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Chapter 182 Stealing Ceres

 Protagonist’s POV
 Sky Dragon Ship.
 Perhaps the passengers must be the three wives I left behind.
 But still, I can't believe they would use one of the few vehicles in the country.
 Cecilia or someone must have asked Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Ceres-kun, I guess this is the end of our vacation."
 "Now that someone's here, I guess we'd better go home."
 "Ceres-san, it's been fun."
 "Ceres-chan, we'll come back again."
 "Well, this is my territory... so we can come back anytime we want."
 That was really fun.
 But it's no good now that someone's coming to get us.
* * *
 "Ceres-sama, you're terrible. This is too long for a vacation," said Mariane.
 "Yes! I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to get the church officials and the king... it was really hard," said Cecilia.
 "Yes, yes, it was a lot of work," said Frey.
 It's true that this vacation was made possible by the three of them holding down the fort.
 Without a doubt, they are the ones who made it happen.
 "Hey, wait! Frey, you didn't do anything!" said Mariane.
 "Yes, you're just in on it, aren't you?" said Cecilia.
 "Oh, really? I did my best, remember?" said Frey.
 For some reason, these three remind me of my childhood friends.
 Even though they are a princess and a saintess and the central figures of the church, they may not be so different from Lida and the others inside.
 "Well, well, I'm sorry, everyone, I was just having fun..."
 "I understand, it can't be helped... I'm not angry with you."
 "Don't worry, I'm not angry too."
 "I'm not angry either."
 Even as they said this, I could see the sulking on the faces of Mariane, Cecilia, and Frey.
 But then, Shizuko and the others are very special to me.
 Since I was born into this world, they have been the women of my dreams and the object of my childhood romance.
 I have loved them for more than 10 years.
 But now, they are my wives.
 So, Because of that, I might have been a little careless.
 "Well, don't blame Ceres-kun too much, it's been a long time since he's been away from home, so he got a little carried away."
 "Yes, it's our fault, not Ceres's."
 "It's not only Ceres-san's fault, you know."
 "Indeed, it's not only Ceres-chan's fault. I'm just as guilty."
 Shizuko and the others said so.
 But then, I noticed that Mariane, Cecilia and Frey's faces were covered with sweat. But I wonder why?
 "That's right, Shizuko-sama is at fault this time, isn't she?" said Mariane.
 "Yes, yes, Master Shizuko and the others are at fault too. I see you admit it," said Cecilia.
 "Yeah, my master is at fault too," said Frey.
 "Yes, yes, I'm sorry for monopolizing Ceres-san."
 "I'm sorry, too."
 "I'm sorry, okay?"
 "Pardon me, is that enough?"
 "Then, please make sure that you make up for it."
 "Yes, Master Shizuko has admitted that it was wrong."
 "Well then... I'll take it..."
 Frey suddenly carried me.
 """Well then, we'll borrow Ceres-sama this time! See you later..."""
 "Wait, Cecilia, that's not the same thing."
 "Give me back my Ceres!"
 "Let go of Ceres-san."
 "Give me back my Ceres-chan!"
 They say this, but Shizuko and the others are smiling.
 If they really wanted to catch up with us, they could easily do so, being former high-level adventurers.
 Aside from Frey and Cecilia, Mariane is a little slow for a princess.
 This is probably a playful game between them.
 So it is appropriate for them to take me away from them.
 Still, it is weird that only Mariane and the others came down from the sky dragon ship.
 Normally, there should be a valet coming down first.
 Moreover, Sharon is not here...
 This means that Mariane and the others are intentionally trying to make Shizuko and the others understand.
 That's what I think.
 So this is just communication.
 "Well then, Shizuko-sama and the others, we will borrow the Ceres-sama."
 "Master, we'll borrow him..."
 "Master, see you later!"
 """"Wait a minute!""""
 As the three of them board the flying dragon ship carrying me, the bridge rises.
 Shizuko and the others are frustrated before the bridge rises.
 If they really wanted to, they could have jumped on the boat.
 But they did not.
 And thus, the sky dragon ship takes off into the sky, leaving Shizuko and the others behind. Anyway.
 'They are all good friends after all.'
 This is just a pretext, and neither one of them is serious.
 Shizuko and her friends are already smiling and waving at us.
* * *
 "Well, Ceres-sama, you're going on vacation with us now."
 "That's right! Master Shizuko and the others are not fair!"
 "That's right, you should take care of us as well."
 "I know... sorry."
 Oh, Sharon is with the three of them, but as usual, she doesn't talk.
 But still... what are we going to do?
 Sure, the three of them are already my wives, and we're doing everything we should be doing, but....
 Unlike Shizuko and the others, I don't have many memories of them.
 And maybe it's because they are princesses and saintess when I used to be a villager, I felt nervous.
 Moreover, unlike Maria, Cecilia seems to have an aura about Saintess.
 On top of that, although they don't really have such an aura, I feel a kind of 'noble aura', and I can't feel at ease with the three of them.
 "Ceres-sama, I wish you would speak a little more openly."
 "No way, I'm a little nervous because it feels like I'm talking to a princess."
 "But according to the Church, Ceres-sama is the greatest person in the world, isn't he? I'm just an old saintess and the two of them are just princesses."
 "Yes! she's second only to the goddess..."
 They're right, but...
 Things make me nervous... so I can't help it.
 "But that's just the way it is."
 "Then we'll make sure Ceres-sama gets used to us on this vacation."
 "Hmm, Mariane-san... That's a good idea."
 "That's right. Then, first of all..."
 """Let's hug each other!"""
 This makes me happy, but... this is a sky dragon ship, and there are many people around us.
 It's a little embarrassing for me, because I'm a timid person.

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