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Chapter 189 Resort, Part Six - Hot Night

 Protagonist's POV

 After the three of them got hot in the sauna, they came back to the room dressed in yukata.
 But they look very sexy in their sweaty clothes.
 And Mariane, Cecilia, and Frey look like foreigners in my previous life.
 I wonder if they mistake them for kimonos, or if the otherworlders intentionally passed them down to them, or if they have their own mannerisms, or if they do not wear underwear.
 Furthermore, they are wearing yukata without wiping their sweat off.
 Therefore, they are really 'beautiful women dripping with sweat' instead of 'good women dripping with water'.
 The yukata is stuck to their bodies with sweat, and they look very sexy because of the way they are wearing it.
 "Maybe it's because of the sauna, but my body is burning hot."
 "It's really hot, isn't it?"
 "My body is so hot... really hot."
 The way they flap their yukata around as they say these things, they look like a high school girl from my previous life... well, I've only heard rumors, but I've never seen it before.
 "Oh, there's a fan."
 Amazing, there were no air conditioners, but there is a fan.
 Of course, the climate here in Kohane is nice, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
 Maybe they made this fan to enjoy after taking a bath.
 Since there is no cord, it must be powered by some kind of magic.
 """A fan?""""
 "When you turn on this switch, these blades rotate and the wind blows."
 "That's amazing... it looks cool."
 "It sure does, it looks cool."
 "Yeah, that's nice..."
 Well, I'm a yellow dragon, so I don't feel the heat.
 "I don't need it, so you three can use it."
 As I say this, they use the fan on a swivel and flaps their yukata around.
 Yes... it's quite erotic even from behind.
 Anyway, after that, our meals are brought to the tatami room.
 I had ordered 'sashimi and white rice' in advance, but the three women had Western-style meals.
 Sashimi and rice are a menu for people from other worlds, and it seems to be unpopular among people.
 So, I was the only one eating these.
 "Ceres-sama likes raw fish, doesn't he? Be careful with your stomach."
 "The rotten beans on the side are considered strange food, but you are eating them with great relish."
 "If it's tofu or raw fish, it's fine with me too, but natto, right? I can't eat those rotten beans."
 "Well, there are people who don't like it, so it can't be helped."
 I understand that people who don't like natto don't like natto.
 I used to hate natto when I was a child in my previous life.
 It wasn't until I grew up that I became able to eat it.
 Now... it's like a dish from my hometown and I miss it so much.
* * *
 When I finished my meal and was about to go to the bathroom again...
 "Ceres-sama, today... you promised to spend that hot night."
 "You will make sure that we are there together like you are with Master Shizuko and the others... I'm looking forward to it..."
 Hmm, I think it's still pretty early.
 "Yeah, Master Haruka and Master Misaki told me that they are doing it without wearing any clothes at all... Thinking it again, isn't it amazing? So, I've never thought of doing it with all three of us together, and I find it very erotic."
 After saying this, the three of them began to take off their yukata.
 As they undid their obi belts and let the yukata fall down, I was struck by the sight of their sexy, well-styled, well-fleshed bodies.
 It may be that it is only possible for a woman such as themselves to look so confident in taking off their yukata without any shyness that is peculiar to women.
 It is so majestic that I feel like I am being shown a beautiful body.
 As it was, the three of them lay down on the futon that the waitress had laid out for us after the meal.
 "Well, Ceres-sama, you can do as you like with me.:
 Mariane said, holding out her hands in a pose as if inviting me to come.
 Beside her...
 "Ceres-sama... you are free to do as you like with me too, please, as you like..."
 Cecilia was lying down, hiding her breasts, perhaps embarrassed.
 "Ceres-sama likes this kind of thing, huh?"
 Frey was saying that, and she was sticking out her butt and shaking it.
 She was in what is commonly referred to as the back or doggy pose, which revealed a lot of her body.
 Well, since all three of them are royalty, we have only ever done it in the normal position, wearing a thin garment similar to the negligee like in my previous lives.
 But I wonder because they have heard about Shizuko and the others, or maybe they have, but the atmosphere is completely different from before.
 I gulped involuntarily.
 "Ceres-sama, you promised to do the same for us as Shizuko-sama and the other."
 "Yes... Master Shizuko said that 'that's foul~', so please do the same."
 "It's not fair just to the Masters... Ceres-sama, come on, let's do it..."
 As I hesitated, Mariane pulled me by the hand, and I was pushed into a dive by the three of them.
 "Come on, Ceres-sama, you're free to do as you wish. If you want me to do something for you, just ask. I'll do anything."
 "I don't mind if you do as you please. You can be as rough as you like, and you can order me to do whatever you want. I'll do anything."
 "I'm the same way... I'll do anything, just tell me."
 And thus, a different night with the three of them begins.

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