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Chapter 194 Hero's Little Sister

 "M-Monica-san? Please don't talk nonsense!?"
 Aeris was the first to react to Monica's statement.
 She was unusually distraught and grabbed both of the girl's shoulders, shaking them.
 "I understand that you are worried about your brother, but... it's too dangerous to follow him in the dungeon, no matter how much you try! In the dungeon, you could lose your life at any time!"
 "Yes, that spirit is good. But... I disagree with your decision. Though, I appreciate your determination."
 Nagisa agrees with Aeris.
 Her narrow eyebrows furrowed, and she slowly shook her head.
 "The thought of throwing yourself into a crisis out of concern for your brother. It is a beautiful resolve that is common to the daughters of warriors. But there is a difference between a lost battle and an unwinnable one. Don't be reckless."
 "Munch, munch, Urza is against it too, desu~no!"
 Urza raises her right hand, her mouth full of potatoes like a hamster.
 "Urza has already filled the slot of a poor breast in Goshujin-sama. We don't need any more new girls, desu~no!"
 "Is that the reason!? And what new girls!?"
 I wonder where this girl learns such words. There's no such thing as a "poor breasts" slot for me from the very beginning.
 "Still... I want to do something for Onii-chan too, I can't wait to do it..."
 Monica is persuaded by all three of them, but she still insists.
 It is a beautiful brother-sister love. This girl must really care about her brother.
 Aeris, too, looked pained at the bond between brother and sister, but still shook her head fully.
 "But that doesn't mean we can take you to the dungeon. If something happens to you, I won't be able to show my face to Brave-san."
 "No buts, no pickles! We can't take you to a dangerous place... right, Zenon-sama?"
 Aeris asks me... and I think silently.
 Monica's proposal was unexpected... but in fact, it might not be so bad.
 In the first place, my goal is to defeat the Demon King. To do so, I need someone who has the blood of a legendary hero.
 Based on the research conducted by the Baskerville family in the past, we found three other people besides Leon who had the blood of a hero... one of them was Leon's little sister, Monica.
 The question was how to bring Leon's sister into the group... If she was willing to join us, it would be a great opportunity.
 "Well, if she wants to come with us so badly, I might as well take her with us."
 Aeris stood up at my words.
 She looked shocked, but I quieted her down with my hands, saying, "Calm down, Calm down."
 "As I explained earlier, there won't be any powerful monsters in the 'abyss'. If we oversee them, they won't be in that much danger.
 "But that doesn't mean..."
 "Monica's energy and recklessness are just like Brave's. I don't think she'll stop at verbal abuse, and it's safer to keep her close than to have her do something stupid out of our sight."
 Aeris is silenced by my attempts at persuasion.
 I had already witnessed Monica's reckless nature.
 She had come to the city by blackmailing her uncle and had stormed the duke's mansion while his uncle had told her to wait at the inn.
 Even if we decide to leave Monica behind, she might try to find her brother in the dungeon on her own.
 Monica's brother, Leon Brave, was also such a reckless man.
 "If she is willing to do it, let her do it. It doesn't matter if a person is young or old if he or she is determined... right?"
 "Hmm, you have a point. No... if my Lord says so, it must be true."
 Aeris looked unconvinced, but Nagisa accepted.
 "Munch, munch, gobble, gobble, gobble..."
 Urza was not happy either, but she did not complain.
 Or rather, she was throwing sandwiches into her mouth as if she was desperate.
 "...I understand. If Zenon-sama says so, I will obey."
 Eventually, Aeris' shoulders slumped as if she had given up.
 "However, if a further search is judged to be dangerous, we will turn back. Is that all right?"
 "Thank you! Aeris-san!"
 Monica hugged Aeris.
 The two seem to have a strange chemistry. Aeris is troubled but accepts the embrace.
 If I had not slept with Aeris, Monica and Aeris might have become sisters-in-law.
 Thinking of that, I have mixed feelings.
 "...It's decided. Then, let me check your status for now."
 I pointed the monocle I had taken out of my bag at Monica, with a somewhat bewildered feeling in my heart.
 The monocle is an item that can read the status of an opponent.
Monica Brave
Job: Villager (civilian)
 Swordsmanship 5
 Cleaning 32
 Hero Blood 1
 What was shown there was an unexpected skill set.
 As for the job, I am not surprised. Well, I thought she would probably be a [villager]. And the fact that she has a skill of 'cleaning' is also very charming, just like a villager.
 There were some [villager] in the game, but [villager] was a special job, and the way of its growth depended on how it was raised. If I train her mainly in swordsmanship, she can become a swordsman. If I train her mainly in magic, she will grow up to be a mage.
 Although it takes a little time to grow up... it can be said that it is a profession with a lot of fun in its training, since the player can choose the job of his/her choice depending on his/her own way of training.
 What surprised me was that Monica had the skill of 'Hero Blood'.
 In the game, only Leon Brave has this skill. It is a skill for the hero who is a suicide attacker against demons.
 "...Did you learn swordsmanship? Did my brother teach you?"
 I dared to ask her something other than the reason for my surprise.
 Even if I pointed it that she has "Hero's Blood" she wouldn't understand. Then don't bother pointing it out.
 "Ah, yes. I learned it from Onii-chan as a self-defense technique. My uncle taught me too. I think I can do it a little."
 "Well... then I guess we don't have to worry for now. I think you can fight at least a little."
 Not only no worries... personally, but I'd also like to give her a round of applause.
 Monica may become a new hero depending on how she is raised.
 She could defeat the Demon King, she had the potential to become a new force to be reckoned with.
 With Leon possibly dead... it was an extraordinary good fortune that I met her, even fate guided me.

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