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Chapter 191 Shadow of the Fanatics

 In this way, it was decided to challenge a high-level dungeon, 'The Abyss of Alteriore'.
 However, we can't dive into the dungeon with nothing but our clothes on.
 So, for today, we decide to stay at an inn and rest... and tomorrow we will start the dungeon challenge.
 "Well...for now, let's go pick up Aeris..."
 I left the duke's mansion and headed for the treatment center where I thought Aeris might be.
 When I arrived, there was a long line of people waiting to get in. People who should have been injured were standing in line with cheerful expressions on their faces.
 "Hey, hey! Is it true that the saint is here!?"
 "It's true. My father was healed! No doubt, it's the 'Saint of Centorea' who's the talk of the city!"
 Apparently, the rumor of Aeris has reached the eastern part of the kingdom.
 After all, those injured in the queue were all talking about her.
 "I wondered what would happen to me when I was injured by the monster... but I never thought I'd be healed by a saint, I'm so moved!"
 "Yeah! I'm glad I joined the 'Sokyu-kyo (蒼穹教/Blue Sky Religion)'! It's worth the high donation!"
 High donation? Sokyu-kyo?
 I stop my footsteps as I overhear some unsettling conversation.
 "Speaking of which... you know what? If you donate more than a certain amount to them, you will be recognized as a senior member and given a special 'holy relic'?"
 "A special holy relic... is it more valuable than this bromide (publicity photograph of a movie star, entertainer, etc)?"
 "Of course, it's proof of senior membership... But, did you bring the bromide?"
 "Of course I did! I carry it with me every day!"
 The injured person takes out a piece of paper from his pocket.
 I casually walk behind him and take a peek at it... It is a portrait of Aeris.
 The portrait depicted Aeris from the chest up, with a particular emphasis on her heaving bosom.
 "I never thought I would be able to see Aeris's breasts in real life... I'm so glad I survived!"
 "It's true! Let's continue to work hard to save up our donations and become a member! Rumor has it that if you become a senior member, you get a figure of Aeris-sama, and she's dressed in her underwear..."
 I took Aeris's bromide and tore it up.
 "What the hell are— Eeek!?"
 "Hey... can you tell me this? Who's the idiot that's distributing these things?"
 I ask with a deadly look on my evil face... and the two injured guys open and close their mouths.
 Then, after listening to their stories, I learned for the first time what had been going on.
 It seems that a new religion called 'Soukyu-kyo' has been established in this world, and they worship a part of Aeris' body... especially, her breast as a deity.
 The religion, which was born in the royal capital, has spread to various places, and the number of believers has already exceeded a thousand.
 "Don't deify my fiancée's breast without my permission..."
 I was really angry and decided to destroy this religion even if I had to use all the power of the Baskerville family.
* * *
 "Oh my. What's the matter, Zenon-sama? You seem to be in a very bad mood...?"
 "...It's nothing."
 Aeris, who was treating the injured, asked me curiously as I entered the treatment center. Behind her stood Urza, who was standing with her kanabō on the floor.
 I looked around the treatment center with a discouraged look on my face as I gave a curt reply.
 "Fewer people than I expected. Although there seemed to be a line out front..."
 The treatment center was filled with countless beds, but not even half of them were occupied.
 Although there was a long line of people waiting in the street out front... the inside was surprisingly deserted.
 "Yes. The people who have been treated have already left. But for some reason, some of them tried to stay after their injuries were healed..."
 "Urza sent them away, desu~no. Those who have no use for us should go home, desu~no"
 Then, Urza said, "Mnh!" and she makes a fist on her arm.
 Perhaps it was a bunch of Aeris fans who were trying to stay. No doubt those dirty men who believe in her giant twin dunes were looking for a chance to somehow get close to Aeris.
 "Having evil thoughts about my fiancee... this town must perish!"
 No, the majority of the residents are not to blame.
 Anyway, thanks to Aeris' work, it seems that the injured in the treatment center have been cleared up considerably.
 "While Zenon-sama was away, I was doing service work at the church. I made sure my arms were well-polished."
 Saying this, Aeris casts a spell. The white light from Aeris' hand enveloped several injured people in the place, creating a green effect that restored them.
 The magic, which Aeris casts, was a wide-area healing spell—'Area Heal'. It is magic that can heal all allies within a certain area at once.
 The higher the effect, the more magic power it consumes... but since Aeris is equipped with a certain rare ring item, the magic power consumption is halved.
 But then, looking at the ring on Aeris's ring finger, I have a complicated feeling.
 I had equipped Aeris with that item because she needed it, not because I wanted to propose to her... but now that it was so naturally attached to her finger, I couldn't ask her to give it back.
 It is a valuable piece of equipment... but it will probably never come back to me.
 "Come on, come on, get healed and get out of here, desu~no! You're in the way, desu~no!"
 As soon as they were healed, Urza waved Kanabō to get the people out of the treatment center.
 Most of the men left without hesitation, but some of them looked at Aeris with longing look in their eyes. Or rather, they seem to be staring at the two bulges in her chest.
 "If you want to stay here so badly, I'll hurt you more than the magic that can heal you okay...? Good grief, you're giving my wife the dirty eye..."
 I frown but shake my head to compose myself.
 "...Anyway, let me introduce you. This girl over here is Monica Brave. She's the Leon little' sister, who I just met by chance."
 "Umm... Nice to meet you."
 Monica bows her head to Aeris, poking her head out from behind me.
 She looks a little shy, probably because she is in front of Aeris, who is a beautiful, neat, stylish, and complete woman.
 "Brave's little sister!? Don't tell me you came here because you are worried about your brother!?"
 "I see... It must have been very hard for you, right? Okay, come here."
 Aeris hugs Monica as if to comfort her.
 But Monica's head was buried in the deep cleavage.
 "It was hard, wasn't it? Were you anxious? It's all right now. From now on, we... Zenon-sama will help you!"
 "Uuhh... Yes"
 Monica was comforted by Aeris, but when she was released from the restraints of her huge twin hills, she touched her own breasts with both hands. When she confirms the overwhelming difference in their strength over her clothes... her face darkens and her shoulders slump.
 "Even I... Even I... someday..."
 "...You seem to be depressed because your brother is missing, after all. We will help you with our utmost strength."
 "...No, it's your fault."
 "Eh? What do you mean?"
 Aeris tilted her head curiously.
 The people who have cannot understand the feelings of the have-nots. Well, people are not born equal.
 I thought about this as I looked at Monica, who was depressed while touching her flat chest.

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