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Chapter 185 Resort, Part Two - The Feeling for Three

 Protagonist’s POV
 But I am restless.
 I have known Shizuko and the others for a long time.
 But I don't know Mariane and the others that well.
 They are my wives, but they look like 'princesses' to me.
 "Is something wrong?"
 "No, I'm just thinking that Mariane really is a princess..."
 "What's the matter with you all of a sudden?"
 She has beautiful wavy golden hair.
 It shines in the light.
 And her skin is clear and white.
 Moreover, in her late twenties... this is the most beautiful time for a woman who can be called 'beautiful' instead of 'cute'.
 Maybe she is a beautiful French doll I saw in a previous life... or a princess from a girls' manga (shoujo manga).
 "No, you're very beautiful... or so I thought, and I was just admiring you."
 "I like that word... maybe in the past, but I'm old now... it's what people call an old lady."
 In this world, a woman in her late twenties is an old lady.
 It's a shame, really.
 "No, I really think so... your hair is beautiful and silky and you look like a doll. Your skin is so white, you don't even get a tan, just a little red under the strong sun... you're really beautiful."
 This kind of talk makes me blush.
 But then, this is the moment when a beautiful woman goes from cute to beautiful.
 And that's what makes her look so pretty.
 "Geez... if that young Ceres-sama says that about me I don't know what to do anymore."
 And the way she wiggles her hips... yeah, she's beautiful and cute.
 "Ara, Ceres-sama likes Mariane a lot, doesn't he?"
 No, Cecilia is also very beautiful.
 She has long golden hair, a little lighter than Mariane's.
 She is said to be a reincarnation of a goddess, and she looked like a goddess in her youth.
 If I compare her with the statue of the goddess, she really looks like the goddess.
 When a goddess gets a little older, she becomes Cecilia... or something like that.
 If I were to talk about in my previous life, I would say that the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology might be close to Cecilia.
 Of course, at this age.
 Late twenties... that's the only reason people don't treat them like women... but for me, they're only just starting to get really beautiful...
 "It's not only Mariane... Cecilia is also very beautiful."
 "It's true, I used to have a reputation for looking like a goddess, but now I'm as old as Mariane..."
 "People may say that, but I like you better at this age... so please don't call yourself an old lady, you are still one of the three most beautiful women in the world to me."
 "I understand that, but..."
 "Well, isn't that fine? Ceres-sama's ideal age is about ours... and we know she likes older women when he's my Master's wife," said Frey.
 "That's true... hahaha," said Cecilia.
 I feel like Babacon.
 And I don't like it when people say that.
 "So, what do I look like to you, Ceres-sama?"
 And now it was Frey’s turn. As for her, it was a lithe beast.
 That's the closest I can get.
 Or a female knight... a goddess of war or a valkyrie, maybe.
 In short, Frey is a medieval beauty.
 Well-muscled but not ripped, feminine.
 And 'leopard', something like that.
 "A beautiful beast... or war goddess, I guess I'd call you like that... and you look like a very beautiful woman too."
 "Oh, uh... thank you for that. I don't think about it when other men say it, but when Ceres-sama says it, I get a kick out of it."
 "I guess so," said Mariane.
 "Yes, it does," said Cecilia.
 It's true that they're very beautiful in my opinion... but they're so beautiful that it's a little troubling.
 "But, Ceres-sama... if you think we're so beautiful, why don't you come to our bedroom so often?"
 "Well, it seems that you visit Master Shizuko a lot, but still, I miss you."
 "That's right, I'd be happy if you could come a little more often."
 I know it's not nice to say it this way, but if Shizuko and the others are the sisters of my dreams, they are like the celebrities of my dreams.
 Even if they are beautiful, it is somehow difficult to be in a relationship with them.
 "No, Mariane and the others are like the princesses of my childhood."
 "Oh, really? But I'm Ceres-sama's wife now... so I'll miss your company that night too."
 "Yes... I would like you to come a little more often."
 "Yeah... Ceres-sama is young... and since this trip is with 'us', you'll be with us every night, right?"
 I feel a little embarrassed when three of the most beautiful women in the world say to me. Still,
 "I'll do my best."
 That's all I could say, as my face turned red.

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