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Chapter 172 At the Lake, Part Two - Swan Boat

 Protagonist’s POV
 Now we are taking a walk around the lake.
 The lake reminds me of when I was little.
 Back then, fishing used to be a big thing...
 However, fishing in this world is not a sportfishing like in the previous world, because it is also a 'food security' activity.
 I used to give 'crops' and 'fish' as gifts because I couldn't easily buy gifts like in the previous world.
 I miss it terribly.
 """"What's wrong with?""""
 Everyone looked at me as if they were peering into my face.
 "No, when I was a little boy, I wanted to give a present, but it was a village and I couldn't get anything good, so I caught a fish and gave it as a present... or so I thought."
 "Yes, Ceres-kun used to give me grilled fish. Whenever you had two fish, you always gave me the bigger one, didn't you?"
 "Huh!? Shizuko, he gave you that too? I used to get it a lot too."
 "Ufufufu, araara, Ceres-san, you gave them to Shizuko and Haruka too... I thought I was the only one who got them..."
 "Ceres-chan, so!? If it were now, who would you give the biggest fish to?"
 'What? '
 "Now that you mention it, who does Ceres-kun like best?"
 "Ceres likes me, right? Because I'm not only your wife but also your 'sister'."
 "Arara, you're so confident... Ceres-san likes motherly women, right? After all, Haruka is far from that."
 "If you're talking about motherhood, why not me rather than Sayo? I have bigger breasts... right? Ceres-chan."
 Oh... I'm not very good at this.
 "I love... everyone!"
 "Ara, Ceres-kun! Heheh, we know that, okay?"
 "That's right! Ceres, there can only be one number one, right?"
 "That's true! Ceres-san! There's only one number one, you know? There's no such thing as all of us."
 "Well... Ceres-chan... what if the four of us are all dying and you can only save one of us? What would you do?"
 It's not that I don't understand Misaki.
 I am strong now... and I can protect all of them.
 And even if I let them die, I'm still Bauer-sama the Underworld Dragon's servant.
 I can go to the underworld and bring them back under the right conditions.
 But this is only possible because I am a dragon lord... a yellow dragon.
 If it is just an adventurer Ceres, I could lose someone.
 And there will be times when I can only save one person.
 But I still...
 "Still, I want to save you all... even if it costs me my life!"
 This is good, this will probably work... right?
 """"Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan)""""
 I'm glad I did this...
 "Ceres-kun, that's not an answer, is it?"
 "Ceres! You're naive! I won't be fooled by that."
 "Ceres-san, you can't be indecisive!"
 "Ceres-chan... can you decide with that?"
 While they said that, I have a bad feeling about this.
 And that's that thing at the end of Misaki's finger... a swan boat?
 No way?
 "What about it? A swan boat?"
 "Shizuko, that boat seats two people..."
 "Misaki... do you know what it means, right?"
 "Well, we'll walk over there slowly, and by the time we get to the eye of the boat, Ceres-chan will decide who he wants to ride with."
 "I can't choose who I want to ride with."
 """"Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan), you can't be indecisive.""""
 Ah, what should have been a fun trip seems like a scary thing to me, a swan boat with an adorable swan on it.
 In the end, I'm in front of the swan boat... but I can't decide with whom to get on it.
 """"Who are you going to ride with, Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan)?""""
 "Ceres-kun, who are you going to ride with?"
 "Ceres, you're riding with me, right? Or not?"
 "Ceres-san... it's me, right?"
 "Ceres-chan, it's only me, isn't it?"
 The girls were always so kind to me, but now they were like prawns.
 I, the dragon lord... feel fear.
 "Well... did you want to go on the swan boat? I'm afraid we're closed right now... sorry."
 """"So, I guess that's it then?""""
 Looks like the crisis is over.

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