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Chapter 169 No Change

 Shizuko’s POV
 "But Ceres-kun is so amazing!"
 In the end, the four of us pushed Ceres-kun down and had segs with him afterwards.
 It's okay because we're married... but to other people, it looks like a nice lady assaulting a young boy.
 Anyway, it's a great sight...
 Because after that, Ceres-kun sleeps soundly.
 And more importantly, Ceres-kun may be the ideal of all mothers.
 Because there is one thing every mother of a boy would like to be told at least once.
 'I love you, Mama! I want to marry you when I grow up! '
 Well, my Zect never said anything that cute...
 Perhaps, many mothers dream of marrying their 'son' at least once.
 Because I think this is inevitable.
 Well, a normal 'son' looks just like his husband when he was young, and if she is in love with her husband and her son tells you 'I love you' or 'I like you' as your 'young husband'... it's natural that she loves him so much.
 Well, Zect grew up to be a boy who chases after girls instead of a boy who says such sweet things.
 So, 'Ceres-kun' was the one who filled the void...
 Heheheh, what a great story.
 'The ideal son every mother dreams of.'
 'I love you, mother.'
 I love you, mama.'
 That's what he says... a really sweet boy.
 And even as an adult, he continues to love us just the same... it's an amazing story, isn't it?
 "Shizuko~ what's wrong?"
 "Haruka... you have woken up too."
 He's a really great boy... because Ceres-kun keeps doing it until everyone's satisfied.
 And the next thing I know I'm passed out from the pleasure.
 And he's so kind to keep the covers on me...
 "Yeah... Still... Ceres is really demanding... and amazing... but... you know, I think he's probably thinking about us somewhere. ...Hahaha, I feel so much better afterwards."
 Haruka looks so relieved afterwards.
 "That's true. Being loved like this makes me very confident as a woman... I feel like I'm going back to the days when I was young and in love, and I'm becoming a 'woman' again."
 "Well, in my case, I was also his 'big sister'... and with Kazuma, I saw him as my little brother... so it's a bit complicated. But I never thought he would grow up to be such a good man."
 "Ceres-san has always been a good man, you know?"
 "Ufufu, but isn't it true? I don't know if I've ever had a boy who gave me so many presents. He gave me more presents than my daughter Mel? He was so cute... 'Pick me some flowers, I love you'... I was so moved I almost cried."
 "Heh~, I didn't know that was a thing that happened to you, Sayo."
 "So that means Shizuko too?"
 "Heheh, if it was me, I had a beautiful stone... you see, this is it..."
 "That's not fair... unlike flowers, stones can be kept forever... I wish I had a stone too, why does Haruka look so dissatisfied?"
 "Hahaha, you know, I was with Kazuma most of the time, so he started calling me 'Nee-san' rather quickly... so there's no event for that..."
 "That can't be helped, can it? Haruka was always with Kazuma-kun back then."
 "Well... it can't be helped... Haruka also can't read the air, she didn't notice Ceres-san who always looked sad when the two of you were together."
 "You're lying, right...? Sayo?"
 "You really are insensitive."
 "Yes, as Sayo said, you were so insensitive that you didn't notice the sad look on Ceres-kun's face..."
 "Sayo... Shizuko... I-I've screwed up, haven't I?"
 "Ara... you're all awake already?"
 "I can't tell how it's going. But you all look amazing."
 "Isn't it nice? We've got the place to ourselves anyway."
 "Yeah? But Ceres-chan might be attracted to an old lady dressed like this!"
 "Ara! Misaki doesn't know Ceres-kun. Hehe, he'll make a pretty red face if Ceres-kun sees us like this!"
 "I vote for Shizuko, because it's Ceres, and I'm sure he'll be very happy with a red face."
 "Hmm, you may be right, but I think we should be modest! Ceres-san will be pleased, but I think it's very immodest."
 "Sayo, aren't you also looking very sexy with your front bare?"
 "I'm still on fire... let's cool off. Misaki doesn't have a sash and her breasts are exposed."
 "Well... we're all the same, aren't we?"
 """I guess so."""
 "So what? Are you talking about Ceres-chan?
 "Yeah... it brings back memories."
 "Yes, yes, ever since he was little, Ceres has been too fond of me."
 "Haruka... it's us! And if you knew Ceres-san liked you, how could you flirt with Kazuma-san?"
 "Because, at that time he was just a child... and you thought so, right? Then, what could you do?"
 "Well, that's true... that's what people usually think... but Ceres-kun is the ideal man, don't you think?"
 "Because, you know? He went from being your ideal son, to continuing to love you... to actually marrying you, right? In a way, it's the ideal love for all mothers, don't you think?"
 "Shizuko... When you say it like that, it makes me feel a sense of immorality."
 "Haruka... Ceres-san is not our biological child, so there's no problem."
 "Sayo... I think it's great that you married a friend of yours who is the same age as your child..."
 "Misaki... let's not think about that anymore."
 Anyway, it's a great thing.
 Ceres-kun likes us.
 And Ceres-kun has everything a 'mother's ideal of love' has to offer.
 "Hey, everybody, what's going on? Whoa...."
 "Hey, Ceres-kun, what's the matter? Hmm?"
 "Ceres... your face is so red!"
 "Ceres-san, you can look at us as long as you want, since we're married."
 "Ceres-chan, you're blushing too much... even though we were just doing it a few minutes ago..."
 "Because everyone is beautiful..."
 Ceres-kun is always so cute and innocent.

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