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Chapter 163 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Sixteen - I Was a Weak Hero

 Zect’s POV
 "That idiot, what are they doing?!"
 "What's the matter? Zect-sama!"
 "Zect, what's wrong?"
 "No, it's nothing..."
 But... is Ceres in trouble again?
 Unlike me, he's not attracted to success, he thinks peace is best... but now, he was treated like a king of a small country... and now he's treated like a god.
 'Poor guy.'
 Now I know what he wanted.
 The life I'm enjoying now... that's what Ceres would have wanted.
 I'm not aiming for the top.
 Just living a happy life with everyone around me.
 Don't need a castle... or even a big house like this one.
 Just a peaceful, quiet life.
 Maybe this is the life he wants.
 But when he tries to live this life, he realizes... there is happiness in the truest sense of the word here.
 This happiness is more humanly happy than Hero (Yuusha).
 Everyday is like a battle to get to the top.
 Fighting, fighting, fighting... and coming back to the city covered in blood and cheers of 'Hero (Yuusha)-sama'.
 There is no peace there.
 In exchange, an engagement to a royalty whom everyone envies, a position and a fortune.
 That's the reward.
 But how many piles of dead monsters and demons will it take to get it?
 Probably, I'd be 'happier' living as an adventurer.
 Ceres, is this the price for saving me from the fate of Hero (Yuusha)?
 "It's great, Ceres-sama, at last a statue of the divine dragon is going to be displayed next to the goddess Ishtas-sama."
 "Zect's friend is a god... great!"
 "Yeah, he's great... really great..."
 Really great!
 But Ceres... He is...
 The man who I knew was a magic warrior.
 He was not a divine dragon... let alone a dragon... but an ordinary human being.
 I, or rather perhaps we, forced the world upon him... and he's not even a human anymore...
 He became a god.
 That's a great thing, an accomplishment.
 It's because of that power that the truce with the demons was made.
 That's really great.
 But... even I, who've fallen to this junk... know that.
 Ceres, he doesn't want to be a king, or a god.
 Maybe he just wanted to live a peaceful life.
 Marry my mother, work the fields, fish with Lida and me on our days off.
 Drinking with the villagers... 'If we can all live together and laugh, then we don't need anything else.'
 That was his ideal life, wasn't it?
 Ceres... are you happy now?
 You probably have everything you want, and you probably get more respect than anyone else.
 But... maybe that's not the life you want.
 I know I pushed you into everything, including our childhood friend, and I'm really sorry about that.
 The happier I get the more I remember how I put you through it all by running away, and the more I regret it.
 I can say it clearly now, I was a weak Hero (Yuusha).
 I would have been a Hero (Yuusha) who will die someday if I had not quit that place.
 So... I can't do anything for you, Ceres.
 But someday, I'm going to go and apologize to you from the bottom of my heart.
 That's all I can do.
 I promise, I'll bring you the best drink.
 "Zect-sama... Zect-sama..."
 "Yeah, what's wrong?"
 Why are they looking at me so sad?
 "Because Zect-sama is crying... is something really wrong?"
 "Zect... are you crying? Are you sad?"
 It's not worth thinking about right now.
 "No, it's nothing... it's just... it's the day of the cookout... let's get ready and go."
 Ceres I'm sorry... I'll pay you back someday.

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