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Chapter 179 Vacation Continues

 Protagonist’s POV 
 I received a letter from Mariane.
 Cecilia has been trying hard to stop the Pope Romalis from joining us, but she said it was getting difficult.
 Frey also said that "I stay too long in there."
 I guess I should go home soon.
 But then, what am I?
 The happiness I wanted wasn't this big of a deal.
 All I wanted was to be with someone I love, to plow a field, to have a little bit of luxury.
 That's all I wanted.
 "Ceres-kun, you're making a difficult face again."
 "Ceres, what are you thinking about again?"
 "Ceres-san... are you okay?"
 "Ceres-chan, you're looking difficult again."
 "I was just thinking."
 """"I see""""
 All four of my favorite people are now my wives.
 The princesses and saintess I idolized when I was a child are also now my wives.
 All of my childhood friends that I was close to except Zect are now my vassals.
 There is no reason why I should not be happy.
 I've had more success than ever before and more money than ever before.
 I'd be punished if I said I wasn't happy.
 So what am I supposed to do now?
 I'm like...
 "I don't know what's bothering you. But you can do whatever you want, Ceres-kun."
 "Ceres... are you confused? When I say 'you can do whatever you want', I don't mean that Ceres has to do everything himself. We're going to help you do what you want to do... okay?"
 "That's right! Helping Ceres-san do what Ceres-san wants to do is what we want to do."
 "I said, you can do whatever you want to do, Ceres-san."
 I see... 'Do whatever you want to do'.
 Now that I think about it, I've been letting myself be carried along.
 But then.
 I haven't decided what I'm going to do now.
 "But, I don't know what I want to do right now. However, when I decide what I want to do, I may need your help... I'll ask for it then."
 "So, shall we go home now?"
 "Ceres-kun, you know we haven't even taken a sightseeing boat or a swan boat yet."
 "Ceres, as your sister, I'd like to try the famous stone oven pizza and herb pasta. Can't we wait until we've had those?"
 "Yes, Ceres-san, I heard that there are beautiful marquetry boxes in Kohane and I'd like to see them... what do you say?"
 "Me too, Ceres-chan, I'd like to see the glasswork and try the famous rice casserole."
 Well, that's true. This place is amazing.
 I wonder how past reincarnated and transmigrated people have recreated such things.
 I'm not so much interested in the marquetry or the glasswork, but I am interested in the stone oven pizza and the rice casserole.
 Mariane, Cecilia, Frey... sorry.
 I don't think I'll be going back for a while.
 "Well, then, when we've had all the fun we can take and we're tired of it all, we'll go home?"
 "Yeah, take it easy on the trip. Ceres-kun."
 "That's right! Ceres! It's our trip, we should enjoy it more."
 "It's a trip with Ceres-san... so I'd like to take my time too."
 "Ceres-chan, there's no need to rush, okay?"
 And thus, the vacation continues.

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