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Chapter 186 Resort, Part Three - Underwear

 Protagonist’s POV 
 Having just arrived, I decided not to go out and just relax.
 But... it's amazing.
 Mariane and the others, who look like foreigners in my former life, are wearing yukata.
 Their large breasts are emphasized, and perhaps because women in this world are not used to sitting on the floor, their thighs are visible because their legs are folded down, and their underwear is visible because they move their legs so much.
 This is indescribably sexier than the naked women.
 Mariane and Cecilia are still sitting at an angle, which is fine... but Frey imitates me and sits with her legs crossed, so that her underwear is completely visible.
 "Um... Mariane, Cecilia, Frey... I can see them."
 "I think it's a bit immodest. But this tatami, the cushions or the chairs, I don't quite understand..."
 "I'm sorry... to show you my dirty things... but how should I sit?"
 "Even though I'm imitating Ceres, it's not good...? Well, I don't know if it's bad... but it doesn't bother me that you can see it."
 It's true, the only place in the world where there are tatami mats is here in Kohane... and for those who have never sat on them, it's hard to sit on them, and their feet get numb.
 What should I do?
 "You can sit diagonally...but it bothers me a little, so it would be better if you put your feet closer together."
 You've already done what you're supposed to, but... it's still very sexy.
 And unlike Shizuko and the others, their nightlife is very casual because they are with royalty, so they are very accommodating to their partners... which makes them look even more so.
 Maybe it's because they're usually so neatly dressed... but the yukata makes them look very sexy.
 "As I thought, it's unsightly... I'm sorry..."
 "Me too, I'm sorry, I'll be careful."
 "Hahaha, as expected from an old lady wearing underwear...! Sorry, sorry."
 Even though they say that, I can't help but think that they are a sight for sore eyes.
 The underwear of the former royalty is also very impressive.
 Lace and silk or something, I don't know...
 But it's almost the same as the underwear of my previous life.
 "No, you're all so beautiful... I can't help but look at you with my eyes and my face turns red. And please don't call yourself an old lady. I really only think of you as 'beautiful women'."
 "If you say so, Ceres-sama, I won't call myself an old lady. But you can look at us as much as you want. After all, we are a married couple... What do you think then? The kingdom is famous for lace knitting, so I think it's good underwear."
 Mariane rolled up the hem of her yukata to show her underwear.
 Mariane's underwear was a beautiful pink color with elaborate lace and embroidery, and it was a little sheer.
 It was also very sexy.
 "The Holy Land is famous for a fabric similar to 'silk' that was invented by a past reincarnated person. So my underwear is made of this fabric.... It's also very comfortable to touch, you know? Would you like to touch it?"
 Cecilia's underwear is a light purple, smooth and comfortable to touch.
 I have never seen such sexy underwear in this world, let alone in my previous life.
 "The fabrics in my country are not so good. So the fabrics for this underwear are imported from other countries, but I'm confident in the design and functionality. Like this, so you can move easily."
 The underwear Frey showed me was what is commonly called a T-back.
 The color is black, and the back of the T-back looks as if she is no longer wearing it due to the very tight cut.
 Involuntarily, my eyes were glued to it.
 "That's amazing."
 I could not say anything else as my face turned red.
 "So, Ceres-sama, what kind of underwear do you prefer?"
 "The ones from the Holy Church that are comfortable to touch, including the inside, are the best, aren't they?"
 "No, this functional one from the Empire is the best, right? If you want to talk about what's inside, I also work out, so I have the firmest buttocks."
 "Why do you have firm buttocks? My butt is softer and more beautiful than your hard butt. So it's nice to touch."
 "If it's a butt, mine is the most beautiful, not hard and not soft, right?"
 Gradually the atmosphere becomes a little uncomfortable.
 Not good. It has to be like this.
 "So, Ceres-sama, whose underwear is the best?"
 "It's mine, isn't it?"
 "No, it's mine, right?"
 "They are all very attractive and beautiful."
 "Ceres-sama, there is only one number one."
 "Yes, that's true! I am the best, aren't I?"
 "No, I'm the best!"
 No way... I can't escape.
 And no matter who I choose, I'll be on the wrong side.
 Oh, no.
 "Ceres-sama, please choose quickly. Mine is the best."
 "No, it's my butt."
 "No way, it's mine!"
 Well, I can't escape if they ask me like that.
 But I should think...
 Ah, right, Sharon...
 Sharon was here.
 Sharon followed us because she's like Marianne's companion.
 Okay, here it is...
 "Sharon... what kind of underwear are you wearing?"
 Having a memory of my previous life, I don't like asking a woman about her underwear out of the blue like a pervert... but I have no choice!
 "Huh? Me? Ceres-sama, do you want to see mine? I was a dealer, so I was like this so people could see me... I took off my stockings and..."
 She had not yet changed into a yukata, but was wearing a blouse and a tight black skirt.
 As Sharon rolled up her skirt, I saw red underwear and a garter belt underneath.
 "It's lingerie... I choose Sharon..."
 "Huh... No way...""
 Well, with that... the danger was over.
 I'm glad Sharon was there.
 "Hehehe, I won! Will I finally get your favor now?"
 "It's just about the underwear. It doesn't matter what's inside."
 "Yes, it's just a piece of cloth."
 "That's right, we're just talking about underwear. What's wrong with you?"
 "Ehhh, no way... I thought this was a great opportunity for me. Then, Ceres-sama, how about changing it up and letting me spend the night with you?"
 "Sharon, you may step back."
 "Sharon, step back, this is our time as man and wife."
 "Yeah, yeah... I don't think that's a good idea."
 "No way."
 I know she just saved my life, but... I'm sorry, I can't help you even if you look at me with tears in your eyes.

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