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Chapter 190 The Duke of Alterio

 "He died in the war...? Don't tell me the previous head of the family is already dead!?"
 "Yes, it's understandable if you don't know. I just wrote a letter to His Majesty the King. I don't think the word has gotten out yet."
 The woman who introduced herself as Chrisrossa explained in a calm tone to my astonished face.
 "The former Duke of Alterio, Grainsl Alterio, commanded the front line in the battle the other day and was killed by the enemy general's attack. Although I have not yet been officially knighted I have already been named as his successor and will take over the dukedom."
 "I see... I express my condolences."
 I bow my head, trying to calm the unrest caused by this unexpected turn of events.
 The Duke of Alterio appeared as a commander in the defensive battle, but he was an NPC who would not die unless the city fell.
 Therefore, I thought he would have survived the successful defense of the city, but... it seems that he was killed in battle, unlike in the game.
 Unexpected as it may be... But it doesn't change what I have to do.
 It is a question to ask Duke Alterio about Leon's life and death. And whether it is the former or the present head of the family, it does not make any difference.
 "I am sure you must be very busy now that the head of the family is dead. So, I apologize for interrupting you at a time like this."
 "Your father must have been a great warrior. I saw him only from a distance but it is a great pity that we have lost such a man."
 Following me, Nagisa expressed her condolences.
 Nagisa has actually seen the former head of the family's military prowess, and she must be mourning his death very much.
 "Yeah... I think he was a great man, though his daughter's greed is one of the reasons. I regret that I lost him so soon."
 Chrisrossa did not seem to be so sad, though she said something like that.
 Her beauty was somewhat cold, and it seemed as if she was someone else's problem.
 I wondered, but... didn't go into it.
 It's a side story that's off the subject, and the relationship between parents and their children is something that others can't understand.
 Even the Baskervilles were very complicated, and I don't think it's my place to interfere with other families.
 "So... what is the business of the Marquis of Baskerville? Surely you're not here for sightseeing in a city that's just been attacked by a demon?"
 "Yes... I'm here to find out about a man named Leon Brave. Can you tell me if he's alive and what you know about him?"
 Behind me, I could feel Monica's body tense up with nervousness.
 She had come all the way here to find out if her brother was safe... but she was probably afraid to find out.
 "Leon Brave... the boy who is the descendant of a hero. If it weren't for him this city might have fallen to the demons. I can't thank him enough."
 Chrisrossa murmurs with a somber look on her face and urges us to sit on the sofa.
 We sat down as instructed, and the butler who led us to the parlor began to brew tea.
 "I heard that the boy stabbed an enemy general of the demon tribe, a man who called himself Bolfedusa and fell into a big hole that opened during the battle. We have sent adventurers and others to search for him in the hole, but we have not received any good reports. Rather, the adventurers we sent there came back injured."
 The big hole in the ground of the castle wall - 'The Abyss of Alteriore' - is a high-level dungeon that can be accessed in the latter half of the scenario. So, it's obvious that an ordinary adventurer can't conquer this dungeon.
 But because of this, the investigation is not easy, and it seems that Leon's life and death are still unknown.
 "We have not confirmed his death since no corpse has been found...but even if he were alive, that hole is a lair of monsters. I don't think he's safe."
 "It can't be... Onii-chan...!"
 Monica, sitting next to me, is drooping.
 Tears are welling up in the corners of the young girl's eyes, threatening to spill out at any moment.
 "Brother...? Is this girl Brave Boy's sister?"
 "Yes. Her name is Monica Brave."
 "I see..."
 Chrisrossa's eyes narrowed painfully.
 Her eyes were filled with more emotion than when she was talking about her father's death.
 "Your brother saved my lands. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
 "Later, I will send a large enough present to your house. I know that no amount of money or other goods can replace your brother's life, but I would be grateful if I could give you something in return."
 At Chrisrossa's words, which sounded like a labor of love, Monica remained drooping.
 Instead of being pleased by the praise directed at her brother she is shocked that Leon might be dead.
 "I see... that concludes our business. I appreciate you taking the time to see me."
 I let out a sigh and get up from the sofa.
 The butler brings me a cup of tea, but I decline with a wave of my hand.
 "You're an example of a busy man who has taken time out of their busy schedule to talk to me. So, let the Marquis of Baskerville donate to the restoration."
 "No... I heard that your girl, Nagisa-dono... has done well. So, I can't accept a donation when she hasn't even been given a prize yet..."
 "Isn't that necessary? Well, just distribute the prize to all the soldiers and adventurers."
 "...Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I will not forget this."
 Chrisrossa bows her head in thanks.
 The city walls have fallen, and many soldiers and adventurers have been injured or killed.
 For a while, the city will not be able to function as a trading city, and there will be no income... and there will be not enough money to rebuild.
 The royal family and other nobles will probably pay for it, but I think the Marquis of Baskerville will take the lead in paying for it.
 "This is not compensation but... would you give us permission to go into the hole?"
 "In the hole...? I don't mind... But, it can't be...?"
 "Yeah, it's like your thought."
 I put my hand on Monica's head, who is still sitting down and drooping.
 "I have to see it with my own eyes. I'm going to go look for Leon."
 Monica looks up at me with hopeful eyes.
 I smiled at her sparkling eyes and ruffled her golden hair, telling her not to get her hopes up.

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