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Chapter 178 The Meaning of the Words "You can Do Whatever You want"

 Protagonist’s POV 
 But my body is a dragon.
 My race has changed, but I 'still like' humans.
 I don't lust after other dragons.
 Of course, I don't think reptiles are 'cute'.
 I'm glad that my body doesn't control my mind.
 If it had... I'd be scared.
* * *
 So, when are we going back?
 I haven't decided.
 This is my territory and I can leave whenever I want.
 On the other hand, if I want to keep going, I can keep going as long as I want, though there's a limit to how long I can keep going.
 What should I do?
 Basically, no matter who I ask...
 """"Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan), you can do whatever you want.""""
 And that's the end of it.
 It's good that everyone is happy when I'm happy.
 I don't know what to do.
 I've had this experience maybe four times in my past life.
 "〇〇〇-kun, you can do whatever you want, okay? Come on..."
 I can't remember the face anymore, and when I try I can't see it because it's hidden in a haze of light.
 But I know that this person loved me more than anyone else.
 And her smile seemed so beautiful, so kind, wrapping me in her arms.
 I'm sure of that.
 Yes, it's my mother in a previous life.
 And one more.
 "You can do whatever you want."
 Another great smile.
 Her face is similarly obscured by a haze.
 She supported me, had my children, made me a father.
 It's the wife I was married to in a previous life.
 The other one...
 "You can do whatever you want, father."
 My daughter from a previous life.
 I can't remember her face now, but I remember her smile as warm and lovely as the sun.
 And the last one I remember well now.
 My mother in this world.
 'You can 'do whatever you like'
 Her words and her smile are filled with so much trust.
 So these words make me very happy.
 But... it's also very troubling because it reminds me of my past life.
 Because I'm indecisive.
 I'm not very good at being left to my own devices.
 I'll have to think about how much longer we're going to be here.
* * *
 "Ceres-kun, why is this steak so thin?"
 "It's really good, but yes? Why is it so thin?"
 "Really, this is like a regular steak after about 10 pieces."
 "It's not a steak at all, it's just thinly cooked."
 I can understand why.
 But it's amazing how the past reincarnated and transmigrated people are.
 They can recreate so much.
 And it's just my guess. I don't know what really happened.
 But this place, Kohane, is probably like a combination of Hakone and Odawara in my previous life.
 Perhaps it is a city created by the past reincarnated and transmigrated people that is similar to Hakone.
 I remember 'Hakone' in my foggy memory.
 It was located deep in the mountains, so it was difficult to procure ingredients, and the result was 'thin and expensive steaks'.
 It was a course, but it was very small and expensive.
 This steak is probably a replica of that.
 But the problem is that Kohane is not in Hakone.
 So, that can't be explained by the bad location and the lack of 'meat'.
 It cannot be explained as that, still...
 "I don't know why, but if it tastes good, why not?"
 """"I agree.""""
 Thus, we enjoyed the taste of the steak, and had several second helpings.
 But then, as a kid, I wanted to eat a lot of this steak, but my parents told me to limit myself to one, so I couldn't have a second.
 I never thought I would be able to eat so much after coming to another world.
* * *
 I'm really enjoying this trip.
 If only I could keep it up...
 I wish we could keep going.
 But a vacation is a vacation.
 It has to end somewhere.
 The thought of going back depresses me.

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