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Chapter 183 Not Ordinary

 Protagonist’s POV
 "So where are we going now?"
 Being on a sky dragon ship means that we can go far away from here.
 "Well, as long as Ceres-sama is okay with it, we're going to a resort facility," said Mariane.
 "A resort?"
 "We've been to the sea before, and this time Master Shizuko and the others are going to the lake and the mountains with Ceres-sama... so we were thinking that a resort facility would be good... what do you think?" said Cecilia.
 "It's near the ocean, but there's a luxury hotel that has a spa and many other facilities. Why don't you enjoy yourself without deciding what you want to do?" said Frey.
 That's right... I hadn't been to the resort yet.
 Mariane and her friends must have been looking for places I've never been to in order to entertain me.
 The ocean, the hot springs, the mountains, the lakes.
 Now I feel like I'm having a little bit of a normal time.
 "Wow, that's great... so what kind of place is it?"
 "Here it is!"
 Said Mariane while showing me a pamphlet... Printed in black and white.
 But it's quite thick.
 And Wwhat is it... the Royal Kohane Four Season Hawaiian Platinum Hotel?
 What the heck is this?
 Four Seasons' stands for the four seasons, right?
 Hawaiian' only reminds me of Hawaii in my previous life.
 No matter how I think about it, this seems to have something to do with the other world (Japanese).
 The trees in this pamphlet are palm trees, for all intents and purposes.
 The woman in the illustration resembles a hula dancer too.
 'This hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Kohane. The hotel's first owner, an otherworldly man named Girounimo Suzuki, spent his life recreating an environment similar to Waikiki and Maui in Hawai'i, which he admired so much. Enjoy the man-made private beach and pool... and spa. There is even a famous Merlion, a giant buddha (ダイブツ) or a large otherworldly statue of a god... even a temple... 'This is Hawaii,' says the first owner. Legend has it that an otherworldly Hero (Yuusha) shed tears when he visited this place in the past.'
 Yeah... someone from another world is definitely involved.
 I don't know if it's a Japanese who loves to travel or just a Japanese who longed for Hawaii, but it must be 'a facility built by such a person.
 Anyway, isn't 'Girounimo, suzuki' supposed to be Jiro Suzuki or something like that?
 Well, it's sure to be fun.
 The size of the hotel is...
 788 rooms, fitness gym, spa.
 A 'full course meal of otherworldly cuisine' is available by advance reservation.
 I suppose it's a great room, if the illustration is to be believed.
 And it says it has an ocean view... but does it have a view of the man-made beach?
 Anyway, there is a shopping mall on the first floor, with a bar and a lounge.
 It is also said that guests can enjoy watching Hawaiian dances and fire dances.
 "It's a great facility. But isn't it difficult with such a large facility and the crowds?"
 "What do you mean? I'm sure it's all reserved," said Mariane.
 "Cecilia... this?"
 "Ceres-sama, what are you talking about? We're still royalty, and besides, Ceres-sama is a 'divine dragon'... wouldn't it be a problem if a civilian were here?" said Frey..
 "That's right... I'm a former saintess too, so I assure you. We can't even walk around here seriously... otherwise all the available rooms would be filled with church people." said Cecilia.
 "But how did you manage to get a reservation?"
 After all, it's not every day we get a back-to-back stay at a place like this.
 "It was easy enough when I asked father," said Mariane.
 Fathers...? King, pope, or emperor, huh...? Well, who can resist them?
 "Please don't get it wrong... we're not using any of our power. It's just that Pope Romalis said 'I'm too afraid to sleep with God... even I wouldn't use it.' He said so in a whispered manner, so don't worry about it," said Cecilia.
 I see, the Pope is too afraid to use it.
 And no one can use such a place.
 "I feel like I've caused a lot of trouble."
 "Then, it's all right. I invited my father and other people who helped us with this trip for one night during the trip," said Mariane.
 "They were very happy to see you," said Cecilia.
 "Although they don't have much contact with Ceres-sama, it's okay because they were so happy! And we're planning a surprise for you, so please look forward to it," said Frey.
 Yeah... not so ordinary at all.

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