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Chapter 195 The Mystery of the Bathhouse

 Having finished the strategy meeting, the meeting was concluded for the time being.
 And after taking dinner, which had been brought to the room, the ladies headed for the bathrooms in the room.
 Normally, I would have taken a bath with Urza, Aeris, and Nagisa, but Monica's eyes were on me today, so we did not do so.
 By the way, Monica is also planning to stay in this room.
 I tried to get her another room, but she said "It's scary, it's scary! Don't leave me alone in this inn!" She strongly refused to stay alone in this inn.
 Well, there are many bedrooms in a top-class suite, and there will be no mistakes.
 "Hah~... It was a nice hot water..."
 "The bath is ready..."
 While I was waiting on the sofa, the woman returned after taking a bath.
 Dressed in bathrobes provided by the hotel, the women's smooth egg skin was slightly tinted with a peachy color, and their faces were dusty and relaxed.
 The only exception is the newest addition to the group, Monica.
 For some reason, Monica was holding her chest with both hands, and her eyes were teary.
 "It's terrible... to see a mountain like that..."
 "Monica, don't worry about it. Poor-chested women have their own needs."
 Monica is being comforted by Urza for some reason... but it seems that she has witnessed the overwhelming difference in her ability from Aeris in the bathroom.
 No, I don't think she needs to worry about it since she is still a child... But it is self-evident that a man's opinion on this kind of topic will not help her. So, I choose to remain silent without saying anything else.
 "Well then, I'm going to take a bath too... do you understand?"
 "I know, I won't charge in, desu~no..."
 "Nagisa, keep an eye on Urza."
 "Don't worry, my Lord. I'll take good care of her."
 Urza's lips twitched in frustration.
 If I don't remind her like this, she will rush into the bathroom ignoring Monica's presence. Even if I told her, there was a possibility that she would come in, so I asked Nagisa to do the same.
 "Well... then, let me take a bath at my leisure..."
 During the expedition to the Maafern Kingdom, I was forced to return home upon hearing the news of Leon's death.
 Upon returning, I take a ride to Alteriore without a break.
 And since I had come here after many nights of camping out, I had not bathed since I left the Maafern kingdom.
 Now, I took off my equipment and entered the bathroom.
 As one would expect from the bathroom of a top-class hotel, The bathtub is spacious enough for more than ten people.
 The walls and floor are marble. Hot water was coming out of the mouth of a sculpture that seemed to be a dragon, filling the bathtub with clear water.
 "Well... it's not bad."
 The bathroom in the Baskerville house was about the same size, but not as elaborately designed.
 I washed myself lightly and soaked myself in the bathtub.
 "Huff... paradise, paradise..."
 I don't know if this expression is applicable in another world, but... the moderate temperature of the water is heavenly and comfortable.
 Since it had been a long time since I had taken a proper bath, I relaxed my whole body and let the hot water take over.
 The warmth of the water. The marble bathroom filled with steam. The faint scent of flowers. Everything was so unbearable. All my small worries are blown away and become unimportant.
 However, before I know it, there is a young girl with red hair and twin-tail hair, wearing a gothic Lolita dress next to me, and she doesn't even care that she's bathing in her clothes.
 No, it doesn't matter.
 I almost screamed when I noticed something was wrong, but I swallowed my scream just in time.
 If I screamed here, my friends outside would come in. It was obvious that I would get into a lot of trouble.
 "What are you... what are you doing out there?"
 The red-haired twin gothic lolita girl tilts her head curiously at my question.
 No, I'm the one who should be tilting my head. Why do you look as if you don't understand what's going on?
 Where in the world did you come from? She is the demon girl I once summoned with an item.
 Because she was bathing in her clothes, the gothic-lolita dress she was wearing was swaying in the bathtub. I want to tell her to take off her clothes first.
 "...I got it."
 As if reading my mind, Miura nodded and took off her wet and soiled dress.
 She undoes the buttons, undoes the ribbons, and... oh, I'm just admiring the structure of her dress, I thought, as she strips herself naked in front of me.
 No, what kind of situation is this? Being alone with a naked little girl in the bathroom reeks of crime, doesn't it?
 "Where did you really come from... no, you weren't hiding in the shadows, were you?"
 A mute little girl hiding in the shadows.
 Yes, this situation reminds me of a famous light novel I read in my previous life. The location of the bathroom was also strangely appropriate.
 "I have a contract... with you, I can go anywhere..."
 As usual, she didn't talk much.
 All I could barely make out was that Miura and I had some kind of contract. I summoned her, so it's not hard to understand.
 "Are you saying... that because you have a contract with me, you can go wherever I am?"
 Miura nodded. It seems I was right.
 It is quite tempting to be able to summon the great demon Miura anytime and anywhere... though it is understandable if it is because of the contract.
 However, I don't think Miura has her true power now. I mean, she does not have the same majesty she had when she was a great demon and the most powerful summoned monster in [DunBrave].
 Is this due to the fact that Miura remains in this world without being returned after the effect of the summoning item wears off? I also feel that the time to summon them in battle is limited.
 "So it's not that simple... No, in a way it's a 'delicious' situation..."
 Miura seems to like the bath.
 And as she hummed and sang in a good mood, she climbed onto my lap.
 I'm completely naked, and I'm hugging a naked little girl from behind. There is no excuse for this situation if the policeman comes in.
 Well, even though Miura is older than me because she is a demon, I feel a sense of immorality comparable to that of the first time I held Urza.
 Then, after a long time I had not taken a bath... I somehow managed to remove the fatigue of the day, and finished bathing.
 While I was wiping off my body and putting on my clothes, Miura disappeared somewhere, so my friends did not find out that I was bathing with a little girl. 

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