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Chapter 181 Three People

 Mariane’s POV
 "They took the trip too long. It is true that we are the ones who have sent them, but we are also the new wives," said Mariane.
 "In my case, since my master (shisou) is Shizuko-sama, I don't want to complain too much. But still, it took too long..." said Cecilia.
 "Ah~h, I should have gone with them if this is the case. It seems that there are many other places to visit besides the hot springs. Really, I shouldn't have taken Cecilia's advice," said Frey.
 "You're right, Frey, I thought I could get a good impression by taking Cecilia's story, but if this is the case, I should have gone with them." said Mariane.
 "Mariane-san and Frey-san... do you two think they would enjoy traveling with Master Shizuko and the others if you were to go with them? Wouldn't it be best for us to sell a favor so that the four of them can have some time alone with Ceres-sama?" said Cecilia.
 I certainly agree with her.
 We three owe Shizuko-san and the others a big debt.
 That's why we can't all be so aggressive.
 But still, we are two princesses and a former saint.
 We have the right to be powerful, to be wives, to monopolize our husband... And of all the men in the world, the man we love and married is Ceres-sama, the only one who has absolute power in the world.
 That is why all seven of us are married to the same man...
 Well, he takes good care three of us.
 That's great... but...
 We're not the same as the Shizuko-san and the others.
 "That can't be helped, Ceres-sama and Master Shizuko are married out of love," said Cecilia.
 "Yes, yes, there is a difference," said Frey.
 I understand what Cecilia and Frey are saying.
 "But don't you two feel lonely?" said Mariane.
 "Why would I not? But we can't beat Master Shizuko and the others," said Cecilia.
 "Yes, yes, even if we play the role of a perfect woman in front of Ceres-sama. It's impossible. And it's a marriage after a grand love affair. I'm sorry to say, but isn't ours a political marriage?" said Frey.
 They're right.
 And I know that too.
 But they have a little misunderstanding.
 What I mean is that even though Ceres-sama doesn't have 'love' in his heart, he has different feelings for the three of us.
 "If you two give up, I won't talk to the rest. Still, I'll do my best on my own. But Ceres-sama had different feelings for us than Shizuko-san and the others, you know," said Mariane.
 "Huh? Could there be something there?" said Cecilia.
 "Yes, is there something?" said Frey.
 Well, it wasn't love, but there was always a bond between us.
 "Yes, he had a longing for us. After all, Ceres-sama told me exactly that. I mean, he used to admire us when he was a little boy, who loves older people. Wouldn't it be natural if there was a time when he did?" said Mariane.
 "That's what I thought. A hero admires a princess or a saintess," said Mariane.
 "But still, at this age it's painful," said Cecilia.
 "Yes, I think so too," said Frey.
 No need to worry about that when it comes to Ceres-sama.
 "I know if it's normal, but that's not the case with Ceres-sama. He is... it saddens me to say this, but he's a Baba-con. That's why he married us. Otherwise, he would have chosen Lida and the others instead of Shizuko-san and the others," said Mariane.
 "I see. That's right," said Cecilia.
 "Yes, I suppose so... but what are we going to do about it?" said Frey.
 We have our own weapons, no, we have a weapon, which is only ours.
 "We will return to being the 'princesses' and 'saintess' that Ceres-sama longed for. We have a nobility that Shizuko-san and the others do not have, and that is our weapon," said Mariane.
 "Will it work?" said Cecilia.
 "Yes, is it going to work?" said Frey.
 "I don't know that, but their trip is too long. Why don't we think about it before they get back?" said Mariane.
 ""I guess so.""
 And so I wrote a letter...
* * *
 "Again, they took too long... we can't wait any longer," said Mariane.
 "Well, I think this is too long. I'll ask Pope Emeritus Rothman to send a sky dragon ship," said Cecilia.
 "A former saintess is a very powerful person... to easily get a sky dragon ship..." said Frey.
 "Well, the church is not so picky when it comes to Ceres-sama. They'll have it ready in no time. Mariane-san and Frey-san, let's get ready for our journey."
 ""I agree.""
 And so we set off for Ceres-sama.

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