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Chapter 180 A Different Look of the Girls

 Protagonist's POV
 After defeating the mysterious UMA, both the sightseeing boat and the swan boat were working as usual.
 "Well, let's take a sightseeing boat first, shall we?"
 """"Yes, let's go""""
 The four of them are smiling, but I'm afraid of what comes next.
 It will probably be a swan boat.
 This reminds me of the other day.
 Oh man, what should I do...
* * *
 """"Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan), don't be indecisive."""" "
 """"Geez, Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan), who are you going to ride with?""""
 "Ceres-kun, who are you going to ride with?"
 "Ceres, it's with me, right? Or not?"
 "Ceres-san... it's me, right?"
 "Ceres-chan, is it anyone but me?"
* * *
 I don't know what to do.
 I know it's extravagant, I know it's indecisive.
 But still I can't choose. So...
 "Whew, the wind feels so good, Ceres-kun."
 "Ceres, a big fish jumped over there!"
 "Ceres-san, isn't that strange thing called a Torii?"
 "Ceres-chan, the water is so clear and beautiful..."
 The four of them are amazing.
 Seeing the four of them on the boat like this is really beautiful and picturesque.
 "It feels really good, and yeah, it's great."
 And I can't help but admire them.
 Working hard and taking a vacation with my wives once in a while.
 That's enough for me.
 I don't need anything more than that.
 Ordinary is the best.
 As I gazed at the surface of the lake, a telepathic message suddenly reached my head.
 'Ceres-sama the Yellow Dragon, my name is Sui, the ancient water dragon who just moved to this lake.'
 'You've moved?'
 'Yes, I was asked to live here by Bauer-sama who thought that it would be a problem if strange beings lived in the area where the yellow dragon lives. And I'm glad the water is very clean and it's a nice place.'
 'I'm glad you like it. Then I asked you to take care of it.'
 'You asked me to do it?'
 "What's wrong? Are you thinking something else? Ceres-kun."
 "Ceres, as usual, you're in a daze."
 "Ceres-san, are you tired?"
 "Ceres-chan, you look not good."
 "Don't worry about it. I'm fine."
 However, I'm afraid of what's to come.
* * *
 "Well, Ceres, first you're going to take a swan boat ride with me."
 "Uh, Nee-san? Um..."
 "Don't worry, don't worry! We had a rock-paper-scissors rule yesterday. I'll go first."
 "A-Although I'm reluctant, it's the result of rock-paper-scissors-scissors. But of all things, I'm number 4."
 "Well, it can't be helped, I'm the third."
 "Heheh, I'm number two, Ceres-chan."
 Does this mean they're all going to be on the swan boat with me?
 Well, that sounds like fun.
 "Okay, now that that's settled, Ceres, let's go, shall we?"
 "Yeah, let's go."
 As Haruka-neesan and I want to take a swan boat, the staff who manages the swan boat come to us.
 "Are you sure you want to ride with the four of them, buddy? Then why don't you take this big swan? It's a six-seater, so you all can ride on it."
 At the staff's words, Shizuko quickly ran beside me and jumped onto the swan boat.
 "That's good, then Ceres-kun, come here."
 Shizuko pulled me by the hand and forced me to get in front of the swan boat.
 "Shizuko! I'm the one who won at rock-paper-scissors-paper."
 "Yes, Shizuko, I should be next to Ceres-san..."
 "Make it fair, don't be a cheater."
 "Oh, really? But you better hurry up or we'll be rowing."
 """Ah, you're cheating."""
 In the end, Haruka-neesan sat on the other side of me, and Misaki and Sayo sat behind us.
 "You know, you're usually so quiet, but when you're like this, you're really sneaky, Shizuko."
 "Shizuko... you're always so unfair."
 "Goddamn it, Shizuko, if it comes like this, you are like this..."
 "Heheheh, isn't it nice sometimes? Right, Ceres-kun?"
 I didn't know Shizuko had a mischievous side.
 "Pfft! Hahahaha!"
 "What's wrong? Ceres suddenly burst out laughing."
 "Ceres-san, what's so funny?"
 "Ceres-chan, what's wrong?"
 "No, it's just that I saw Shizuko-san and everyone else's funny sides.
 """"Ceres-kun (Ceres) (Ceres-san) (Ceres-chan) is terrible.""""
 "No, no, I mean, I'm glad to see a different side of you... I don't know how to say it, but that's what I mean."
 "Well, with Ceres-kun it's like I'm young again."
 "Yes, we used to run around like this when we were young, didn't we?"
 "Well, nowadays, Shizuko is always pulling away, and that's the end of it."
 "Ceres-chan, Shizuko is very unfair. When it comes to a game like this, she can't win."
 "Is that so?"
 Lately, they have been showing me this side of themselves.
 They also show ne their mischievous faces.
 And that makes me very happy.
 "Ceres-kun, that's not true... I'm not that unfair... If anyone's unfair, it's Sayo, isn't it? I can't beat Sayo."
 "That's not true, Shizuko, I can't beat Haruka."
 "Why me? Misaki's better."
 "Me? How can it be me?"
 It looks like they are fighting casually, but it's just a playful exchange.
 They seem to be getting along well.
 I used to play with Zect and Lida like this, so I understand.
 "Well, well, it's almost time to go, let's go for herbed pasta and stone oven pizza now, shall we?"
 See, they are good friends after all.
* * *
 Dinner is over and we're off to do some shopping.
 The adventurer's card doubles as a credit card, so it's handy in this case.
 "Well then, everyone is free to buy whatever they like."
 "Ceres-kun, won't you go around with us?"
 "Yes, Ceres, I'll go around with you."
 "Ceres-san, will you look at the marquetry with me?"
 "Ceres-chan, I'd like to see the glasswork with you."
 I'd love to, but... no.
 I realized I knew too many people.
 I'm going to need a lot of souvenirs just thinking about it.
 "Hahaha, I realized that I have a lot of friends, so I have to buy a lot of stuff... Sorry."
 """"Well, you're right.""""
 And all the important people, the souvenirs are a pain in the ass.
* * *
 While I was shopping at some stores... a big sky dragon ship appeared in the sky.
 Maybe this is really the end of my vacation... or so I think.

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