure is too much.
 Maybe I am getting stronger.
 Maybe that's why I understand Bauer-sama's strength more than ever.
 He has the power to bring me to another world in one shot without being noticed.
 I probably wouldn't last a minute in a fight.
 Well, I'm not going to fight him, though.
 "Really? Even if Bauer-sama says so..."
 "That's because you're still a baby dragon, Ceres, no matter how strong you are, and when you grow up you'll be my successor, I'm sure... you've reached godhood, except for me."
 This is ridiculous.
 "Isn't a Black Dragon a divine dragon?"
 "Ah, he can become one whenever he wants, but the trouble is he likes his freedom and doesn't want to be one... except maybe Ceres, who doesn't want to be one either... but has become one... But now that you've become a 'divine dragon' you can't go back."
 "Well, what's the difference between a dragon lord and a divine dragon?"
 After all, I don't feel any different.
 "Simply put, when you become a 'divine dragon' you are a god and you can change the 'faith' into your power. Simply put, you can perform miracles only in your world."
 "I can perform miracles in the world?"
 "What are you surprised at? You're my family, you died and came back from the dead with only your head! That is a miracle only for my dependents who rule the underworld. In Ceres' case, you are also a 'god' of the living world, so you may not even die anymore, and you may have already obtained a different definition of immortality, not just the dragon's definition of 'immortality'."
 I can't wrap my head around it.
 "I don't understand."
 "Well, you've come a long way. That's all you need to know."
 "I see."
 "Then, here's the thing. There's a woman who's very interested in meeting you, and I'd like to introduce you to her... well, compulsively, I suppose."
 "You're introducing me to a woman?"
 "Yeah, sort of."
 From behind Bauer-sama, a very beautiful woman appeared.
 She is so beautiful, it's almost out of this world.
 Who's this?
 "Nice to meet you Ceres, my name is Ishtas and I'm a goddess!"
 I see... No wonder I've seen her before.
 I've been praying in church since I was a little boy.
 "Ishtas-sama...? Why in the world is the goddess of this world..."
 "Why are you surprised to see her, my dependents? Well, it's no wonder you are so young, but your godhood is already equal to or higher than that of Ishtas, so you should talk to her normally."
 But she is a goddess... it's not so easy to do.
 "Don't be so surprised. I've known you since you were a little boy! I liked you so much I gave you a good job as a magic warrior."
 "Is that so?"
 "Yes...as you know, four main jobs including Hero (Yuusha) are obligatory, so it's the best job if you want to live freely... Well, you got caught in the middle of it. ...But Ceres-sama is amazing... you defeated Mammon, and you even managed to get rid of Arks who Mammon turned into a god of war...I'm really impressed."
 "I see."
 "So I was thinking that I would like to give you a 'reward'."
 "A reward?"
 "Yes... you will have the right to marry me, the goddess Ishtas."
 This is a bad idea.
 Shizuko and the others will be furious.
 "I'm afraid I must decline."
 "You know... Ceres-sama has no right to refuse this! You must give up and become my husband."
 "Ceres... you have become an object of worship 'together with Ishtas'...don't you see the statue of Ceres next to the statue of Ishtas? In other words, that world has already become a world ruled by 'two gods, Ishtas and Ceres' externally."
 "Yes, and since Ceres-sama has the faith of the demon tribe as well, the right of the evil gods has disappeared and the world belongs to the two of us completely, right?"
 "Well, Ceres, you'll have to rule that world with Ishtas, but not right now. Just as I am the dragon of the underworld and rule the underworld."
 "I am a goddess, so I am not jealous, and since you are a god too, time moves differently, so don't worry! I'll wait for 500 years... and 500 years from now, all you have to do is to be my husband... If you wait for 500 years, your wife and your best friend will all be dead, so you can be my husband without any worries."
 No, I'm a servant of Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon, so I can come and go to the afterlife, the underworld.
 "That is true for human beings, but I'm already a slave of Bauer-sama, so I won't lose my connection with them even if they die."
 "Yes, but Ceres, now that you are connected to Ishtas through faith, the connection between you and me will never be broken... Well, since Ishtas says she'll wait 500 years... why don't you just think about it for a while? ?"
 "Maybe I'll still love you guys 500 years from now."
 "Ceres... I'm telling you, those girls probably won't love Ceres 500 years from now."
 I don't think that's true... I'm sure they love me too.
 "No... they still love me."
 "Ceres, listen to me... they are reincarnated. Unlike us, who will never die. In the near future, they will die, come to this netherworld... and be reborn. No matter how much you love each other, they cannot carry over their memories to the next life. Even you, as my dependents, can only interfere with them while they are dead and in the underworld... sorry, but that's the truth of this world."
 Well... that's natural...
 But still, I think...
 "For us, God, time is eternity... so take your time and think about it... because I can wait as long as you want, Ceres-sama..."
 "That's right, it's a long way to go... take your time."
 "Well... okay."
 I answered and I lost consciousness again.

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