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Chapter 187 Resort, Part Four - Spa

 Protagonist's POV
 The bathing suit competition from earlier was still lingering.
 "Well then, Ceres-sama, let's take a rest and go take a bath, shall we?"
 That's true. Since it's already late, the only thing I can think of is to take a bath before and after dinner.
 And since we are in a spa resort, I want to enjoy the hot spring as much as possible.
 "Sure, shall we go?"
 "Then let's start the second round!"
 "That's what I want! I'm confident of my proportions."
 "Really? I work out all the time, you know? I'll show you the difference."
 What are they fighting about? I don't know.
 Maybe they have some kind of competitive spirit that I can't imagine.
 But, it's okay, the hot spring means I get to see them in their bathing suits again.
 I mean, that was great.
 It wasn't a nice design like the swimsuits of my previous life, but it was like an old fashioned bathing suit, really scruffy and stuck to the skin when it was bathed in hot water... and I got to see all kinds of amazing things... it was really awesome.
 But, as always, the construction of this facility... it really makes me bow down.
 Behind the curtain that says 'hot spring' in Japanese, there is a curtain that says 'men and women'.
 They are so detailed to this point as always, it's amazing to see past people from other worlds.
 To build such a crazy facility.
 I wonder how influential they are...? Definitely more than royalty, maybe?
 Anyway, I parted from the three of them in front of the change room and went through the man's curtain.
 Maybe we are separated only in the change room, but inside is the same... no guarantee, right?
 Just because it was the same last time doesn't mean it will be the same this time.
 If so... am I alone?
 It made me feel that the change rooms are segregated for men and women.
 There is one bath towel and one towel in each locker.
 There's nothing to wear on the bottom half of my body like there was in the last place.
 The previous common sense says it's right to go in without anything, but if there are three of them I'll wrap a towel around my waist to avoid embarrassment... but I think most spas where people don't wear bathing suits are separated for men and women.
 If so, that's fine.
 I can just enjoy the spa by myself.
 With that, I took off my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went into the hot spring.
* * *
 I opened the door and went in...
 "Ceres-sama, you're late... Come on, hurry up..."
 "What took you so long?"
 "Ceres-sama, how is it? What do you think?"
 Needless to say, I'm surprised.
 Unlike last time, this time they're not wearing anything.
 Though they are holding towels in their hands... they are not even wearing bathing suits like the last time they were bathing in the bathtub, they are just... naked.
 "What on earth are you doing naked?"
 I mean, it's great for eye candy, but... it makes my nose bleed.
 Unlike the acts with Shizuko and the others, the acts with Mariane and the others are done wearing what in a previous life would be called a "negligee" or "camisole".
 It seems to be a manner peculiar to the royal family.
 So, technically speaking, today is the first time I've seen them 'truly without a stitch on'.
 But... they look so beautiful.
 "I heard that it's the real etiquette not to wear a bathing suit when you go to the hot springs..."
 "I'm a little... embarrassed, but since we had the place to ourselves and there was no one else here, I decided to take the plunge."
 "Yeah, what do you think? Ceres-sama."
 I think it's a bold move.
 "But why... all of a sudden, as a man, I'm very happy to see you, but I don't think you should really expose your skin."
 "That's fine, Ceres-sama is a god, you're beyond royalty... even my father won't complain... and skin my age... but I promise not to tell you this..."
 "You're treated like a god, so it's not a problem. As a former saintess you can do whatever you want."
 "Well, the empire has always been loose in that area, and no one will complain if it's Ceres-sama."
 "I-I see."
 But this is embarrassing.
 In my previous life, people would wear bathing suits at a spa resort, but now they are completely nude.
 It feels indescribably immoral.
 It's like being on a nudist beach.
 "Besides, it's not fair! I heard that you and Shizuko-sama sometimes take a bath naked, or even have a night-night stand naked..."
 "Master Shizuko told me that too."
 "I've heard that too."
 "That's because I heard before that it was noy good manners to do things with royalty, right?"
 "It's true. It's bad manners... but it's just a little sad..."
 "Well, one piece of clothing, I feel like there's a difference."
 "I think so too."
 "But, I'll treat you the same as Shizuko and the others. Is that okay?"
 Besides, if I were in the same position I might feel lonely.
 If it's sad that Mariane and the others are treated specially because they are royalty, then maybe it's okay to be treated the same as Shizuko and the others.
 "Then, from now on, that's what I'll do."
 "I'm so happy."
 "Thank you very much."
 "Thank you."
 If they are this happy, maybe I should have done so earlier.
* * *
 Right now, the four of us are soaking in the Jacuzzi.
 "So, out of the three Ceres-samas, whose body do you like best?"
 "Well... it would be me, wouldn't it?"
 "What are you talking about? I work out all the time, okay?"
 The voluptuous and sexy Mariane, the slender Cecilia, and the well-trained and supple Frey.
 They're all different types, but they're all very well proportioned.
 "You are all very beautiful, and I like you all."
 "I know Ceres-sama thinks we are beautiful, but there is only one number one, isn't there?"
 "There's no Sharon here, you can't fool us again."
 "That's right, let's see who's the best, Ceres-sama, let's call it a spa! I won't be mad if it's not me..."
 No, Frey will be angry for sure...
 But now, I don't know how to answer...
 The three smiling faces staring at me are scarier than Bauer-sama right now...

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