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Chapter 171 At the Lake, Part One

 Protagonist’s POV
 Today we have come to 'Ude's Lake' to talk about a lot of things.
 But the past reincarnated and transported people are so crazy.
 How much more can they recreate...
 This place looks like Japan.
 There are swan boats and even a big ship that looks like a Western-style luxury liner.
 The stores and houses in the neighborhood are Showa-era retro-style buildings, which is somewhat strange.
 Moreover, the signboards... are written in Japanese.
 At the bottom of the sign, there are translations in other languages.
 'Boat for rent,' 'Brown sugar buns,' and 'Sungen mochi'.
 The fact that 'mochi (餅)' is written as 'mochi (持ち)' (rice cake) is amusing.
 In a previous life, there was a city in a foreign country called 'Little Tokyo' that was modeled after Tokyo in Japan, and this is... exactly it!
 Besides, this place 'suits Shizuko' well.
 Shizuko is another-worldly person who grew up in this world, but she looks like a beautiful Japanese beauty, perhaps because she has Japanese ancestors.
 Her name 'Shizuko', which is not appropriate for another world, shows that her parents love Japan.
 "What's the matter? Ceres-kun!"
 Unexpectedly, I was fascinated.
 "No, I just thought this place would suit Shizuko-san..."
 "Um... Ceres-kun... thank you!"
 Even though we are in this kind of relationship, I find it very cute to see her blush in a moment.
 This kind of indescribable gesture is something young people can't do.
 Yes, yes, it's very cute.
 "Ceres, why are you making a world for you two? Don't I belong here?"
 "Ceres-san, I don't fit in?"
 "Ceres-chan, what about me?"
 "You... look good too."
 In my previous life, Hakone was quite a tourist town.
 If I think about it, there were a lot of foreigners there, so... in that sense, they look good.
 A foreigner sightseeing... or something a little different.
 "Huh?! I feel like I'm being treated differently from Shizuko."
 "Nee-san, that's..."
 "Ceres-san? I wonder why~"
 "Ceres-chan, isn't your treatment a little bit different?"
 "Everyone, Ceres-kun didn't mean to..."
 """Shizuko, please be quiet."""
 Shizuko looked at me with a 'sorry, I can't help you' look.
 Ugh... what should I do now?
 This place really is just like Hakone in the old world of Japan.
 "This place is just like the otherworldly country I read about in books called Japan. Shizuko-san looks like a Japanese, so I thought it would be a good fit!"
 "Indeed, 'Shizuko' is such an unusual name that only an otherworldly person would give it to her... I get it!"
 "It's really rare to find a name with otherworldly characters like 'Shizuko', so I guess you could say that."
 "It's true that Shizuko's appearance is unusual... so that's what it means."
 Indeed, that's true.
 Haruka, Misaki, and Sayo all have names that sound like they could be from my previous life, Japan, but they are not written in kanji, only in the script of this world.
 Only Shizuko has Kanji characters other than those of this world.
 So, it is not possible unless one's ancestors or parents are Japanese.
 "But I don't know the origin of the name 'Shizuko' myself."
 Me too, I don't know either.
 My memories of my past life are a bit foggy.
 I understand the meaning as far as 'Shizukanako' is concerned, but I don't understand the meaning as a name...
 "I heard that "'Shizuka (静か)' has a meaning of 'delicate' or 'quiet'." But I don't know much more than that."
 "Well, Ceres-kun... you know a lot."
 "I only know it as a matter of knowledge! Since we've come all the way to Ude's Lake, why don't we try the famous fried wakasagi (smelt) and black bass sashimi? Let's eat first!"
 By the way, neither of them are real.
 Wakasagi is a small fish and looks like a wakasagi, but black bass is a really black fish with a big mouth, but... nothing like black bass at all.
 "Well... I'm hungry too, shall we?"
 "Yes, I'm looking forward to it."
 "It's nice to eat something unique to a place like this."
 Thus, we went to a restaurant called 'Sanbotei'.
 Wow, they have not only fried wakasagi but also tempura.
 The owner of the restaurant, who looked like the old man of a teishoku-ya, called out to me.
 Amazing, these past reincarnated or transported people... they've gone this far?
 "Why are you dressed so differently?"
 "Oh, this? It's a traditional restaurant uniform handed down by people from another world long ago. This has been my family's uniform for generations."
 "It suits you."
 "Well... thank you!"
 Everyone says leave it to me, so we have fried wakasagi and tempura.
 I also ordered fake black bass sashimi... and a few other dishes.
 When I saw it... I was impressed.
 Not only the fried and tempura dishes, but the sashimi was served with wasabi and soy sauce.
 "This can't be, soy sauce and wasabi..."
 "Yes! Wasabi' is grown in this area because of the clean water! But customer, you are amazing! How do you know about wasabi and soy sauce?"
 "Well, I like cooking."
 "Well, then, enjoy your meal! I'm proud of it."
 I was impressed by the taste of fried fish, tempura and sashimi...
 Though, Shizuko and the others were not so impressed.

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