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Chapter 192 Strategy Meeting

 After that, we headed to the inn with Aeris who had finished her service at the treatment center.
 I really wanted to start the search for the "Abyss of Alteriore" where Leon had disappeared, but it was already almost dark.
 Aeris is also consuming her magical energy in her service activities at the treatment server, so I decided to postpone the search for the next day to tomorrow.
 The inn in the central section of the city was introduced to us by the Duke of Alterio. The building miraculously survived the war.
 The exterior and interior are luxurious. It was once the most luxurious hotel in the city, but it was deserted because travelers and merchants had stopped coming due to the attack of the Demon King's army.
 "A big room, desu~no! Ah, there's also a bath here, desu~no!"
 Urza shouted excitedly in the spacious inn room, opening the doors here and there.
 The room I chose was on the top floor. It was a top-class room, and the entire floor was for rent.
 Even though it was an inn room, there was a bar counter in the living room, and at least five bedrooms. Even the furniture was carefully created by a craftsman and was carved with detailed designs.
 "Let me prepare some drinks for you. Shall I also request something light to snack on?"
 Aeris, a noblewoman, is used to this and does not fuss as Urza does.
 She takes out a drink from the magic item in the refrigerator placed in the room and asks the waiter who is always waiting outside the room for a light meal.
 "Hmm... it's not a very comfortable room. I wish it had a tatami room..."
 Nagisa, a swordsman from the East, has a difficult look on her face and opens the curtains to look out the window.
 She is not enjoying the view but checking the outside with a guarded eye as my escort. Her eyes were very sharp.
 "The duke told me to stay at her place, but I think it will be easier this way. It seems like things are pretty hectic over there."
 I shrug and open my mouth.
 The Duke of Alterio's residence is quite busy, with many people coming and going.
 No wonder, since the city was nearly destroyed by a demon attack and even the previous duke had been killed in battle. So, thinking that I would not be able to take a rest in the busy duke's mansion, I decided to stay at an inn outside.
 After checking the interior of the room and the drinks and snacks had been prepared, I sat down on the sofa in the living room.
 "Well... tomorrow we will start exploring the dungeon. Let's have a strategy meeting."
 I sat down on the luxurious sofa, which must have cost about the same amount as an average person's annual income, and asked my companions to sit down as well.
 "Oh, um... are you sure it's okay if I sit down, too?"
 Monica said shyly as the others sat down on the sofa.
 For Monica, who is a genuine commoner, it must be her first experience staying in such a hotel reserved for the aristocracy.
 When she entered the hotel, she was very concerned about her appearance in the clothes of a village girl.
 "I-I don't mind if I stay on the floor... you know, this carpet alone looks expensive enough to buy the house I used to live in..."
 "It's fine. Sit down. Don't waste my time with your nonsense."
 Monica got teary-eyed when I said this in a slightly stronger tone.
 She sat down at the end of the big four-seater sofa, looking uncomfortable and small.
 Once again, she was the type of girl I had never been around before.
 All the women around me were aristocrats, swordsmen, warriors, slaves... women who had lived in a special environment.
 Monica, a typical village girl, is rare. No, she is not rare, but she is 'normal' in every way.
 By the way... in 'DunBrave2', Zenon abducts Monica and her mother to make Leon suffer.
 The scene where the innocent village girl cries and calls out her brother's name as she is raped has been controversial among fans.
 Of course, I was on the 'no' side.
 Come to think of it, the reason why I couldn't remember Monica as soon as I met her might be because I was so traumatized that I refused to dig up my memory of her.
 "By the way... you said you came here with your uncle. Isn't he worried that you didn't come back?"
 "Oh, no problem. My uncle has a peddler's job and he went away as soon as he got the lodge. He said he won't be back for a few days."
 "Hey, hey, is it okay...? Your guardian is so careless..."
 What kind of a man would leave a child to go into business.
 As far as the uncle is concerned, he brought Monica here because he was threatened to tell the truth about the affair. Perhaps he felt that he had no obligation to take care of her until the end.
"He told me not to leave the inn... but then I can't find Onii-chan. However, I'm glad I met you, Zenon-oniisan. If it were only me, I wouldn't have been able to meet the lord of this city."
 "...Don't thank me. I had business with the Duke anyway. Just for the sake of it. Just as a matter of fact."
 I tap the table in front of the sofa, picking up the fries the waiter has brought.
 That's my cue to change the subject. It's time to end the chit-chat and get down to business.
 "First, let me tell you what I know. About the dungeon beneath the city―the Abyss of Alteriore."
 I moistened my lips with a sip of the wine Aeris had prepared and began to speak.

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