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Chapter 193 Congress Dances

 The Abyss of Alteriore.
 It was a dungeon that appeared in the latter half of the 'DunBrave 1' scenario, and its entrance appeared when several conditions were met.
 One of them is that the 'Battle for the defense of Alteriore' must have been completed. At least 70 percent of the event must have been completed, and the city must have been successfully defended.
 There were other conditions, such as obtaining an item to open the entrance, or a conversation event with a key character... but it seems that the entrance was unexpectedly opened by the battle between Leon and the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.
 The 'Abyss' is not that difficult a dungeon. It's a dungeon where the main part is solving riddles and there aren't any strong monsters there.
 I say, thinking back to my knowledge of the game.
 The strength of the monsters in the "abyss" is at a "lower-middle" level in the game as a whole. They were enemies that could be easily defeated in the latter half of the scenario.
 The trouble is that it is a dungeon with a riddle to solve. You have to solve the problems that appear in various parts of the dungeon.
 Making the wrong choice can result in taking damage, getting debuffed... and sometimes fighting troublesome boss monsters.
 "The situation does not inspire much optimism... but there is still a chance that Leon is still alive. Although there are few monsters in the Abyss that can defeat Leon, there are many places to hide in the dungeon. There is also a possibility that he is getting away with it by using items to heal the wounds inflicted by the Four Heavenly Kings."
 Monica's shoulders shake as she hears my explanation.
 She clenched the glass in her hand in anticipation of the hope that her brother might be alive.
 "I'm telling you, it's not zero, that's all I'm saying. We'll search, but don't get your hopes up, okay?"
 "...I know. But I'm glad that Onii-chan might be safe."
 Aeris, who is sitting next to Monica, gently pats the girl's back.
 Monica smiled at the older woman's warm concern and nodded broadly in return.
 "Munch, munch, munch!"
 Despite the soft atmosphere, Urza is eating the snacks brought by the inn's waiter.
 Yeah, she doesn't know what's going on. Or rather... from the way she is eating, it seems that I should order a real meal instead of snacks.
 "So... my Lord. How do you plan to conquer the dungeon?"
 "There's nothing to figure out. Get in the hole. Solving riddles. That's all there is to it."
 I answer Nagisa's question in a simple tone.
 This mission is actually not that difficult.
 The 'Abyss' is a dungeon of high difficulty, but it is only the riddle that is difficult to solve.
 As long as I already knew how to solve the riddle, it was as if I had succeeded in conquering the dungeon. It was a task that I knew I would win.
 The only difficulty was that I had to find Leon, whom I did not know where he was.
 Even if Leon is dead... I would like to recover his body if at least possible.
 "It's just sentimentality, but we're classmates, after all. I'll at least do that."
 "My Lord..."
 Now... the party composition for the attack is the same as usual. Nagisa and Urza are the vanguards. Aeris will be in the rear. Then, I'll take up a position in the center and move flexibly.
 The strategy is the same as usual. Nothing has changed.
 I have been working with this party for more than a year. It's much easier than the temporary party I had with the desert sisters the other day.
 "Whether we find Leon or not, we should be able to finish the dungeon search itself in a day. Monica, you will stay at the inn until then..."
 "Oh, um..."
 "I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a— What's wrong?"
 Monica suddenly raised her hand and I raised my eyebrows.
 Monica, who had been consoled by Aeris earlier, now had a determined look on her face.
 Aeris and Nagisa also looked at Monica. Even Urza was looking at the newcomer with a mouth full of fries.
 "P-Please let me join to conquer the dungeon! I want to go look for Onii-chan!"
 Monica declares to the group as we all look at her.
 And at this declaration from a girl so young, we all turned our eyes black and white.

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