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Chapter 170 Today's Another Fun Day

 Protagonist’s POV
 Yesterday was really great... After all, I was tempted by the revealing yukata and ended up continuing the session after that.
 After all, older women are so nice.
 Maybe it's because I have a previous life, but I don't like the fun part of young girls.
 There is something about their charm that younger girls don't have.
 Besides, I don't think girls of my age would be so absorbed in this kind of thing.
 They also know what hurts and have the charm of adult women, and that's probably the reason why I'm so into them.
 And Shizuko and her friends are my first love in this world, so that's even more important.
 It's a shame that people in this world don't understand this appeal.
 "Hmm... Eeee...!"
 I wake up to find the four of them staring at me.
 "Morning, Ceres-kun."
 "Ceres, morning!"
 "Ceres-san, good morning!"
 "Ceres-chan, morning!"
 "...Yeah, good morning!"
 I'm a dragon lord, so by nature I have a keen sense of perception.
 But I don't feel anything when Shizuko and the others are around.
 Hmm... my mind is completely through with them, or maybe it's just safe... but the yukata... it's amazing.
 Their bosoms and thighs... too sexy.
 "Heheh, your face is red from a while ago! Ceres-kun"
 "Ceres, why are you blushing? Hmm, where are you looking~?"
 "Ceres-san, after all you did yesterday, do you still want to do it?"
 "Ceres-chan, you're so energetic!"
 It's true, I did a lot of work yesterday... but I'm a dragon lord, so my stamina is almost limitless, and I'm not really tired at all, but it would be bad if I didn't take it easy, so I just cut out a little slack and went to sleep.
 And now sleep is nothing more than a preference.
 I sleep because I feel refreshed by the habit of having been a human being.
 My body has no problem if I don't sleep for years, maybe even a decade if I'm not very good.
 On the other hand, I can sleep for tens or even hundreds of years if I want to.
 Anyway, it is certain that I am beyond the norm.
 It is the same with sexual desire.
 Perhaps it is because I am a dragon lord, but I think it has changed to something close to a half preference.
 If I don't, it doesn't matter if I don't do it at all, on the other hand, I can do it as much as I want.
 But... well, I don't care.
 "However, if a beautiful woman were to look like that... I'm sure I would."
 Maybe they'll accept me, but it's breakfast time and we're still going to be here for a few more days... so I'd better not.
* * *
 Amazing, is this also recreated?
 The recreation of the futon and the tatami are great, but... this breakfast.
 The past reincarnated and transmigrated people are amazing.
 Grilled fish, miso soup, sashimi, and... is this wakasagi tempura?
 And there is boiled tofu with vegetables.
 The miso soup is a very good recreation... and the tofu tastes very much like tofu.
 "Ceres-kun, this is a splendid breakfast!"
 "Ceres, this is called Japanese food, right?"
 "Haruka, even Ceres-san can't make this."
 "If he could do it, it would be extraordinary, Haruka."
 Heh~, I wonder...?
 I know how to make it, though it's a bit vague, because I used to cook for myself in my previous life.
 But... the problem is whether or not I can get the seasonings.
 "If I had the ingredients and seasonings, I might be able to do it somehow?"
 "Are you kidding me...? Can you do it? Haah~ I see now why you and Kazuma-kun, the cooking fool, are so close."
 "Well... but, Nee-san... that's only if I can get the seasonings and ingredients... which I probably won't be able to, so that's impossible."
 "I see, not even the Ceres can do that."
 "That's right..."
 But this breakfast is also very delicious.
 "Anyway, everyone, I have a place we can go."
 """"Where shall we go?""""
 Looks like today's fun day again.

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