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Chapter 188 Resort, Part Five - Sauna

 Protagonist's POV
 "Everyone has a different charm, I can't compare it."
 "It's Ceres-sama, I guess it can't be helped."
 "I don't think we'll be able to spend any more time on them."
 "Well, it's Ceres-sama, there's nothing we can do."
 Somehow, I managed to get through the conversation by continuing to tell them how attractive they are and emphasizing that they are 'incomparable'.
 "I'm sorry..."
 "Well, it can't be helped. I don't want to see Ceres-sama choosing someone else, so maybe it's for the best."
 "That's what I was thinking. I don't want to see him choose someone else, so it's all right, isn't it?"
 "You're right. It would have been awkward if he had chosen one of us, and it's our fault for asking. I apologize.""
 Huff~ The crisis is over.
 I'm glad.
 "What's wrong with the way you've been looking at us?"
 "Yes, you look so cute with your eyes swimming."
 "Hey, we've done that before, so it doesn't bother you, does it?"
 The three of them are still naked, as if they don't care because they have the place to themselves.
 Mariane and Frey are not trying to hide their nakedness from the beginning, or they are proud of it.
 Mariane looks like an imposing actress, dashing around naked and showing off her body. Frey looks a bit masculine, but likewise not concealing anything.
 Cecilia is hiding her front side by using a towel, but her busty buttocks and beautiful backside can be seen from behind, which is sexy in its own way.
 One thing has become clear to me over the past few days.
 Mariane and the others were raised as royalty, so their 'common sense' is different.
 Even if this is Shizuko and her friends, even if this is Lida and my childhood friends, it is embarrassing to be naked in front of a man from real life.
 That's how they think.
 This is because they were brought up in such an environment.
 But Mariane and Frey, being royalty, have the knowledge of 'it is shameful' but they have not experienced it, so it is just in their minds... and they may not really feel shame.
 Cecilia spent most of her life in the church, so she may be similar to them.
 Because she is a 'naive young lady', she may not have the fundamental idea of being ashamed.
 But this spa... it's huge and really awesome, and we are now enjoying a "歩行浴" (ho-gyou yoku).
 Simply put, it's a walking spa.
 The three of them are sweating a little under the influence of the hot spring, and it's indescribably sexy.
 "Ceres-sama, what is that?"
 Mariane pointed to a sauna.
 "That's a sauna."
 "I've never seen it before."
 "What's a sauna?"
 I told them about the sauna.
 "It's a facility that makes you sweat, correct?"
 "It warms the body... that's unusual."
 "It seems to be very comfortable."
 Sauna sure feels good.
 In my previous life I used to go in with my friends.
 " Once, they used to race to see who could stay in the longest..."
 "A competition to see who can stay in the sauna the longest? That's nice."
 "Yes, that's wonderful. That's a great idea. We could have a competition."
 "I'm good at sweating... I'll beat you all."
 "Then, let's see who can stay in the sauna the longest."
 I'm a yellow dragon, so I won't lose this game.
 After all, my body can handle being submerged in magma.
 "That's great. But why don't we make a bet?"
 "And what would you like to bet, Mariane?"
 "Yeah, what do you want to bet? I don't want anything in particular."
 Royalty, saintess, important person in the church... they've got everything they want.
 "Then how about betting on a bedtime tonight? I'd like to have Ceres-sama all to myself."
 "Yes, that's the least interesting thing I could do."
 "Okay, I'm in."
 "You three want to make a bet, but what if I win?"
 Well, they'll have to play without me.
 That's what's going to happen.
 "Then, if Ceres-sama wins, you're free to pick a partner for today's bedtime... how about it?"
 "I think that's a good idea."
 "That's settled."
 Hey... isn't that the same as what you all just argued?
 The one I choose is the one I like the most.
 What should I do?
 "No, no, no, if I win, not one, but all three of you will have to play with me at night. How about that?"
 "That's what we sometimes do with Shizuko-sama, isn't it?"
 "That's what Master was getting all red in the face about..."
 "That's... well, that's fine."
 Their faces are turning red.
 By the look on their faces, they may have heard about the night from Shizuko and the others.
 "Then it's settled then."
 Thus, the four of us went into the sauna together.
* * *
 "It's so hot... it's quite uncomfortable..."
 "It's hotter than I thought it would be, but it's not so bad."
 "I'm fine! It's no big deal."
 I never thought I'd be in a sauna with such a foreign looking beauty.
 In my previous life, I'd have said, "Die, you riajuu!"
 Anyway, sweat is pouring out of me, and there is a puddle of water underneath.
 Sweaty beautiful women who are enduring the heat are very beautiful and erotic.
 Moreover, their legs are slightly more awkward and open than usual due to the heat.
 Neither Mariane nor Cecilia, let alone Frey, would show such a figure to me.
 I feel like I've benefited a lot just by being able to see them.
 "I can't stand it any longer!"
 Cecilia was surprisingly the first one to speak up.
 "Hehehe, I didn't expect the former saintess to be so miserable. Frey, you've reached your limit, haven't you?"
 "I still have plenty of time! Mariane, aren't you the one who's sweating too much?"
 Both of them are really sweating, and their sweat is pouring down like a waterfall.
 This is very sexy and erotic.
 "I can't do it anymore... my body can't take much more of this."
 Saying this, Mariane left the sauna.
 "So now it's me and Ceres-sama against each other."
 "Yes, it is."
 It's not very cool, but I'm the yellow dragon, so there's no way I can lose.
 I can't lose because I can't choose just one opponent for the night.
 "How patient you're... Ah, I can't do it anymore."
 Of course... I'm the winner.

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