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Chapter 168 The Beginning of a Fun Night

 Protagonist’s POV
 Enjoying the hot spring? When I returned to the room after enjoying a hot spring, a dish was prepared.
 I had requested that the dish should be mainly mountain food.
 And the prepared dish seemed to be a hot pot.
 One iron pot was prepared for each person, and the ingredients seemed to be already prepared.
 Other dishes were also laid out, such as wild vegetables, grilled fish, soup, and many other local delicacies.
 It was great to be surrounded by beautiful women after taking a hot bath.
 However, they are also dressed in yukata, which is amazing...
 After all, they are not wearing a bra, though they are wearing undergarments as usual.
 Come to think of it, since the yukata is also a nightgown, it's not surprising that they don't wear a bra.
 In my previous life... if I'm not mistaken... it's like that too.
 Moreover, since the bust is open, I can see their breasts from the side, which is very erotic.
 Also, their legs sometimes show their thighs, which is erotic.
 "Ceres-kun, you have been glancing at my chest and thighs. It's not so interesting to look at such a woman's thighs, is it?"
 "Yeah, Ceres... well, in my case, I have confidence in my legs and I look a bit younger... but I can't beat a young girl..."
 "Yes, Ceres-san, I'm embarrassed because I'm a good old lady too."
 "Ceres-chan, you know, my breasts and hips are losing their firmness and they are not pleasant to look at, are they?"
 But Shizuko and the others are around 30 years old... and they're all very pretty.
 From my point of view, they're all different types, but they're all my strikes.
 "Everyone always says the same thing... I never think of you as an old lady... I think you're all very beautiful... and I've always liked you since you were that little... So, sorry."
 "Geez, Ceres-kun, why don't you just look at them if you want?"
 "Ceres and I are married, so you can look if you want..."
 "Is that so, Ceres-san? Then, right now, I'm wearing only this yukata. But do you want to see what's underneath?"
 "Ceres-chan, I'm not sure about my figure but would you still like to see it?"
 I almost said 'Yes'.
 But I was a grown-up in my previous life.
 "I'd like to see it, but I'll hold off for now... I'll make the most of the night... the pot is simmering, let's eat..."
 "Still, dear guests, you are very harmonious.... Ah, it's going to burn..."
 All four of them blushed as they remembered the presence of the waitress.
 But such a situation is... really sweet.
* * *
 Anyway, even the bowls are really reproduced... it's amazing.
 The past reincarnated people are amazing... including the chopsticks too.
 But what I'm interested in is 'this pot'.
 After all, the miso paste has been recreated and is simmering.
 And the meat in it.
 But it seems to be a bit fatty for pork.
 "What is this?"
 "This is a wild boar pig."
 Amazing... there are orcs in this world... and a boar pig... where did they get... the past reincarnated people...
 "Ceres-kun, let's eat. Let's eat... It's delicious."
 "This sake is good too, Ceres... but it tastes different."
 Sake? Is it a japanese alcohol...?
 "Ceres-san! The food is good, the sake is good."
 "Yes, yes, everything is good! Ceres-chan."
 Their faces are reddish with alcohol, their skin is slightly reddish, and they are glamorous and sexy.
 This kind of glamorous atmosphere is something a child like my childhood friend would never have.
 "It's beautiful and mature and amazing..."
 "Heheheh, Ceres-kun, you're so... really, but this drink is too much, it's making me hot... now that we've almost finished the meal... can we put the table out in the hallway? ?"
 "Seriously, Ceres, we're too old for this... you always look at me like that... even though I'm no longer in demand because of my age... still, it makes me feel confident as a woman.
 "Ceres-san is really... ufufu, it makes me very happy as a woman."
 "I feel sorry for Ceres-chan if I make her wait too long, and we've already finished eating, shall we start?"
 Beautiful women in a yukata with a slightly reddish face comes at me on all fours.
 "T-Then, Ceres-kun."
 "Yeah, Ceres..."
 These women were so beautiful as they came up to me.
 They're not old ladies at all... they're really beautiful, really beautiful.
 And thus, I began to enjoy the night.

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