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Chapter 184 Resort, Part One

 Protagonist’s POV
 "Is this the Royal Kohane Four Season Hawaiian Platinum Hotel...? Wow!"
 I was astonished from the moment I saw it.
 At the entrance, there are many big cycads, palm-like trees, and a huge lawn.
 If I look closely, I see different trees... but it seems to be similar to the resort I saw in my previous life, which was modeled after Hawaii.
 Moreover... The building looks like a huge castle.
 Could that be a hotel?
 Next to it is a transparent dome-like building, and arrows point to a large swimming pool and an open-air bath.
 There is also another large building with an arrow pointing to a shopping mall.
 By all appearances, it is several times larger than the domed stadium I saw in my previous life.
 Amazing... that's all I can say.
 More than that, the 'otherworlders' are awesome... though I guess the otherworlders in the past contributed to this world so they could do this kind of thing.
 But... Kohane is not half bad.
 Isn't it a great place for me, a man with Japanese memories from a past life?
 "It's really amazing. No wonder they call it the best resort in the world," said Mariane.
 "I'm a former saintess. I've never been in such a luxurious place," said Cecilila.
 "This place is amazing, I've never been here before but the scale is totally different," said Frey.
 They have never been to this place even though they are two royalty plus a saintess, which is what royalty and aristocrats would normally do at a luxury resort like this...
 "Cecilia is a former saintess, but Mariane and Frey are princesses, right? Wouldn't you normally visit there?"
 "In our country, royalty don't show their skin to anyone except their wedded partners and their own servants so we can't come unless it's a private party like this one."
 "The Empire doesn't care for that sort of thing, but I've always liked wielding a sword so I wasn't really interested. If it's this good, I should have come earlier."
 Royalty, huh...? Well, as Mariane says, there's that.
 "As a former saintess, I was working in salvation, so I didn't have the luxury of this kind of thing."
 And Cecilia, unlike Maria, had a solid job as a saintess and a church worker, so it's understandable that she didn't have time.
 "Shall we go then?"
 Anyway, we start walking to the hotel...
* * *
 "Welcome to the Royal Kohane Four Season Hawaiian Platinum Hotel."
 When I arrived at the hotel, a tropical beauty kissed me on the cheek with a lei made of flowers around my neck.
 "Richt-samaaa~, you're blushing."
 "Your face is red."
 "You look red."
 A beautiful tropical-looking woman is smiling with her mouth clamped shut.
 The other employees are smiling, too...
 But Mariane, Cecilia and Frey are not smiling.
 "Well, that's enough, isn't it? Shall we go to the hotel for the time being?"
 "That's right, it's been a long trip, why don't we take a rest?" said Mariane.
 "Hmm, what do you think?"
 "Well, I'm tired. Shall we take a rest, everyone?" said Mariane.
 "Yes, I'm a little tired too," said Cecilia.
 "Yeah, let's take a rest," said Frey
 "Well then, will you show us the way?"
 I have known Shizuko and the others since I was a child for a long time.
 In contrast, I have known Mariane and her friends for only a short time.
 It would be good to deepen our friendship through this trip.

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