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Chapter 164 Enjoy the Moment

 Protagonist's POV
 Certainly, the lifespan of the human race in this world is between 50 and 60 years.
 And 500 years is too long.
 But as a Yellow Dragon, I don't think it's that long.
 Is this what it means to change races?
 I hadn't thought about it.
 In fact, my old ideal was to die before everyone else.
 Maybe some people would disagree with that for someone so young, but that's what I've been thinking ever since my parents died.
 'Mom, don't leave me behind.'
 'Dad, don't leave me alone.'
 I remember crying and screaming.
 My parents were dying... and I was so sad to see them go.
 So, if I had a choice, I wanted to be on the side of the dying, not on the sending-off side.
 But then, I don't want to die.
 If I have to choose one or the other.
 But now that I have become a divine god, I have become an immortal being.
 Now I have no choice but to be the one to see them off.
 My beloved wives, my childhood friend, my best friend... will my heart be able to bear the parting?
 Probably not.
 Anyway, ordinary human beings have to say goodbye to their loved ones... but as a dependent of Bauer-sama, the ruler of the underworld, I can see them all even in the afterlife, in the afterlife, so the complete farewell will be a long time in the future.
 Even Bauer-sama cannot remove other beings from the circle of reincarnation, so the real goodbye will come in a few hundred years.
 However, even if their souls do not perish, their memories cannot be carried over... so everyone who has been reincarnated is not 'everyone now'.
 There will come a day when everyone in the village, everyone who has ever known me, will be a different person. And so—
 'I'm going to miss them.'
 I wonder how it happened?
 'I wonder why I can't die.'
 Some people want to live, even though they die of illness.
 Some people also want to live and are fighting to stay alive, even if only a little.
 I understand that.
 But I never thought that 'I'm the only one who won't die' would make me so lonely and sad just thinking about it.
 This is a very extravagant trouble.
 Even if I know that.
 But I'm still lonely and sad.
 They were looking at me anxiously.
 "What's wrong, everyone?"
 "Ceres-kun, you're crying! What's wrong?"
 It's nothing...
 "Ceres... is something bothering you? I'm here to help you."
 No, it's really nothing.
 "Ceres-san, were you having a sad dream?"
 I said it's nothing.
 "Ceres-chan, shall I put you on my lap like we used to do?"
 It's okay.
 "Don't worry, everyone, it was just a sad dream."
 """"Really? (Are you okay?)""""
 Come to think of it, aren't we just newlyweds who just got married?
 It's silly to think about 500 years from now.
 "For the time being, let's just play around and not think about anything for a while! I mean, I've been busy for a while now..."
 It's foolish to think about the future.
 For now, enjoy the moment.
 That's all that matters.

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